What You Can Learn from Elijiah Pitman About Social Media Entrepreneurship

Elijiah Pitman is currently the CEO and CMO of CloutMedia, an Australian-based social media marketing agency. His journey with social media began with an initial spark of curiosity and ambition to set out for new endeavors.

Pitman jumped into the social media marketing industry through Instagram back in 2015. It was during this time that he established connections and increased his reputation. Over the past decade, he has been astonished at how successful and influential large pages, especially on Instagram, have thrived. He wanted to prove to himself that he could achieve the same, so he created his first meme page in 2017.

Through plenty of trial-and-error, as well as research, Pitman gained 100,000 followers in just two months. CloutMedia was born out of the tremendous success he enjoyed in those early years. Since then, positive client feedback has boosted the reputation of his business to a point where CloutMedia is seen as a company that can genuinely help people and businesses.

Pitman has always had a passion for connecting with people and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. Thanks to his social media pages, he was able to do just that. These pages were the fuel that motivated him to grow his business for the past three years. He has been dedicated to helping other businesses, brands, and personalities achieve their goals on social media. Focusing his efforts on Instagram, Pitman helps his clients manage and set up their marketing campaigns by curating and developing content that will improve their image on social media.

Different from the Rest

Due to his firsthand experience of the inherent challenges facing the social media industry, Pitman has been able to develop proven techniques to help clients achieve enormous success on the social media giant Instagram. His company uses the latest methods necessary in the ever-changing social media landscape to deliver campaigns that gain traction. He also tailors campaigns depending on a client’s goals and vision.

Proven Track Record

One of Pitman’s earliest successes on social media was growing a meme page from 300K to 500K in just three months. Some of his clients have seen 5 times growth in the number of followers they have compared with before he helped them achieve such growth. In tune with that, his company have seen a five-fold increase in client demand for its services. This success has allowed him to expand into other social media platforms to continue helping others with their social media growth.

Success is Not Without Its Challenges

With as much success as he has enjoyed, it did not come without its set of challenges. He remembers waking up one morning in 2019 in horror as he opened up Instagram on his phone to see the error message “You were logged out.” For some reason, one of his biggest pages at the time was disabled. Instagram didn’t even tell him why.

That was a moment of realization for Pitman, where he made a mental note that Instagram will not be around forever. He applied this to his life and started branching out to different platforms and familiarizing himself with them. Pitman promised himself that he would never restrict himself, and that he would never place all his eggs in one basket ever again.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Pitman has some words of advice to give to future and current social media entrepreneurs, based on his own experiences. Reinvest and dedicate most of your resources in yourself. Don’t worry or get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Also, educate yourself every single day. Learn something related to your passions and business. Finally, always trust your instincts because they will prove to be right.

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