Who Is Azazus? More About The Man Behind ‘A 1,000 Corpses’ And Other Meaningful Successful Songs

American music artist, songwriter, and producer Azazus has used music to express himself and share his personal experiences with listeners who can find solace in the fact that they can relate to someone else who went through the same thing they did.

His new song “A 1000 Corpses” is already very popular on Spotify and YouTube, with a music video currently in the works.

The song revolves around a person who feels let down by people who didn’t believe in him when he needed them most. Azazus’s new song talks about the people who are only there for success but disappear when they’re needed.

He’s also asking the question “If the tables turned would you want me to treat you like this?”

Azazus’s songs are personal and come from life experiences, usually hurtful ones. Although he is not into expressing his emotions in real life, he uses music to do so.

It was a few years ago, after the death of his father, that Azazus took his career to the next level. Even though he and his father had quite a difficult relationship since childhood, this chapter of his life, along with other soul-searching life experiences have all been instrumental in creating in Azazus an artist of unusually passionate depth and zest for life.

He first became popular on social media for his sex-positive song “Onlyfans” which received over half a million streams on TikTok in 2020.

Following this, other songs such as “Corpse’s Bride”, “Issa Crit” and “Reaper” started attracting popular attention too.

Azazus also addresses mental health issues in his songs, live streams and interviews. In creating music, Azazus single-handedly deals with writing, recording, musical arrangement, promotion, production, music videos. He is truly a multi-talented artist.

But Azazus is not only talented, he is also a warm, generous, mild-mannered and approachable person who engages with fans on TikTok and other social media platforms. He revealed that once he achieves his personal goals, he will work to encourage development and gentrification within his home city in Alabama.

He currently lives in Gainesville, Florida but was born and raised in Alabama.

Despite all the negative experiences which Azazus has faced, he still manages to succeed in a style where he can fully express himself. He also helps people by entertaining them, raising awareness about social issues, and showing them that they are not alone.

For more information on Azazus, visit Azazus.com, listen to his music on Youtube and SoundCloudand follow TikTok and Instagram


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