Young Female Entrepreneur Lady Paz Ampofo Is Breaking Boundaries in the Tech Industry

Lady Paz Ampofo is a 24-year-old from Essex with big ambitions and the creativity and drives to succeed. Currently, her sights are set on breaking into the media content industry with her exciting new platform, VLOO. The setup for VLOO is unique in that it allows content creators to sell their skills to consumers. Lady aims to inspire creativity in the young to take their skills and turn them into income.

The uniqueness of the platform is its sophistication. It offers high definition, premium quality content to consumers, which encourages creators to hone their craft, turning their passion into income as well as building a great brand.

This project started when her passion for IT and the Tech industry was ignited at university and met with her innate desire to aid those around her.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing in the male-dominated tech industry. She has had setbacks, struggling with rejection on her previous project, an idea at Uni for a platform to help young people get jobs, which was shut down by the vice-chancellor. When asked about this episode she said, “I had too many reasons to quit. Facing rejection was a humbling experience for me. I had to build the tenacity to keep going when it looked like I had failed. It taught me resilience and pushed me to strive for excellence.”

Her benevolent side manifested early on in her life, working with various charities to feed the homeless and support them. She has also worked alongside politicians to combat youth unemployment and racial/gender inequalities. A devout Christian, she describes her faith as being a driving force pushing her to excel in her task, set upon her by God, to push the young to bring out their talented sides.

Lady is also the author of the acclaimed ‘Hush let’s keep it a secret’, an account of her struggle through abuse. Which she wrote to “inspire victims of abuse to come forward” and has pushed her to the forefront as a leading mental health advocate.

Lady’s road to entrepreneurship started at the tender age of 9, starting a hair business in school during break and lunchtimes which went on to include hair products and cosmetics. On being an entrepreneur, she said, “As an entrepreneur, it can be challenging and lonely at times but I have built a tough skin and I’m more fearless than ever. All I want to do is bring my vision to life.” The sky’s the limit for this talented, young woman. You can keep up with her endeavors on her Instagram

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