10 Facts About PCR Hemp Oil

PCR (Phytocannabinoid-Rich) hemp oil is an extract from the Cannabis strain Sativa L.. It has several components, including terpenes, fatty acids, and phytocannabinoids. While all these components are essentially cannabinoids, PCR hemp oil cannot be considered the same thing as CBD oil. 

What other exciting things are there to know about PCR hemp oil? Keep reading to find out. 

1.   It Is Not the Same as CBD Oil

To produce CBD oil, the only thing that’s needed is CBD isolate. However, PCR hemp oil is made up of several different extracts, including some proportion of the CBD isolate. Thus, CBD oil will only provide you with the benefits of the CBD isolate. However, the use of PCR hemp oil will bring the benefits of all compounds that make up the oil.

2.   It Helps With Insomnia 

Several ingredients are used to make this oil, one of which is cannabis itself. The Sativa L. strain is beneficial in this regard because it helps you sleep by helping your body release melatonin. This will help you sleep peacefully and well.  

3.   It Is Completely Legal 

The 2018 Farm Bill has made the PCR Hemp oil entirely legal for use in the United States. Since the THC levels in this product are low, it’s considered fully safe for use. THC is the substance found in marijuana and is responsible for the ‘high’ or intoxicated feeling people get. However, with a THC concentration of less than 3%, this oil is fully legal and safe for use. 

4.   It Won’t Get You High 

Marijuana usually contains a concentration of THC that is around 20%, enough to get you intoxicated. However, PCR hemp oil is extracted in such a manner that almost all the THC content is removed. Hence, it definitely will not get you high or intoxicated. 

5.   It Helps With Anxiety 

Using PCR hemp oil can lift up your mood and make you feel relaxed. By reducing anxiety, PCR hemp oil dramatically reduces stress and can give you physical benefits by relaxing your muscles. 

6.   It Cures Skin Problems 

Recent research has found that PCR hemp oil can help you get clearer skin. Stress, anxiety, and insomnia can have harsh effects on your skin. Luckily, PCR hemp oil can help regulate all these problems, giving you flawless skin. It also acts as a great internal cleanser when you consume it orally, helping you with a better digestive system and lifting up your mood.

7.   It Can Reduce Pain 

According to scientists, this oil is known to help reduce pain levels and thus acts as a painkiller, without the side effects of traditional medication. It has also been known to increase bodily pain tolerance levels. 

8.   It Can Increase Positive Emotions 

PCR Hemp oil helps your body organically release “happy chemicals,” like serotonin. These chemicals improve your mood and allow you to feel positive and happy throughout the day. 

9.   It’s Great for Your Pets 

A small amount of PCR hemp oil has been proven to improve the mental health of animals. If your pet’s going through a period of depression, instead of giving them medication (which comes with side effects), you can use this organic oil. 

10.  It Does Not Have Side Effects 

This oil is entirely organic and therefore does not have any side effects, as long as you use it in regulated amounts. It can help significantly with a person’s general wellbeing. Some researchers also claim that it may help cure chronic depression. 


Although not the same as CBD oil, PCR Hemp oil has many benefits and exciting features that remain generally unknown. This oil is excellent at helping you (or your pet) out in terms of mental and physical health. The best part is that it is entirely organic!

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