15 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in London

Social media marketing companies

Everyone who uses the internet regularly knows about social media platforms. These are hotspots on the internet that are used by hundreds of millions of people all around the world. The main purpose of these platforms was to connect people. But as these sites became more and more popular they started attracting the attention of big corporations.

Well, if you have a set place where millions of people visit regularly then you can market or advertise products and services to them. A social media agency helps businesses and brands do just that.

It helps them in establishing a powerful presence on social media channels so that it becomes easier to generate leads and increase the conversion rate. This is why these agencies can be quite helpful. Today, we decided to list down some of the best social media agencies in London.

So, if you are looking for social media marketing agencies in London this list can be quite helpful. Many of these companies provide support to international clients as well. Without further adieu, let’s get into the list.

Best Social Media Marketing Companies in London


FullyDigital wants to help businesses that are forward-thinking and want to embrace the technology and undergo digital transformation. The company has lots of experience working in this field. It has worked with companies of different sizes from small startups, scale-ups to already established businesses.

The company helps develop social strategies that can help the client experience commercial growth. The company provides services in three packages Viz. Start, Scale, and Streamline. The start is for brands that want to start gaining speed on social media. This package involves fast-track social strategies focused on creating content that the brand will need and the platforms to post the content. Scale is meant to accelerate the growth of the client and focuses on key performance measures across conversion, engagement, and reach.

The company creates and implements campaigns to reach these targets. Streamline involves perfecting social media management that leads to maximizing the time spent in innovation and creative ideas.

The services that FullyDigital offers to clients include social strategy, content, copywriting, engagement, social PR, Consultancy, Engagement, Media Outreach, Moving Image, Paid Social, Design, Styling, Art Direction, Collaborations, Influencers, Videography, Moving Image, and photography.

FullyDigital works with a budget of $1000 or more. The company has been founded in 2015. So, it has a couple of years of experience. But because it has worked with many clients in those years it is quite adept at solving challenges and delivering effective solutions. If you are looking for social media marketing agencies in London then you can visit FullyDigital.net. You will find more details about the company and the services. The company also provides relevant info about its past projects and clients. You can also get in touch with the support team.


GrowBranding is a company that has been created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. They are serial entrepreneurs and have been involved in several businesses. They had their respective cycle brands that they took to the next level via the use of digital and social media marketing.

Doing this made them better and more adept at handling social promotions and marketing. They realized that good, flexible, agile, and effective agencies that can bring about growth to businesses using digital and social media marketing are very few. This made them create a company called GrowBranding.

The company believes that it is better to work smarter than harder. You do not waste much time and deliver the result. Another value that the company follows is to always be curious and figure out innovative ways to solve problems. They learn things by doing them and are proud of the work that they produce.

The company has a team of experts and professionals that have lots of knowledge and hands-on experience in solving challenges. If you are looking for a social media agency then this is probably a good choice.

So, businesses looking for a social media marketing agency in London can visit the website GrowBranding.io and take a look at the services that it offers. The company works along with the clients and helps them build a better social presence with solid strategies that can help you get a better return on your investment. The services can be divided into organic, paid, ambassador, and creative. Businesses that have a budget of more than a thousand dollars can reach out to the company for a quote. 


If you need a digital marketing growth partner then look no further than the next company on the list, LabelFirm. This is a company that is driven by results. It wants to use its services to ensure that you get effective results for the money that you are investing in the campaign or project.

The company uses various creative and innovative advertising solutions to help scale the business of the client. The company takes its time to understand the customers of the client. Ultimately, it is them who would buy the product or service. Nowadays, since there are so many companies and alternatives that people are constantly overwhelmed by information. This is why most people make purchases on what feels right to them.

Therefore delivering the right kind of message is very important if you want to make more sales. LabelFirm works to capture the core identity of the potential customers and delivers the right message.

The company helps clients adapt better to the market and using its performance foundation approach it helps position the clients uniquely in their advertising. The solutions provided by the company are end-to-end. It provides a complete 360-degree service where it says by your side at every step of digital marketing.

The company’s office is based in London so if you are looking for a social media agency in London reach out to LabelFirm.com. The services provided by LabelFirm include Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn marketing, conversion rate optimization, funnels, and landing pages, and Google ads. When you go for the paid ads services the company promises to deliver results in a couple of months or less. The campaign or project budget needs to be $1000 or more when it comes to LabelFirm. 


This is a company that believes in being transparent and has all the right expertise and experiences to provide marketing services to businesses of different sizes and belonging to different industries. SkyBranding claims to be the top voted social media company in 2019.

The company is based out of London and companies, businesses, and brands looking for social media London can consider this company for their social media needs. It is a result-driven marketing agency that understands that delivering effective solutions and results to clients is quite important. Whatever your digital need may be, the company has probably got you covered. Let’s take a look at the services that the company has to offer to its clients.

You have got content marketing, data and conversions, email marketing, paid ad, social media marketing, and training courses. Each of those is a broad category having specific services within them.

SkyBranding understands that the customers of its clients are probably spending a lot of time online on social media platforms. So, if you want to keep them engaged and get more exposure you have to establish a presence on social media platforms.

The company also provides security services for websites. The tool will crawl your website round-the-clock and find threats. This service can be found under the website section which also has other services like website design, hosting, domains, and web support.

The website of the company is SkyBranding.net. It is a comprehensive and user-friendly website with lots of information. So, if you need to know more details about any of the services or the company itself visit the website. The final y was founded in 2016 and it works on a minimum project budget of $2000. 


If you want a team of marketers, strategists and creatives who are experts in their respective fields and have banded together to provide performance marketing services to clients then one of the social media marketing companies London is Shoutzer. The company has received many awards and accolades from various relevant magazines and institutions because of the results that it delivers by providing effective and efficient marketing to businesses and brands.

It has all four specializations viz. Shopping, search, display, and video. The company is a full-service agency providing all the digital marketing services and marketing services in general that can help you grow your business. It does in-depth research and creates strategies that will work. It continuously provides reports to clients to keep them informed of the processes.

The company started back in 2018 so it has over a decade of experience in handling different scenarios and helping out companies by delivering marketing solutions to them. Initially, it was just a one-man team but today it has grown to include over 22 professionals ready to utilize their skills and experience to provide the best services.

Shoutzer is truly passionate about working with businesses and transforming them. The team focuses on performance and combines critical thinking and problem-solving skills backed by data and research to come up with effective strategies and execute them.

The services provided by the company that you will find on the website Shoutzer.com are digital strategy, paid search search engine optimization, display, video, social advertising, e-commerce marketing and performance creative. Shoutzer works with a minimum project size of over a thousand dollars or more. The company has received a lot of positive reviews from its clients. 


COAL has a simple motto. It wants to help clients take their business to the next level by making more sales. So from a client’s perspective, the company is a group of salespeople trying to market and promote the products and services of the company or to create brand awareness.

The company takes a look at the challenges and problems faced by the client. It then uses research and data and insights to create powerful marketing solutions that work. Companies looking to make their business more successful or looking for social media companies London can take a look at this company.

The official website of the company is wearecoal.co.uk. You can visit the website for much more information on the company and the services offered by it. The company is known for its creativity and the strategy that it crafts to help the organizations not only meet their goals but also exceed them. The company has worked with many different companies with varying budgets coming from various industries.

This is why the company is quite adept at handling different challenges and delivering the projects effectively. The company has put on its website a list of the various companies and brands that it has worked with in the past.

You can check out the list and see how the company has handled the different challenges. It can help you understand if the company will be a perfect fit for you. The company provides a plethora of services to clients. Let’s take a look at some of them.

In social media marketing, the company provides social media strategy, community management, content marketing, paid social advertising etc. The company doesn’t work for lower budgets. The minimum project size that it handles is around $50k. 


The next company on this list specializes in data-led communications. It is quite adept at handling challenges in industries related to food and drink and hospitality and travel. So, if your business belongs to those industries then PALM might be a good fit for you.

The main areas of focus for the company are social media, public relations and digital advertising. It has been over a decade since the company first started. In those 10 years, the company has garnered a lot of knowledge and experience to handle different types of problems and deliver effective solutions and campaigns. The company is based in Londo so that businesses and brands looking for social media companies in London can get in touch with PALM or visit the website palm-pr.com.

PALM has received various awards and accolades from esteemed magazines and organizations in this field. The company has a team that has a thorough understanding of media and how the different industries work and how to make a good promotion strategy. It works on integrating all the services into one strategic vision.

This makes the campaigns much more impactful and increases the power of the various forms of marketing. The clients that work with the company will get impactful real-world results that can help grow their business by either driving more traffic, making more sales, increasing distribution etc.

The website of the company is palm-pr.com. It has a nice design and provides a good user experience. You can check out the case studies that the company has provided on the website. These studies are on projects that the company has worked on and delivered successfully in the past. The minimum order size that the company works with is $10k and the hourly rate varies between $100 and $149.

100 Pound Social

100 Pound Social is a company whose headquarters is located in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2017 and has been working with various businesses for over 4 years. Besides, Herefordshire the company also has offices in various locations across the UK. Any company looking for social media marketing London can reach out to 100 Pound Social as it provides a variety of services related to this.

The company works regularly with over 160 companies in the UK and internationally. For just £100 per month, you can start a plan with this company that can help with the growth of your business. If you are in two minds about the company, you can check out the company’s services in detail and know more about the company.

You can also set up a demo call with the company and get an idea about the plans that it provides. The industries that the company generally deals with include consulting, e-commerce, finance, FinTech and Accounting, food and drink, health and wellness, information and technology, medical and healthcare, Risk and compliance, software as a service, marketing agencies etc.

You can go to the industries section to get the list of industries. You can click on the industries individually to see the past work that 100 Pound Social has done in that industry.

The company also provides various plans related to social media. There’s a lead generation plan for LinkedIn which costs £299 per month. The company also has a £100 plan where the company helps you with social media postings. Try to opt for the demo call to get more ideas about these services. Visit the website 100poundsocial.com to get in touch with the company.


Ceek is one of the social media marketing agencies in London. The company provides digital marketing and social media consultancy services. The landscape of digital marketing is such that it keeps on changing. This can be quite difficult for many companies as they may not be always prepared and it is hard to keep up with the latest trends and profitable practices.

This problem can be solved by outsourcing digital marketing. You do not have to do it yourself but rather you can invest the budget in some other company which does it for you. Ceek is a company that deals with digital marketing outsourcing and is passionate about it.

Though it was small with a few members when it started in 2016 it has grown over five years and expanded its team to consists of experts and professionals from almost all fields of digital marketing.

Ceek understands it can be hard to create digital marketing campaigns that are not only effective but cost-efficient as well. But with Ceek you do not have to worry as it has the experience of helping start-ups and big firms.

So, it can create campaigns that are effective for businesses of all sizes. It has the diverse industry experience and uses cutting-edge technologies to solve the challenges of the clients. You will get dedicated specialists working for your cause coming up with strategic approaches to improve the engagement of your clients.

The company provides social media marketing services, influencer marketing, web development, paid targeting, content and creative, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. The project size that the company works with starts at $1000. Its hourly rate is $150 to $199. This is one of the companies that provide social media marketing London. 

The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer is a social media marketing agency in London. It is a company that is focused on providing quality services to companies of small to medium sizes. The people who work at the company are passionate about their work and are always looking forward to working with businesses in creating an impact with their customers. If your revenue is less than $10M then this company can be a good fit for you as it cares about providing affordable and flexible marketing to its clients.

The company likes to be transparent and honest with the clients and forge a good relationship with them. It was frustrated by the lack of companies that provide good quality services when it came to digital marketing and the approaches of the existing companies used were not up to the mark either.

They made promises but never really delivered real results. But that is not going to happen when you work with The Good Marketer. The company will deliver on the promises and provide quality services to the brands and businesses it works with. The services provided by the company include pay-per-click advertising, social media advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing, website development, digital strategy, and conversion rate optimization.

You can visit the website of the company thegoodmarketer.co.uk to know more about these services and to book a call with the company. The company handles project sizes starting from a budget of $1000. It quotes the hourly rate of $50 to $99. The company was founded in 2017 and has over 4 years of experience in this field. 

Appetite Creative Solution

If you want to work with a company that can provide you with world-class digital experiences then one of the best companies to check out is Appetite Creative Solution. The company provides connected packaging, branding, website design and development, playable advertising, ad formats, video production and social media marketing. The company has won multiple awards for the quality of the services that it provides.

It is a creative technology company that has been passionate about bringing advertising to life and using innovation and creativity to deliver powerful and impactful results to clients. The company helps in connecting brands and businesses directly with their intended audiences.

The solutions that the company creates are backed by technology and data to deliver audiences to the companies it works with. Appetite Creative Solution works to ensure that its client stands out and delivers the right message to the target audience using the latest tech.

The company has worked with many clients from small companies to established brands so it has a plethora of experience spanning different industries. It works with a minimum project budget of over $5000 and the hourly rate of the company varies in the range of $100 to $149. 

Our Own Brand

Our Own Brand is a company that is based out of London. It was founded in 2018 and the three years that the company has existed it has managed to provide quality solutions to many businesses and brands and has received awards and recognition for its work.

The company specialises in delivering clever creative to start-ups and brands that are bold and want to stand out of the crowd and get heard. Our Own Brand has many professional experts that are ready to push the boundaries and take the clients out of their comfort zone and land them in a position where anything can be possible. The company works with 60 clients in over 14 countries.

It has 4 agency partners. The project budget that it works with is $5k or more. The company provides branding, social media marketing and video production solutions to clients. Most of its clientele is small to medium-sized businesses. Visit ourownbrand.co for more info on the company and its services. 


Favoured us a company that was founded in 2017 by an Apple marketer. The company specialises in providing multi-channel marketing that can deliver effective results and solutions to clients. It has received a lot of recognition as the top B2B company and the top advertising and marketing agency in 2020. It has received a lot of positive reviews from clients.

Favoured provides digital marketing that you can measure. Its services are data-driven and are customized to the client’s needs. So, each client is treated individually and their problem is assessed and the needs and requirements extracted. This helps the company create solutions that are tailored to the requirements of the clients.

Taking out key information and learnings from the data and the insights the company builds a multi-channel marketing campaign that will align smoothly with your business goals and provide you with a wide reach and more exposure all over the online world.

The company doesn’t want to stop there. It wants to propel your company to the forefront of the customers’ minds by utilizing the data to come up with creative and unique strategies by conducting extensive analysis and auditing. The company believes in quality over quantity. It understands that you need the best people to deliver quality and it has them.

The services that the company provides include marketing, content and creative, content marketing, micro-influencer marketing, advertising, web design, video and motion graphics, branding guidelines, email marketing, search marketing, copywriting, long-form content and graphic design.

The company works with a minimum budget of around $5k and has a rate of $100 to $149 per hour. You can go to favoured.co.uk to know more about the company and its services and to get in touch.


Propeller is a company that believes in developing strong customer relationships. It knows that the world is changing rapidly as digital innovations and technology changes occur. But a strong client relationship will stay for long. The offices of the company are located in London and New York. Propeller is a social media company that you can reach out to if you want your digital problems to be solved.

It is very adept at formulating plans and creating strategies that facilitate growth for the clients. The company has worked with many businesses and brands and has become the strategic partners for many too restaurants, hotels, luxury e-commerce brands, pioneering businesses and clubs. The company likes to keep evolving and changing with time.

It has an Instagram page that you can check out if you want to know what’s the latest change or update when it comes to the workings of the company. The skills that the company possesses is focused on the fields of UX and creative, Shopify and e-commerce, website development and digital marketing.

They also provide various other services including social media marketing, digital marketing and strategy, search engine marketing, email marketing, WordPress development, online content and search engine optimization. The company was founded in 2000.

It is over a couple of decades old and has amassed a lot of experience in working with many different companies from different industries and fields. The minimum project size that the company works with is $10k. The hourly rate is $100 to $149. You can visit the website of the company propeller.co.uk to know more about the services. You can use the ‘say hello’ button to reach the support team and get your queries answered. 

Casual Films

The last company on this list is Casual Films. Though a lot of companies provide videography as one of the social media services Casual Films is a company that specialises in video production. It is a social media marketing agency that has been working in this field for over 14 years and has in-depth knowledge on how to use video production so that it is beneficial for the client’s company and business.

Casual Films has a unique approach to generate content using the skills and expertise of its team. The generated content is meant to bring about effective results for the brands or businesses that the company is working with. The approach of the company is unique and it has named it Ariel. That’s a trademark name for the approach the company uses for production.

The team at the company is very adept at doing production work. They are with the client throughout the process and help them by providing agile and flexible customer service. The entire workflow has been optimized and made efficient. Now, everything happens such that the creativity is maximised, production is streamlined and the delivery is guaranteed.

With this approach, the company has worked with many big and established brands providing them with high-quality production. Some of the focus areas can be marketing, explaining, recruiting, training etc.

You can visit the website of the company, casualfilms.com. The company has provided their back catalogue to make it easier for people to search for specific scenarios and understand how the company can deal with them. You can filter by subject matter, business objective and video type. We suggest you visit the website to know more about the services the company provides or get in touch with the company.

social media marketing companies in london


So, that concludes our list of social media companies in London. These companies have the right expertise and experience to handle different budgets. We suggest going through the list and picking out the companies whose websites seemed more friendly and whose responsiveness to your queries and doubts are quicker and more satisfactory. Once you have such a list of companies you can request proposals from them. Sometimes going with the cheapest option may not be the best.

But do respect your budgetary constraints. Request for a video proposal or some sort of a small meet-up so that you can get an idea about how things are going to be. Hiring such companies is more like forming partnerships.

This is because you are handing over the growth of your business to another company. So, work with a company with your interest in mind and choose to work with you and provide you with excellent results. We wish you all the best.

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