One Thing That Will Catapult Your Success

Do you want to be more successful this year? Do you want more motivation?  Do you want to hit more goals

Well, I believe the key to catapulting your success is found is this one thing: vision.

I had a vision to be the #1 motocross racer in the world until things changed at 14. Yes, your dreams can change. This vision led me to put in the work, get back up after every crash, and pick up my head when I faced failure. There was also a time in my life when my vision seemed so far away. I was cleaning carpets every day, working 12 hours a day and barely paying my bills. 

But the vision I had for my life gave me the drive to figure it out and put in the work.

A perfect example of vision is what happened last year. My wife and I had a vision of putting on a live event for 100 men and creating our own mastermind called the “Brotherhood”. We didn’t know the exact steps of how doing it, but that vision led us to put on a massively successful event for 100 men.

If you want to learn about this year’s event, check it out here.

Remember, it all starts with a vision for the life you want to create. Creating goals is great for short-term success. They provide you with a game plan to follow over the time span of a few weeks or months. But a vision is a long-term emotional connection that you create with your future.

Here are three steps you’ll want to take to craft a vision for your life.

#1 Be Intentional

Commit to taking time to sit down and map out your vision. Be intentional with this time, eliminate distractions and focus. Ask yourself, “Where do I want to be in the next ten years, who will I be, who will be with me?”

The best thing is to be as specific as possible and aligned with your values. Your values are there for you to check in with, to keep you true to your vision. Let your vision be your inspiration, the thing that gets you out of bed every single day.

Many times when you are intentional with your vision, it will become much bigger than getting yourself to where you want to be, it will end up being about the lives and impact you make along the way.

#2 Believe in Yourself.

Many people hold out on their dreams and desires because they are afraid of failure, some are even afraid of success. Little do they know that they are not only selling themselves short, they are also selling those around them short.

Each of us has a unique purpose and mission in life. If you remove all of your self-doubts, you know what you will be left with: self-belief and faith. Those are two powerful driving forces.

#3 Be The Worst Person in the Room.

I understand that might sound crazy, but one of the keys to unlocking your vision also lies in who you surround yourself with. You want people around you that are where you want to be, striving to be the best on a daily basis. These should also be people who put you in check when you aren’t honoring your values and who have similar values as yours. 

Some of the biggest transformations that have happened in my life have been catching the fire of the people around me. I can’t tell you how many times I have personally underestimated by own power and thankfully the people around me made me believe I could do so much more. 

This year my vision for BDB Live is 150 men and to do 10x what we did in our business last year.

So if you haven’t written out your vision yet, or if you have one that doesn’t fire you up, craft yours today and you will experience a greater measure of success in your life.

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