10 Reasons Why Pitbulls Are Great Dogs

If you’re looking to adopt a pit bull, you’re making an excellent choice for yourself and your family. While Pitbulls get a bad rep for being aggressive and angry, they’re great companions.

1. They’re Healthy

Unlike most pure-bred dogs, Pitbulls don’t often experience that many genetic diseases. Most commonly, they will suffer from:

  • Demodectic mage
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Patellar luxation

But even then, none of these diseases are fatal. You can expect your Pitbull to live for a long time.

2. They Don’t Require Much Grooming

Because they’re short-haired pets, they don’t require much grooming or upkeep with their fur. Longer-haired animals require constant brushing to ensure that their coat doesn’t get matted. They also don’t need haircuts.

While they require the occasional bath, they’re so much easier to bathe than other long-haired options.

3. People Pleasers

Pitbulls crave love and attention, so they’ll do pretty much anything to gain praise from their owners. While they’re not the most intelligent of animals, they’re mentally driven by praise. Use treats and kind words to train your pitbull, and they’ll always listen to you.

4. Super Athletes

Pitbulls require a ton of exercise, and they love running around. If you’re looking for a dog that will train for a marathon with you, this is the breed for you. However, if you miss a day of exercise with your pitbull, they won’t mind. They’re not as obsessive about exercise as some other breeds are.

5. Loyal Friends

When you choose to adopt a pit bull, you’re adopting a friend for life. They’ll always be there for you. And while they’re not good guard dogs (because they love people too much), they’ll be a great best friend to you and your family.

6. Great with Kids

Contrary to popular belief, Pitbulls are great family dogs. They are great with kids and other animals and will be affectionate with both children and adults. However, you should still teach your children how to behave around Pitbulls before bringing one home.

7. Hilarious and Adorable

Having a Pitbull will bring tons of happiness and laughter into your life. You’ll love watching them run around and make funny faces at you. They love the encouragement, so they’ll keep doing it just because they know it makes you smile.

8. They Love People

Their love for people is what makes them such good dogs. They’re caring, affectionate, and so loving. When you adopt a Pitbull, you’ll never feel like your dog doesn’t love you. Not only that, but they’ll warm up quickly to anyone who comes into your home.

9. Cuddle Bugs

Adopt a Pitbull, and you will always have a big dog ready to jump into your arms at any time. One of the best parts of adopting a Pitbull is just how cuddly they are. If you adopt a young Pitbull, they’ll be ready to cuddle right out of the gate.

If you adopt an older Pitbull, maybe one who’s been abused, they may take a little while to warm up to you. Once they know that you can trust them, they’ll settle into your life perfectly.

10. That Smile!

And finally, the best part of adopting a Pitbull is their smile. That’s right, Pitbulls smile at you. It’s honestly one of the most adorable things, and it will make adopting a Pitbull worth wild.

No matter what, you still need to provide your Pitbull with proper training to ensure that they become the best pet possible. As long as you shower them with love and affection, they’ll surely listen to everything you say.

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