$100k Prize Contest: VidVote.com, a Tik-Tok-Meets-America’s-Funniest-Videos Platform Launches

Introducing VidVote.com, a Tik-Tok meets America’s Funniest Videos platform that holds ongoing daily video contests and awards cash to winners weekly & monthly. With $5K monthly and the $100k grand prize up for grabs, themed contests allow users to battle for the win, while in lock down or quarantining during this pandemic.

As a music industry executive working with Scott Storch, KC & the Sunshine Band, Flo-Rida, No Mercy, Tito Puente Jr. (and a tech enthusiast + website developer for 20 years), Founder Howard Lee Gatch combined both passions to launch Vidvote. He transitioned from creating, producing, and marketing promo/music videos in the entertainment industry to making Vidvote his full time gig. Howard says, “There are no video contest platforms and people aren’t being compensated fairly for their talent. Vidvote has fun awarding money directly to content providers who create entertaining videos, while added a new dynamic to video platforms and filling a void in this niche.”

Gatch can speak on the following hot topics:

  1. How he created a video website, combining proven business models of America’s Funniest Videos, TikTok, and YouTube into one.
  2. How he went through the process of launching the business, self funded, fully developed and successfully demonstrating user demand.
  3. More about his currently contest- “$5,000 Make Me Laugh / video clip contest”
  4. Collaborating with celebrities for upcoming exclusive Celebrity Contests.

The first contest will be the “Make us Laugh” series at VidVote.com for anyone over 18 years old worldwide, except where prohibited. Begins-Dec. 1 2020 – Ends-Feb 1 2021 for the first $5k contest. $5k Cash prize then every month another $5k contest. 1st-$2500 2nd-$1500 3rd=$1000. Winners are chosen by most voted videos from viewers. The first $5k contest ends Feb, 1, 2021 and the $100,000 grand prize ends Dec. 1, 2021 which will include all video entries, contests, and categories. The most voted video will win.





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