15 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Shares (Real and Instant)

buy youtube shares

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms. But since the competition is quite fierce at times it can be tough for people to break through and get good engagement on their videos. This is why there are companies that offer a variety of social media services that help with social media marketing and promotion. This is a list of some of the best sites to buy YouTube shares. The websites claim that buying shares can help with social media recognition and help increase ranking on Google and YouTube.

So, if you think that it is something that may be beneficial for your growth- you can use these sites to buy YouTube shares. We suggest you check out our guide on how to get more engagement on YouTube if you want a more organic approach that can help in the long run.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Shares


ViewsExpert - buy youtube shares

ViewsExpert is a website that is all about helping you boost the stats of your videos and posts with ease on the social media platform of your choice. Like many of the service providers that we have featured on this list, ViewsExpert supports the services for most major social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, TikTok, Pinterest etc.

You can use the services provides for YouTube to boost the likes, comments and views on your videos and increase the subscriber count of your channel. If you are looking to buy YouTube shares then you can purchase 100 shares for $3.99 on this website. There are other packages as well and the max number of shares that you can buy is 5000 for $89.99.


socialpackages - buy youtube shares

SocialPackages.net is a website that claims to be the best growth service when it comes to providing real stats for Instagram. It also has services for other major social media platforms as well. Before making any purchase we would suggest getting in touch with the company and getting all your doubts and queries answered.

The company guarantees refill and fast delivery. So, you may not have to wait too long to get the boost that you purchased and also if the stats drop after purchase the company will refill the dropped amount. You can get services for YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, SoundCloud, TikTok and Spotify.


Getviral.io is a website that sells different services to supplement the social media marketing strategy of influencers and companies alike. It primarily advertises itself to provide the best real Instagram growth services but also supports other major platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud and Twitch.

The company provides many professional services which they claim are of high quality. You can get in touch with the support team using the chat with us button on the website or contacting them using the email, support@getviral.io.


Viralyft is a website which deals with providing different services that can help people with improving the performance of their social media marketing strategy. When you visit the website you can find services for Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. So, basically, the website supports most of the major websites that people want to improve their presence.

The company claims to offer the most competitive rates in the market and guarantees rock-solid results after using its services. They provide 24/7 customer support and you can reach out to them using the chat button on the website. So, if you find the right package on this website you can give it a try.


One of the popular service providers is Famups. This is a company that has been around long enough to understand how to boost the connections that its customers play through popular social media platforms. The company claims to implement organic ways to increase the engagement on the profile of its clients. If you want to grow on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud and Spotify then you will find stat-boosting services on this website.

The company uses advanced methods and digital round maps to manage your social media marketing. If you want to check out its services then visit famups.com.


Though the name Ytpals may lead you to believe that the next website is all about providing services for YouTube it has services for Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, SoundCloud and Spotify as well. But yes the site heavily focuses on providing high-quality services for people looking to grow on YouTube. You can easily guess this by looking at the plethora of services that it has for YouTube. You can buy video SEO, channel evaluation, watch hours, views etc.

If you are looking to buy YouTube shares then this is one of the websites to check out. The price isn’t too cheap. The packages start at 100 shares for $10 and go all the way up to 10k shares for $250.


SubPals is a company that bundles together services for popular social media platforms into one website. So, if you find their services satisfactory you can make it your one-stop-shop for various social media marketing needs. You can expect to purchase services for booting your stats on platforms like Twitch, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

The company does focus a lot on YouTube. There is a free service as well that can help you get free subscribers. For this, you have to subscribe to 10 channels and like 10 videos. The company also has packages for YouTube shares. The price ranges from $10 to $250 for 100 and 10k shares respectively.


Qqtube is a website that focuses on providing services that can help with social media marketing of people looking to grow on YouTube. If you feel that artificially boosting your stats can help promote your videos and channel better then you should check out the services that Qqtube provides its customers looking for a boost on YouTube.

The company has been working in this industry for over 7 to 8 years and has helped a lot of clients. The services that it provides are generally quite cheap and thus can fit nicely into your budget. For every 1000 shares that you purchase the price is just $1.80. The delivery speed is around 300+ shares per day. For faster delivery speeds you may have to pay double the amount for the shares.


MediaMister is one of the most popular websites that you can visit to purchase social media services. It provides support for almost all of the major and popular social media platforms. The company has a good understanding of how the social media marketing industry works. It can be complex at times but the company tries to make it as simple as possible for its customers. It claims that by using its services you can get an edge over your competitors and stand out of the crowd.

The company hopes to be involved in the long-term growth of the client rather than just selling them the services. If you want to buy YouTube shares then the price on mediamister.com starts at $2 for 50 shares. The maximum order quantity is 1000 shares for $149.


If you are looking for websites that focus exclusively on YouTube when it comes to providing services for social media marketing and promotion on the platform. One of the distinguishing features of this website is that it allows its customers to use it for free if they wish to do so. It has a community of YouTubers who help each other to grow on the platform. So, basically, you like, subscribe and engage with each other’s channels and videos and grow on YouTube.

By engaging with other channels and videos you get credits which you can then use to purchase stats for your channel and videos. Since these are real YouTubers looking to grow on the platform the chances of getting bot accounts is low. You can directly buy YouTube shares as well. It costs $6 for every 1k shares.


Woorke is one of the websites which provide full digital marketing support to its clients. If you want to grow on social media platforms and want artificial boosts to your stats then you can find appropriate services on this website. If you want help with your SEO, web development, purchase of email accounts etc. you can find appropriate help on this website.

The website has helped thousands of clients with its services. It is not the cheapest service provider out there but it claims to provide good quality services. You can purchase YouTube shares for $4.99 per 50 shares. Targeted shares cost $5.50 and the shares with slow delivery speed mimicking organic growth cost $5.99.


The next website is again another service provider which is not limited to provide services for boosting stats on social media platforms. Appsally provides services that can help with complete online growth. You can purchase a variety of services including SEO, web development, content management, website traffic etc. It has support for almost all of the major social media platforms that businesses and brands are using to promote their products and services.

If you want to purchase YouTube shares on Appsally then just use the search bard to search the service. The price starts at $20 for 222 YouTube shares.


This is another website that focuses primarily on Instagram but has services for other major platforms as well such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter etc. You can also buy backlinks on this website.

The cost of YouTube shares on Instafollowers us $2.61 for 50 shares. There are multiple packages provided by the website the maximum being 100k shares for $1845.


Famoid is a social media service provider that is based out of Delaware, US. The company was established in 2017 and since then it provides various essential software to various industries. It is also popular for its social media services. The name of the company comes from two words famous and oid. Oid is short for object identifier.

This, the name basically means an object that will make you famous. The company provides services for three of the most popular social media platforms Viz. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


The last service provider on this list is Trollishly. It started in 2019 so it has only a couple of years of experience in this industry. But it claims to provide high-quality services and has helped many clients with their social media marketing.

The company is based in UAE and is a subsidiary of Rise Up Digital FZE. The company has a couple of free trials for Instagram and TikTok using which you can get free views, likes and followers. So, you can head on to the web

YouTube Shares Guide

How to increase engagement on YouTube

YouTube has been around for over 15 years having started in 2006. Today, it is one of the biggest social media platforms. A lot of people actively use YouTube to relax and entertain themselves. This is why YouTube clicks in hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis. Earlier, this platform was just a place where people from all over the world would share videos.

But today, the platform has evolved way beyond that. It is a full-on corporation and being a YouTuber is a job for many as if you are good at it and are able to regularly gain a lot of views and engagement on your videos you can easily make a living off of making videos on YouTube. Many YouTubers have gone on to become millionaires. But even though there are millions of people watching YouTube videos daily it is hard to get engagement on your videos if you are just starting out.

This is because the competition is tough as hundreds of thousands of content creators post videos daily. So, the chances of your video getting attention significantly drop. But if you are really passionate about it and want to gain more engagement on YouTube then this guide can help you look in the right direction. These tips are meant to help you increase the engagement on your videos and gain more YouTube views and subscribers.

  • Consistent Posting

Alright, this is one tip that you will find all over the internet whenever it comes to getting more engagement on social media platforms. This is because consistency helps a lot in helping you get more views, likes and comments. Many studies have shown that profiles which post daily are much more likely to get more views and grow quickly than channels that only post once in a while.

But this will only work if the content you are putting out on YouTube is of good quality. You can’t expect people to watch your videos and subscribe to you just because you post daily. Your videos have to be good. But if you are confident about the quality and entertainment value of your video then consider posting regularly at least once a day or once every two days when you start out. Posting consistently also ensures that your channel always has a lot of good videos which people can watch.

Imagine someone stumbling upon your video and liking it. They may be wanting to check out more of your content before subscribing to you. So, if you offer them more content then they will likely spend more time on your channel and may end up subscribing. So, try to post more often and remember not to compromise on the quality either.

  • Promoting Channel on Different Social Media Platforms

This is another tip that is not specific to just YouTube. In general, if you want to grow on social media and gain lots of followers and engagement then you can utilize other social media platforms as well. Using this tactic you can lure people who have found your videos interesting on other platforms to your YouTube channel. But don’t directly start dumping your YouTube videos on these platforms.

Since different social media have different optimization techniques when it comes to videos and images, chances are your YouTube video may not look as good as you thought it would be. A simple example can be TikTok. It has a vertical video format but YouTube has a horizontal format.

So, instantly there is a disconnect and people may not be wanting to look at your horizontal videos. This means you have to create content that is specific to these platforms. For example, if you upload recipes on YouTube you can readily do the same on TikTok. Just provide culinary tips and tricks and shoot in a vertical format. Similarly, if you want to promote your channel on Instagram use Instagram reels to provide interesting and entertaining content relevant to your channel or brand. Thus, people who like your content on these platforms may check out your YouTube channel for longer videos.

  • Knowing Your Niche

Knowing and understanding one’s niche is quite important when social media marketing and promotion are in consideration. This is because understanding the niche can help people better understand their target audience and start tailoring their content in such a way that it is more attractive to people who belong to those niches. Understanding one’s niche can help in knowing about the target audience. You need to know what their demographic is. This will help you understand what type of videos to make.

Also, knowing your niche can help in making you stick to one type of content rather than uploading a bunch of stuff which are not related. When you are just starting out it is very important that you stick to one niche. People need to start connecting your channel to a particular type of content. This way they know that if they need that kind of video they just need to go to your channel.

  • Keyword Research

As we mentioned before every day hundreds and thousands of creators are uploading their content on YouTube. This means that if you are not careful with how you title your videos then they may get buried in the search results and no one will be able to find it out. This is why keyword research is very important as it has a huge impact on the ranking of your videos. YouTube like Google is a search engine. It analyzes the search patterns of people and then finds out which videos are linked to those searches.

If a search phrase is found as a keyword in the title of a video then the algorithm will most likely rank it higher than other videos which do not have that keyword. So, keyword research is very important. There are various tools that can help you gauge the performance of different keywords. But first, you need to find relevant keywords. You can use YouTube for this. Just type in the phrase that your video is about and see what YouTube is suggesting. The search suggestions that YouTube provides are basically what people are searching for when it comes to that kind of content. So, you can get various keywords by using different phrases. Now, you can use an external tool to analyze the performance of those keywords on YouTube.

  • Catchy Thumbnail and Title

Alright, in the previous tip we talked about keyword research and using decently performing keywords for your search phrase in your video title. While that is quite an important tip you also have to make sure that your video titles are catchy and makes people want to click on your video. Of course, do not lie about the content of the video but still construct the title in such a way that it baits people.

For example, if you make tutorial videos about how to start making passive income then you can title videos as “Do this now if you want $1000 per month!” or “Start earning $1000 (No Experience)”. These kinds of titles just grab the attention of most people who want to start earning money and may not have appropriate experience which is why they are looking at YouTube tutorials.

Besides the title you also need to ensure that the thumbnail of your video is catchy as well. Again, do not trick people by lying about the content but you can of course exaggerate the content a bit. Today, most people just keep scrolling social media unless something grabs their attention. This is where the thumbnail helps. If we take the example from above then one of the obvious, attention-grabbing thumbnails would be to hold a bunch of money with a surprised or excited expression.

  • Interact With Your Viewers

Doesn’t matter if you are a small YouTuber who is just starting out or one who has already made it, interacting with your subscribers and viewers is always going to help your channel in a positive way. People like connecting with creators that they watch on YouTube. You should always take your time out to thank your viewers in your videos and ask them to comment and give feedback. Try to like, and reply to as many comments as you can. This will make your viewers feel connected to you and become a sort of loyal supporter of the channel.

You can also ask your viewers about what kind of videos they wish to see. This can give you an idea of whether you are providing the kind of content your audience is expecting of you while at the same time giving you new ideas for videos. A lot of popular channels do this. Channels that make tutorials or educational videos. Even commentary and reaction channels ask people about what to talk about or react to. This can make people feel included in your creative process. Of course, you shouldn’t only rely on your viewers for content. Come up with entertaining ideas that you are passionate about as well.

  • Video and Audio Quality

Alright, the next tip that we are going to discuss is the quality of the content that you put on your channel. Of course, your content needs to be entertaining but if the quality of the video is not good and people have to attain their ears to hear and understand you then it is more likely that they will not be returning to your channel. So, you have to invest in a good camera and a good microphone. Now, you don’t have to end up buying an expensive camera. You can use your phone camera if it can record HD videos.

Many YouTubers who have millions of subscribers now started recording videos using their phones. But yes, they spent a lot of time editing the videos to make it look good. Also, if you are recording outside, you need to have a good microphone. The lighting of your video matters a lot too. The more comfortable people are at viewing your videos the more is the likelihood of them returning to your channel if you upload more content and they see it in their feed.

So, these were some of the tips that can help you get an idea about what to take care of if you are looking to increase engagement on YouTube. Always, ask your viewers to like, share and comment on your videos and subscribe to your channel. If you want help with social media marketing then you can use the services of various websites. If you feel that artificially boosting stats may help then you can buy YouTube shares, likes, comments, views, subscribers. We have provided a list of some of the best sites to buy YouTube shares. But the organic approach tends to be more helpful in the long run. Be patient as growing on social media takes time. Also, be consistent with the frequency and the quality of your content. We wish you the best.

How to buy YouTube Shares

Now, since social media has become popular millions of people are active on it daily. Also, these days people can earn from social media platforms like YouTube which is why the competition is very high. This is the reason a lot of people find it difficult to promote their content. So, a lot of companies have started providing services to help with social media marketing.

One such service involves boosting the stats of posts or videos. You can buy YouTube shares, likes, comments, subscribers, Instagram followers, likes, comments, Twitter followers, Facebook likes etc. The concept behind this is that more engagement can give you online credibility which can then help you attract more attention from users. If you are looking to buy YouTube shares then you can take the help of the list above which lists the best sites to buy YouTube shares. In this section, we briefly provide you with a couple of things to look out for while purchasing YouTube shares.

  • Be careful while choosing a provider

This is the most important tip of all. You have to be careful about the website or the company with whom you choose to work. Always try to contact the company by dropping them a mail or using the contact form or chat button on the website. Relay them your doubts and queries and understand the method that the company uses to get you the stats.

If there is no risk to your account then you can work them. Now, even though companies promise that the stats come from real accounts it is not the case. But as long as you are able to use the boost to gain more engagement in terms of views, likes, subscribers, etc. you can work with the company.

  • Buy smaller amounts

There are service providers who provide packages that can get you 100k or even 500k stats. You may be tempted to buy these packages and expect your videos to go viral. But don’t do it. If your videos are not picking up a lot of engagement by themselves if a couple of them suddenly have a lot of engagement then things might start looking fishy.

This is why even if you are buying costly and larger packages try to split the stats among multiple videos. But we suggest starting small. Buy a few shares first and see if you are able to use them to your advantage. If it does not work then probably this method is not suitable for you. If it works then you can buy a bigger package.

  • Check the refund and refill policy

Always check the refund and refill policy of the company you are working with. Check the refund period. Also, as we mentioned before it is very hard to find service providers who use real accounts to provide stats chances are you will experience a drop in the stats after you buy them. This is where the refill policy of the company helps as they keep refilling the dropped amount for a certain time period. So, be sure to ask them about the reason for the drops as well as asking them for a refill.

The steps to purchase YouTube shares are very simple. You just have to follow the above tips and be careful about choosing the right website. Then you just have to select the social media platform that you want to grow on. In this case, you will be working with YouTube. Then you have to find the appropriate service you are looking for which in this case is to buy shares for YouTube. Once you find the service choose an appropriate package based on your strategy and budget. Now, choose a payment method and order the service. The delivery generally starts within a few minutes to a few hours.

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