Why Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Today, commercial competitiveness and technological advances have caused companies to focus greater attention on the marketing process that will allow them to stay afloat in a society that is increasingly demanding innovation and improvement. 

These processes have brought to the surface several strategies that have been widely effective within the business world today, and one of them is Networking. It is a term that has emerged progressively until it has come to occupy an essential space within the business environment. 

Networking represents one of the most outstanding aspects of an already consolidated company or a venture because, through this technique, it is possible to increase your list of professional contacts and make new job opportunities arise in the process. 

But what is networking? How does it work? What are its benefits? How can you apply it? If you are an entrepreneur and have an online or physical company with some history, you should know about this fundamental marketing strategy and start to execute it to improve your corporate image. 

What Does Networking Mean?

Although its name may be difficult to understand, the definition of networking can be viewed as a composition of the words network (net) and work, which would translate as the existence of a work network that allows contact with people who have common professional interests. 

Networking, then, functions as a social and professional network that facilitates the growth of an enterprise or business, as new lines of communication or business emerge that can contribute to improving business operations.

What’s It For?

If you are planning to start a business or at least have the initial idea and need investors or other professionals to help you take the first steps, networking is the ideal strategy. 

The idea is that, through work connections, you can have access to new proposals and job opportunities that will allow you to boost the image and operation of your company, thanks to the contributions of other entrepreneurs, already consolidated businesspeople, freelancers, or any other contact you have in the network. 

Now, let’s look at the usefulness of networking: 

1. Being part of a network

The main objective of this employment strategy is to surround yourself with entrepreneurs, businesspeople, or other people who have similar professional interests to yours, so that they can help you to strengthen your ideas or boost your business. 

2. Providing opportunities 

Networking can generate new professional or employment opportunities. Being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, experts, great businesspeople, or freelancers allows for a greater possibility of creating numerous connections favorable to your purpose.

3. Generate learning 

Networking is not only a job opportunity but also a learning opportunity. Building knowledge through interactions and experience of the environment in which this process takes place is one of the most useful aspects that this process encompasses. 

4. You represent your idea 

In addition to learning, networking gives you the opportunity to represent your venture. This requires previous preparation that is sufficiently convincing for investors, professionals, and others to feel attracted to your project and decide to be part of it. 

Benefits of Networking

The benefits generated through networking links are numerous, all focused on giving greater visibility to your company or venture through different means from which both parties benefit. Among the most outstanding advantages of this technique are:

1. Leaving your project in view 

Networking allows a large number of people to see and understand your idea and become interested in it. This is important because it generates spontaneous publicity when people comment on your venture.  

2. Proximity to the competition 

This method also gives you the opportunity to know how busy the industry is that your business belongs to, how it is managed, and what are the basic aspects to go up against companies, possibly with more trajectory.

3. You create links 

Logically, the purpose of networking is to establish professional connections. This will allow you to be close to each other, which can be translated into new projects in the short, medium or long term and from which everyone can benefit. 

4. You share knowledge and learn 

Generally, this practice will not only help you in the professional environment but will also leave open the possibility of sharing knowledge and gaining experience from others involved. This will enrich your professional career. 

In general, the advantages of networking revolve around the growth, drive, and strength of a business. For entrepreneurs, this technique represents one of the most important steps if you want to get off to a good start. 

In these cases, the options for communicating the newly initiated project may have certain economic limitations, so networking represents an essential resource. It will help to generate professional ties that, after some time, will benefit both parties.

How to Get Started

While it is true that this is a simple concept to understand, in order to apply it, it is necessary to take into account some recommendations that will surely make networking more effective for your business         

1. Be brief in your presentation 

Try not to extend yourself by talking to someone else about your venture. Practice in a summarized, clear, and safe way what you want to communicate, the essence of your business, and, in this way, you may leave many interested in it. 

2. Don’t forget your business cards 

It is important that, after you introduce yourself, you can leave the recipients with a business card with your basic details so that they know where to find you. Try to have an original and attractive design that represents your business. 

3. Practice being natural 

In general, spontaneity provides an added value, greater confidence and comfort in the environment, which is why, when presenting your venture, you should be as natural as possible, in a kind of spontaneous chat where you can establish links with those you are talking to. 

4. Be open to new ideas 

Just as you hope to present your venture, it is important that you keep an open mind to other ideas and, above all identify what each of the experiences presented can do for you. This will help you get the most out of each occasion. 

These tips are essential and can bring greater effectiveness to your business or enterprise when applying networking, which will undoubtedly be widely beneficial to boost communications and the image of your project.   

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