Young Music Director DJ Kwid Initiates new Album Song in Gujarati Industries

DJ Kwid, a well-known young music director from Gujarat, has given music of many good songs and his songs have also got millions of views. He has made music albums of many artists like Kairavi Butch, Harry Nakum, Twinkel Patel. And they’ve gotten a million views. He is also providing music for renowned Gujarat film producer Jashwant Gangani.

How DJ Kwid became a music director

Before DJ Kwid, at a young age, he used to play DJ at night and run a footwear shop during the day. But in his mind, the only dream was to become a music director. And because of his passion for music, he left home and after working hard for 3 months, he gradually turned to music and has now become a successful music director. Today they have big music record labels working. And even today he is popularly known as DJ Kwid as he used to play DJ before.

In the time to come, three big projects like his Dhun Laagi, Rang Laagyo, Bas Yaad are coming up with a record label. He is also working on a upcoming film as Music Director.

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