Why I Refused to Have My Son Tested for COVID-19

Mom blogger Tiffany Konecko A.K.A. Farmulosity shares her story about an unwanted walk-in visit due to her son having a severe ear ache. He was complaining and crying of ear pain, water in the ear, which potentially exposed them to the virus because they were directed to the area to get her son’s ear looked at.

Why was the situation wrong? Konecko lists her reasons as follows:

  1. It’s potentially exposing them to the virus just to have her son’s ear treated for severe ear pain which isn’t a symptom ofCOVID-19.
  2. There’s a possibility of false diagnosis just to get us to test, which also leads to an antibiotic prescription which isn’t the greatest for kids unless it’s really needed. The tester didn’t even look at his ear until I told her to and still she already had an “upper respiratory diagnosis” resulting from the COVID-19 test. Konecka decided not to give him the antibiotics as they were not sure if they are really even needed.
  3. It takes a test away for someone who really needs to test be tested. According to Konecka, they’ve heard so many people with symptoms being denied testing in their area.
  4. Konecka was “mom-shamed” for refusing to test her child, making the situation even worse. “This whole situation has been hard on me as a mother,” she says. “I didn’t need the added stress and shame as I am trying my absolute best given the circumstances.”

Final Thoughts

Not every sickness is COVID-19. We need to stop making it as such. This approach is making it more unsafe and is probably yet another reason for the continuous spread.

More about Farmulosity

The name comes from “farm” because farmhouse style is Konecko’s favorite way to decorate her house—cozy and approachable. The “ulosity” refers to fabulosity, the art of being the fabulous that is you. She is all about creating trends, not following them. She believes in bringing a fresh perspective, something that is new, and not necessarily considered popular.

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Her blog was nominated for Best Interior Lifestyle Blog by Amara.

More about Tiffany 

Tiffany is a small town girl born and raised in Wisconsin and the first in her family to graduate from college. She attended Marquette University where she majored in Broadcast Journalism and worked in the newsroom, but ended up in sales and marketing. Tiffany met her hubby accidentally after a minor car accident– he was the one that repaired her car. After their second child was born, Tiffany founded Farmulosity. It was quite the change going from the corporate world to full-time momming, and started suffering from postpartum depression. Tiffany started snapping random pictures of her life and shared her passion for family, home décor, fashion, and vintage thrifting, all while being able to stay at home and build a community via Instagram.

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