10 Social Media Marketers who can Help you in 2021

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NEW YORK, July 19th 2021 — The world of Social Media Marketing is largely predominant in this current age. The ever-evolving industry is constantly introducing new trends, strategies, and methods to increase clients, social media presence, and essentially revenue through Social Media Marketing.

According to Building Your Authority, there is a simple and effective way for those looking to capitalize on this pandemic to stay informed with what’s working. Keeping up with these SMMA professionals will give your business the advantage it needs during such challenging times.

However, as Social Media Marketers are highly saturated in the online world, identifying true experts from the crowd can be a difficult task. To make things easier to navigate, we have compiled the following list:

  1. Michah Nicole (@micahnicoledigital)

Micah Nicole is an Entrepreneur and Marketing & Sales Consultant who helps experts increase high-ticket application submissions through framework-facing content and automated storytelling. She is OBSESSED with elevating the way female founders market, launch, and deliver their high-ticket coaching program.

Micah passionately specializes in high-end, automated launch funnels and organic visibility strategies for experts who crave serious, organic, and automated growth.

With a heavy focus on experienced-based marketing, she provides ‘can’t-say-no-to’ funnels & content tactics that leave a lasting & unforgettable impression. Her methods help experts with a proven methodology get on the radar of the ICA, become sought-after, increase the ease of cash flow, and enroll *new* students into their program on autopilot.

  1. Teyren Brown (@teyrenbrown)

Teyren Brown helps purpose-driven women of color (I affectionately refer to us as “sistahpreneurs”) uncover their unique gifts, clarify and strengthen their message, and create a one-of-a-kind brand and business that changes their world. After a decade of experience growing iconic brands like Johnson’s Baby and LISTERINE, she is an expert at branding and marketing strategy.

Teyren took the skills she mastered in her career building internationally beloved brands and turned it into a thriving coaching business helping badass women of color brand their genius and successfully profit from their skills as a coach or creative.

Teyren Brown shares “I teach sistahpreneurs the step-by-step approach to not just build a profitable business, but to also create a legendary brand. A brand that’s built on your unique strengths and in alignment with your vibe, your values, and the vision you have for how you’re going to make your mark on the world…not a cookie-cutter approach that tries to enforce majority norms to define who you are and what you stand for.”

  1. Aliste Marketing (@alistemarketing)

Aliste Marketing is a Boston-Based Boutique Marketing Agency; Building creative strategies to drive powerful brand experiences. According to Aliste Marketing “There’s a reason we’re not at a large agency cranking out materials for just anyone – we want to work with the best of the best. If you’ve got a product or service that everyone should know about, we’ll help you shout it from the rooftops to just the right audience.

We’re all about giving back. IT’S OUR JOB TO MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD! We stake our reputation on the results and success of our clients. We’re the quiet, behind-the-scenes partner that makes you look like you have a large in-house team of experts driving your marketing from lead generation and nurturing to closing the sales.”

  1. SPS Strategy (@spstrategy_smma)

SPS Strategy is passionate about helping people find their creative voice and establish a long and fruitful future in the Food and Drink industry. SPS Strategy thrives within this industry, having had years of experience working in Hospitality and Nightlife; as a result, it’s an area in which they find themselves especially knowledgeable and accomplished.

According to SPS Strategy, “We guide our clients through the minefields of Social Media helping them thrive in a fast-changing, evolving world. In doing so, we leverage each business’s unique strengths to build a personalized roadmap to success in both English and Welsh – we aim not only to improve results, but to exceed our estimates, and send analytics skyrocketing”.

  1. Liv (@livinglavishsocial)

Liv is a Social Media Marketer who helps create lavish socials through social media marketing. Liv started Living Lavish Social; to help create lavish socials for unique businesses. Living Lavish Social began in April 2020 during the first wave of the pandemic. Liv’s passion for the marketing industry and ambition to help businesses with social media marketing lead her to create her freelance agency whilst finishing a degree in Creative Media Practice.

Liv shares “Are you looking for lavish socials without the hassle? Since launching in 2020, we have provided our services to businesses in the digital marketing, skincare, beauty, events, and female blogging industries, alongside rapidly growing my freelance brand. We are available for assistance in social media marketing, content creation, copywriting, and branding, so drop us a message or book an appointment today; we would love to hear from you!”

  1. Mia Majstorovic (@that.marketing.girl.mia)

Mia’s rich experience in small business and e-commerce growth strategy has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue for the brands she partners with. Through her agency’s services, Mia works with brands via 1:1 sessions, strategy development, and implementation via Facebook Advertising and Social Media Management.

There’s a reason her clients rave about her services – and it all comes down to her data-led approach, transparency, creativity, and the relationships she builds when it comes to working with her clients 1:1, and throughout her agencies Advertising and Management services.

Visit That Marketing Girl to learn more about Mia and her agency’s services, along with finding links to her socials where she shares real client wins, tips, and valuable content.

  1. Marketing Melodies @marketingmelodies

Kerri McCartney decided to bring together her connections and experience from Milan and Northern Ireland to create her blog ‘Marketing Melodies.’ Covering career, marketing, lifestyle, fashion, and more, this up-and-coming blog is taking off in the right direction. It also gives readers an insight into her life when living in her second home; Milan, a culture and a language that has a presence throughout ‘Marketing Melodies.’

However, Kerri wants to make it clear that ‘Marketing Melodies’ isn’t only a platform that focuses on marketing and lifestyle. Kerri has also brought in the element of the importance of looking after mental health, and Kerri filters feel-good quotes throughout her blog and tries to use her platform to help others in this way.

For fun lifestyle elements, fashion, career, and the feel-good factor, give ‘Marketing Melodies’ a follow on Instagram, or you can contact Kerri via her blog or email kerrimccartney1@gmail.com.

  1. Skylin @the.Skylin

Skylin is a global team of specialists, focused on crafting world-class solutions for today’s modern companies. Their team of strategists, designers, and developers are driven by passion and fueled by curiosity.

Skylin aims to balance innovation with aspiration, emotion with the product, and create an original experience every time. Always fresh, always challenging what’s possible. That’s Skylin.

Skylin has no limits. Their specialized team of creators from around the world work together to create award-winning and engaging websites, advertising, and communications.

  1. Eks & oh Digital @eksandoh.digital

Eks & oh Digital was born at the beginning of 2018. They started as a ‘One (wo)Man team’ and have since evolved their brand and services and grown to a small team of three and love what they do!

According to Eks & oh Digital “Our services range from Social Media Management, Facebook Ads, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Google Ads Management, Google (and Bing) SEO and more. We have team members who have strengths in each field to better serve our clients and better spend your budget – because we believe that small businesses don’t need to remain small and we can all adopt a growth mindset with the right strategy in place to serve your business’ needs.”

  1. Endlessly Social (@endlesslysocial)

Endlessly Social strives and thrives on helping small businesses own a social presence they’re truly proud of. Running a small business is an incredibly rewarding yet overbearing journey when it comes to the countless duties that tag along for the ride.

When it’s time to outsource, Endlessly Social will be the helping hand you can rely on so you can worry about what you need to in order to progress your company forward.

Our vision is to continuously deliver value, trust, and support to small businesses when they turn for help in finding passionate individuals eager in sharing and reaching their future business goals.

Endlessly Social was born when Brittany (Founder) wanted to combine her passion for helping others see the limitless potential they hold, along with the creative knowledge she holds in the digital marketing space.

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