What is Special About MIS Webmail?

Going advance with technology is what we have known for years, but the recent pandemic brought us a different view. Technology we have been taking for granted and just as a luxury proved to be out necessity. When everything is closed, the virtual world is at its best to help us with many things. From businesses to services and even education is now at a different scale.

Previously, there were online courses but right now, the whole education system is online. Using multiple institutions based or third party platforms, educational institutions around the globe are teaching online.

It is helping to avoid education leap and establishing a future. In Queensland, the government of Australia took a step forward to make the situation more comfortable. Focusing on the challenges of connecting students online and teaching them, the government came up with the MIS Webmail system.

Bridging the loops

Facing the COVID-19 situation, educational institutes around the world have to go online. It was hard for them to transform the system into a new format. However, the Australian government turned out to be conscious and considerate towards the challenges.

When it was hard to keep all the students on one page and link them well will institutes, the government launched a project. MIS Webmail that is in other words known as Managed Internet Services Web Mail turns out as a saviour.

In Queensland, the government launched the system as a free access resource for students of all ages and programs and institutes. It is a centralized system to connect all students with their organizations and keep them updated about the recent information on courses, lectures, notes, exams and more.

A one-stop platform that is accessible for students with their designated logins makes them be the part of the central educational system. It eliminates the loops from the educational system and makes it easier for authorities to monitor it.

It is free for everyone

MIS WebMail is a government base project so it is free for everyone in Queensland. Through, the project is not launched for the whole of Australia but in Queensland, it is making a huge difference. Every single student has his or her access ID for the portal. Institutions upload all courses, reading material and much more on the portal. It seems a one-stop solution for the education system to connect virtually and lead the way.

Stepping into future

MIS WebMail is the future. It is taking virtual education a step further. The aim of educating every single person in the state and hike the literacy level is possible with this portal. Students have the resources that help them to study harder and clarify their concepts.

Institutions and mentors are a few clicks away from the virtual classrooms to let students ask their questions and have some assistance. Every student can access the individual setup account and plan his or her study accordingly. Portal enables students to plan their study schedule and lead their educational career.


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