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There are a lot of apps out there that promise they can solve the parking problem, saying they help you save money and gas by finding you a parking spot.  We understood how hard it was until we found this app.

The ParkSwap app has made the often-frustrating process of finding on-street parking easier for countless drivers in major cities, especially in New York. “We want to change the way people park in big cities. When they think about parking, we want everyone to think about ParkSwap,” says Nicholas Espinosa, the 29-year-old New York-based entrepreneur and ParkSwap’s founder and CEO. “It’s a special feeling I get when people are interested in ParkSwap. I believe 100% that the company will keep growing, always working to make drivers’ lives easier.”

Delivering on the company’s slogan, which promises “Parking spots for the world,” ParkSwap has been removing the pain of finding a parking space since September 2020. 

The process couldn’t be more straightforward. When leaving an on-street parking spot, a driver presses a button on the app that notifies other drivers nearby.  When a second driver claims the space — also at the touch of a button — the ParkSwap app navigates them to it, and the drivers swap spots.  Once the new driver has parked, they have the option to send a $1-$5 (custom amount) dollar gift, via the app, to the driver who just left. How amazing does that sound?

ParkSwap will now add a “Reserve Parking” feature, allowing drivers in big cities to search for and book conveniently located parking lots from app and website. Joining other parking apps that already do it.

To reserve a parking spot off-street, meaning at a garage or parking lot, drivers open the ParkSwap website or app, search for the garage at the location that is most convenient, enter the check-in and check-out date, see available spaces to reserve, and book the spot in advance. Drivers will receive a text message or email confirmation with steps on how to get in and out of the garage.

ParkSwap is partnering with SpotHero to make the booking process easier for drivers. It makes it easier to find and reserve parking, not only in New York but also in major cities. 

The ParkSwap app has excellent live customer service. In a city such as New York, where overnight fees in a parking garage can top $100 a night, the app is definitely a bargain, especially when you can earn and find discounted prices for spots in garages and parking lots.

So forget about circling the block for hours. Technology is changing the world, especially how people commute to places, making it easier and smoother.

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