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White Elephant Kratom – 3 Best Vendors

Natural plant-based supplements, herbs, and botanical preparations have seen a marked increase in popularity in the last decade.

Consumers are often skipping harsh chemical and synthetic solutions and turning towards herbal preparations and wellness aids to improve overall wellness and general health.

One such botanical that has exploded in popularity is kratom. Used by more than 15 million individuals in the US alone, kratom has gone from mystic Southeast Asian herbal remedy to a mainstream wellness aid used by tens of millions worldwide.

Among the most sought-after kratom strains is White Elephant Kratom.

But knowing where to shop for this elusive strain can be a challenge. With the popularity of kratom on the rise, there’s been a lot of shops popping up with less than legitimate products. From inferior quality and potency to mislabeling and even the presence of heavy metals, buying White Elephant Kratom from a legitimate and trustworthy source is more important than ever.

In this guide, we review three of the best places to buy White Elephant Kratom. We’ve done the legwork, we’ve conducted the research, heck, we’ve even purchased the products to vet these brands for all the most important aspects you value when buying kratom online.

Let’s dive in…

Where to Buy White Elephant Kratom

Top Pick: The Kratom Connection

About the Kratom Connection

The Kratom Connection was founded by a passionate team of individuals dedicated to supporting local kratom farmers and bringing kratom to market that is unparalleled in quality. Partnerships with generational farmers ensure kratom’s timeless traditions are supported and maintained, using practices passed down for hundreds of years, perfecting the farming of kratom from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree.

Product Testing 

Many vendors talk a big game, but few are willing to pay for independent third-party lab testing of its products. This is where The Kratom Connection really shines. The brand takes incredible pride in bringing a pure and potent product to market that’s free from impurities such as heavy metals, fillers, pathogens, and more.

To that end, the company pays for independent lab testing on all of its batches from a licensed and certified lab. Customers can see these results, providing peace of mind that they are getting exactly what’s on the label and nothing that’s not.

Customer Service

When it comes to service and support, Kratom Connection does a fantastic job supporting its customers. In all of our interactions, we’ve never run into any major issues, but we’ve reached out to test support with a few questions and they were always prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. 


One thing we really liked about The Kratom Connection was its shipping policies. Anyone purchasing white elephant kratom (or any other strain) will appreciate lightning-fast same-day shipping that is both efficient AND discreet. All orders over $55 receive FREE priority shipping.


There is a lot of information, and misinformation, out there about kratom. As true advocates of this plant and its potential to improve the lives of its customers, The Kratom Connection has invested significant time, energy, and money into creating a virtual treasure trove of educational and informational resources for the public.

Price and Value 

While some brands act as a middle man, The Kratom Connection works directly with regional farmers, cutting out the middlemen, and enabling them to offer a wide range of kratom products at incredibly fair prices. For the quality, you’ll be hard-pressed to find this much value anywhere else. 

Customers can purchase in bulk to save more, and even some of the more ‘exotic’ strains such as White Elephant Kratom is fairly priced without sacrificing quality.

Product Selection

You may have landed on this page searching for White Elephant Kratom, but like many kratom users, you will probably benefit from access to a wide range of products to choose from.

Types of Kratom Products Offered

  • Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Powder 
  • Kratom Sample Packs (great for new users or those looking to try out different strains). Sample packs are available in both powder and capsule options.

Strains / Veins Offered

The Kratom Connection has a more robust selection of kratom strains than virtually any other vendor on the market. Over the years it has developed relationships with the best kratom farms from around the world, bringing some of the most unique, interesting, and desired strains to market.

Powders: 15 unique strains offered

Capsules: 16 unique strains offered

Sourcing and Product Quality

The Kratom Connection sources its kratom direct from Indonesian kratom farms, the birthplace of kratom. It is these close relationships with local farmers that enable the brand to work hand in hand to develop and cultivate the purest, most potent, and highest sought-after kratom strains such as White Elephant Kratom.

While other vendors buy through intermediaries, this company gets its kratom DIRECT. Meaning that its customers always get the freshest kratom on the market, shipped from farm to shelf, with NO STRAIN HELD LONGER THAN 10 WEEKS on store shelves.

Clear, Honest, and Transparent Products

While some vendors will try to give their kratom strains fancy or exotic-sounding names, or even intentionally mislabel their products or use filters to boost the bottom line, The Kratom Connection does not.

Since its inception the brand has stood for clarity, transparency, ethics, and quality, acting as an industry advocate and staunch supporter of kratom around the world.

To that end, every one of its products is not only tested but clearly labeled and accurately described. With this company, you truly get what it says on the box.

Runner Up: Bumblebee Botanicals 

About Bumblebee Botanicals

Bumblebee Botanicals is one of the best kratom storefronts in the USA. With convenient locations in San Diego, Carlsbad, San Francisco, Boise, Reno and Seattle, this boutique store has elevated not only the experience surrounding kratom shopping, but the legitimacy and quality of kratom as a major contender in the wellness space.

What stands out about Bumblebee Botanicals is the ambiance and energy of their locations. Unlike dingy supplement shops, Bumblebee Botanicals really makes the place a warm and inviting one to visit. The customer and support team are always friendly, super knowledgeable and you can tell they have a genuine interest in helping their customers have a better quality of life with kratom.

The Company Currently has Five Convenient Locations:

  • San Diego, CA

  • Carlsbad, CA

  • San Francisco, CA

  • Boise, ID

  • Reno, NV

Product Testing 

Similar to The Kratom Connection, Bumblebee Botanicals received high marks for its commitment to batch testing all of its raw kratom powders before they ever make it onto store shelves. 

Customer Service

What’s clear is that Bumblebee Botanical’s team is incredibly knowledgeable and takes a ‘customer first’ approach to business. They really make you feel like a welcomed family member in their stores, and take time to understand your situation, goals and how they can help direct you to a kratom product that will be the best fit. 


Here’s where BB falls short. While we LOVE their physical store locations, they don’t currently have an online shop where customers around the nation (or world for that matter) can make purchases.


We’re a bit conflicted about rating this category. And here’s why. The staff at the stores are world-class and super helpful. They themselves are an incredible LOCAL resource. But for those not local, the brand’s online presence could be better. Sure, the site is immaculate, easy to navigate and great. But it lacks a robust resource section and extensive blog on all things kratom. It appears they are working to remedy this, but for now, consumers doing online research may need to go elsewhere.

Price and Value 

Considering that you’re buying from a physical location you’d expect prices to be steep. However, we’ve found that the prices at their storefronts are highly competitive. Sure, its not the CHEAPEST…but do you really want to put the cheapest thing in your body? No, you want to buy from a reputable vendor that invests in training staff and testing its products. 

NOTE: Similar to dispensaries, the store is only able to accept cash purchases. That said, they do have an ATM with low fees located just outside for added convenience.

Product Selection

The shops carry between 12-15 kratom strains at any given time, offering a wide selection of the most popular and desirable kratom strains, including White Elephant Kratom.  

Types of Kratom Products Offered

  • Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Powder 
  • Kratom Extracts
  • Kratom Sample Packs, available in both powder and capsule options

Customers can choose from sample sizes as small as 1 gram of kratom powder or 5 capsules, all the way up to several kilos at a time. 

Sourcing and Product Quality

Similar to The Kratom Connection, what makes Bumblebee Botanicals so unique is that they source DIRECT from two generational kratom farms in Indonesia. The company sampled kratom from dozens of regional farmers, landing on just TWO that produced a consistently pure, potent and high-quality product. 

Third Place: Left Coast Kratom

Conveniently headquartered in Portland, OR, Left Coast Kratom is an online vendor of kratom and kratom-related accessories. As a family-owned business the company has earned a reputation as a high-quality kratom seller with good customer service and great prices. 

Product Testing 

The company tests for both contaminants as well as alkaloid content, working closely with a food testing laboratory. Lab results can be found printed on each product label with a lot number so that customers can easily cross-reference test results with products.

Customer Service

Customer service through the site and phone is responsive, with representatives genuinely wanting to help and working through issues quickly.


Shipping uses the name “Shipping Department, Soul SP” to add increased privacy and discretion with each purchase. Orders are processed quickly, with same-day order and shipping Monday through Friday using both UPS and USPS. Delivery is ‘guaranteed’ and tracking available.

Price and Value 

One thing that stands out with Left Coast Kratom is that they offer some incredibly competitive prices. Some might say they are one of if not the best ‘value based’ brand online, offering a good balance between quality, consistency, safety and price. 

Product Selection

Similar to our top two picks, this store offers between 12-15 strains through its website. 

Types of Kratom Products Offered

  • Kratom Powder 
  • Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Extracts
  • Kratom Sample Packs, available in both powder and capsule options

How to Choose White Elephant Kratom 

Types of Products

Capsules: Kratom capsules have a few distinct benefits. They are easy to pack up and take on the go. The capsules tend to stay fresh longer due to being sealed in individual caps. They are tasteless (a big plus considering kratom is naturally bitter), and they require no measurement or extra tools to prepare. 

Powder: White elephant kratom powder is one of the most popular ways to purchase kratom. Powder is often preferred for its incredible versatility. It can be used in topical applications, in drinks such as coffee or smoothies, and if foods or deserts. But it does have some downsides.

It needs to be stored in a cool dark place away from UV light and kept air tight to preserve freshness. It also needs to be precisely measured with a micro-scale. Lastly, kratom is notably bitter, and some may prefer to avoid the taste altogether. 

Extract: Extracts, also sometimes called concentrates, pack a lot of punch in a small container. Extracts are portable, discreet, and can be used in a wide range of preparations. Each dropper allows you to easily measure out the dose for addition to food, drink, or as a sublingual.

FAQs about White Elephant Kratom

What is White Elephant Kratom?

All kratom is made from the leaves of a Southeast Asian tropical evergreen tree called Mitragyna Speciosa. But White Elephant Kratom is unique in that it is made from the largest kratom tree leaves, those resembling an elephant’s ear.

These large leaves are unique in that they reach an abnormal size early on in the growth cycle, before the veins of the leaves turn to a darker green and later red. This results in a unique alkaloid profile that can’t be matched by other strains.

What Are the Effects of White Elephant Kratom?

White Elephant Kratom is known as a ‘milder’ strain, offering a gentle but noticeable uplifting and simulating experience that is invigorating but not overwhelming.

Consumers of White Elephant Kratom Report Effects Including:

  • An uplifted mood
  • Mild to moderate energizing effect
  • Improved outlook on the day
  • Increased focus and creativity
  • A more relaxed state of mind
  • Calming

What Are Common Doses of White Elephant Kratom? 

Similar to all kratom, people seeking a more energizing and stimulatory effect would be best suited by lower doses from 1-3 grams, while those seeking a more relaxing and sedative experience may want to explore moderate to higher dosing between 3-6 grams.

That said, we cannot give anyone advice on dosing kratom. Everyone’s body chemistry is unique and you should always proceed with caution until you know how you’ll react. 

Is White Elephant Kratom Legal? 

In the United States, kratom is not a federally controlled substance. This means that kratom is NOT a ‘scheduled drug’ and is legal at the federal level. Although kratom is legal across the vast majority of US states, there are a few states and other local jurisdictions which have banned kratom. Always check with your local laws to ensure you are in compliance.

Why Do People Use White Elephant Kratom? 

Consumers use kratom for a wide range of purposes and reasons. Kratom is considered a versatile botanical, capable of everything from uplifting and energizing, to soothing, relaxing and sedating.

Can White Elephant Kratom Get you High?

Kratom is capable of producing what many users describe as a euphoria or euphoric state. However, kratom is not used to ‘get high’. 

How Fast Will I Feel the Effects of Kratom?

How fast you’ll begin to notice effects depends on how you consume the product, as well as your unique body chemistry. Typically, effects can be seen in as little as 5-10 minutes, but may take 20-40 minutes to start kicking in.

How Does Kratom Work?

The human body is equipped with naturally occurring opioid receptors. The same type of receptors that opioids and some pain relievers work on. Although kratom is not an opioid, it has been shown to interact with these same receptors throughout the body, both in a stimulatory and energizing, as well as a calming and sedative manner depending on the dose.

What Strains are Similar to White Elephant? 

Other white strains of kratom that those who love white elephant kratom may want to experiment with include:

  • White Maeng Da 
  • White Borneo

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