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If you are one among the many who have wanted to publish a blog but have not done so for a number of reasons, here is a post that will give you reason to start.

One of the first questions a potential blogger thinks about is the difference between a blog post and an article, and why should they choose one over the other?

A blog contains an in-built syndication feed. When you post a blog, a news feed is sent out automatically. It informs search engines as well as news aggregator sites that you have published a blog.

When an article is posted on a website, the site has to wait till the search engine crawls through the net,  finds it, and ranks it.

If a blogger frequently publishes quality content and relevant information, their blog can go viral. There is always a readership for original content which offers “information of value.” Some renowned sites such as LinkedIn, Google and social media sites may link to your blog, increasing viewers.

Google in particular loves original content, therefore posting on CWEB’s platform will help you gain much more exposure and the opportunity to reach a larger audience due to the traffic and popularity we already have. Your blog will reach millions of visitors and get exposure on social media.

As you know, getting ranked by search engines such as Google, Bing, Firefox, Safari can be a costly endeavor. At CWEB.com we offer simple tools that are easy to use for you to get better exposure. They can boost the good content already available on your blog. CWEB has customizable options available for just you.

The CWEB blog allows you to pick a free vanity URL at CWEB (Example: cweb.com/username) We offer an extra feature to “Post Your Resume” for free.

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A successful blog is one which encourages conversations between the blogger and its readers and discusses relevant and useful content. When ideas are shared, the blog can be called successful, and

it can bring in more readers and increase subscribers to your blog.

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So, what are you waiting for?

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