Yorkifer Is Ready To Start Performing Again

Viral sensation, Yorki Raul “Yorkifer” Fernandez has dropped some heat and can’t wait to get back into routine. Since the pandemic has cancelled most events, people have not been able to support their favorite artists shows. Now that the world is opening up again, Dembow star Yorkifer is ready to start performing again. From the catchy beat to Yorkifer’s melody and lyrics, the Dominican born artist is on a mission to get the party started.

Yorkifer is no stranger to getting crowds excited and would perform on battle stages combining his love for performing into one live show as a teenager. Now, Yorkifer performs and his fans know his songs word for word. His recent track “Traicionero” has really made a statement and dembow fanatics are all for it.

Yorkifer has wasted no time dropping single after single and the industry is ready. With over 800k on the single alone Yorkifer is already onto the next working on the release of his new song “Playa.” Yorkifer says it will bring back the dembow scene more than ever and has plans to be on a Latin American tour later this year.

For more updates tap in to what Yorkifer has going on on his site www.yorkifer.com !
Check out the hit single “Traicionero” – Yorkifer below:

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