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luxury antonovich design

As the top luxury interior design company in the world, Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well known as the best provider of the full project executions from planning, design developments, and the provider of premium services in local and international. Luxury Antonovich Design is located in the prime area the city of Dubai has been continuously contributing to the highest level of standard towards every project execution all over the world. With its continuous fast-rising economy, Dubai has become the best place for the Luxury Antonovich Design to contribute to the top luxurious project executions. From its remarkable panoramic views, breath-taking skyscrapers, and amazing set of architectural designs all over the city, Dubai was indeed the best description of the modern world of luxury and style when it comes to Architecture and interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design is owned by the world’s famous luxurious interior designer – Katrina Antonovich.

From the noble family, that deals with luxurious architecture and interior design business, indeed the being an artist runs to their blood. Katrina Antonovich is very famous in her luxurious design creations that she is amazingly performing towards every project Design. Each and every masterpiece that she creates embodies a complete glam and elegance like no other. Due to continuous high demand in the international industry of architecture and interior design, Katrina Antonovich has decided to start operating a branch in the United States of America – Miami Florida to be able to bring out the best services and convenience in communication and assistance towards every client. Luxury Antonovich Design has another branch in Kazakhstan that is majorly operating to provide luxurious services in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.

As the world’s bespoke interior design company, Luxury Antonovich design is providing the full services towards every project from planning, layout arrangement, design implementations, fit-out work, selection of furniture’s and materials, installations up to the turnkey solution. Luxury Antonovich The design has its own manufacturing and factory that is creating the most luxurious design and premium class quality. Luxury Antonovich design also has its direct supply from Italy and Turkey – the world-famous origin of luxurious furniture and lighting design. All the luxurious art pieces and prestigious furniture designs are being showcased at Luxury Antonovich Design own furniture showroom – KA Luxury, which is also located at the heart of Dubai. It has the widest selections and variety for the needful of every project executions from luxurious furniture design, curtains, joinery, home accessories, carpets, marble, tiles, all types of lighting, and chandeliers.

KA luxury has its most reliable logistic team that has the full ability to execute international exports. All the Luxurious art pieces and premium class furniture is available for online shopping on its very own website. With the amazing services and full design executions that the Luxury Antonovich design is offering, every project will surely achieve the most luxurious project design arrangement according to every requirement. Luxury Antonovich Design was indeed the world’s bespoke interior design company the will provide the full services and premium class design executions from A to Z.

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