Why Farrari Yanni is the Next big Midwest Star

A name tells you a lot about a person. Farrari Yanni, the rising star’s stage name, is inspired by his favorite sports car. It speaks of his persona—his motivating drive to create something out of nothing and this helps him visualize his ultimate destination while achieving necessary goals. Farrari Yanni realized his ability to touch people with his words in 2016, stirring up his passion and love for rap music.

The young star has followed this path ever since, creating his music and sound. The harsh reality in which the Chicago-based artist grew up also undoubtedly influenced his musical inspiration. You can tell his rap style is truly unmatched, and now, with the rapper anticipating the release of an album, he is experiencing some serious momentum.

A lover of music from eras before he was even born, he incorporates his inspirations and genuine love for the craft in every project he does. Throughout the quarantine, he continued to flex his skills with hits like “Fear God,” “Doin Me,” and “Before the End”, and has no intention of slowing down.

Despite being in the beginning stages of his career, Farrari has made sure to deliver quality music and with such determination. As an independent rap artist, Farrari is striving for greatness and inspires youth to do the same every day and follow their dreams.

Growing up in severe conditions and real-life struggles, the rapper makes it clear through his lessons that one’s got to keep a clear focus and shouldn’t allow the past outcomes to determine who you are and where you are going.

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