When Robert Dominguez of The Founders Law Wins, Everyone Wins

When you’re shopping around for a lawyer, the service you want is more than just expertise in the field. You want someone who will be available when you need them, with great attention to detail, an effective communicator, someone who will provide a general sense of assurance that they have your back.

You want an attorney who is known as a people person who has a reputation for being able to win cases. That is what you get from the efficient and professional team at The Founders Law firm, led by its founding partner, Robert Dominguez.

The Founders Law is an award-winning firm that’s been growing in leaps and bounds since its inception. Headed by Robert and his wife, its mission is to give back to the community by working with the under-represented and vulnerable who may not be able to afford legal services.

That unwavering commitment has been the backbone of everything the firm does from the very beginning. Besides changing countless lives, the firm has also been recognized by its peers for its exemplary service to its clients. It has been the recipient of several industry awards, such as the Super Lawyers Awards, for several years in a row. It’s also been recognized by the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums. Robert has a lot to do with that success.

His commitment to the less fortunate in society dates back to his childhood. Robert came from Cuba at the tender age of 7, with nothing but the clothes on his back. Enduring the difficulties in his childhood solidified in him the desire to help others without the means to do so, which started him on his career path. He later specialized as a civil trial attorney dealing with personal injury law, which he says allows him to fight for clients with injuries sustained because of the negligence of others.

Robert does this on a contingency basis. His services are free until he wins his client’s case. Because he can only get paid if he wins the case, Robert brings out every weapon in his arsenal to ensure he earns justice for his clients.

The client benefits in two ways: they get their cases heard for free while focusing on getting better from their injuries. Robert’s primary goal of opening the firm was to ensure the needy get help, and that’s what he spends the bulk of his time doing. Quality control is a massive part of his day, making sure every client is being taken care of and their needs are being met by his team.

Over the years, Robert has worked with many people to find justice in the courtroom and help the needy. Even as the firm grows bigger and attains more success, Robert and his team have not lost sight of their primary goal. Despite their rapid growth, they have maintained the same standards of excellence and customer satisfaction they’ve held since the early days. Robert and his team have a track record of success they plan to uphold for many years to come.

The Founders Law firm is currently working on its expansion plans to other parts of Florida. Robert would also like to set up a charity to help the less fortunate in his community become young professionals. He’ll do that by paying for schooling, books, and clothes, among other needs.

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