15 Must-Buy Gifts for the Holiday Season

Tired of spending hours researching products to buy for friends and family during the holiday season? Well, here at Influencive we’ve been able to curate a list of products that are not only budget-conscious but also very functional for a wide range of the people on your list this holiday season. 

We have gifts and gadgets we’ve come across that make amazing stocking stuffers or even better presents for those holiday Christmas parties. You might even find a gift on here for that long-lost cousin on your list.

We’ve partnered with the companies behind these products and they’ve agreed to make sure our readers here at Influencive get some great deals on the products so rest assured that you’re gonna find some great deals.

Check out this year’s hottest gifts for the holidays!

1. Bluetooth earbuds at a price that is affordable.

Wireless earbuds are seriously a gamechanger. The problem until now has been that most wireless earbuds are extremely expensive and not thinking of the budget-conscious student or consumer. These ones are called PlayBeatz and they address this problem. Their both sleek and stylish and a must-have gift for the holidays.

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2. The best user-friendly drone on the market

Drones are a great gift for a wide range of people or businesses on your list this year. This particular model called the DroneX is a great starter drone that comes at a comfortable price but allows the end-user to actually use the functionalities easily.

Everyone thinks operating a drone is tough and this one is great for kids, dads, moms, or even grandmas who want to take advantage of those killer panoramic photos and videos you keep seeing people take.

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3. The new sleeker stylish wallet

The ID Pro Shield is the wallet for the present and the future entrepreneurs because it packs a lot of punch into a small frame. A money clip, cardholder, RFID blocker, and a strong carbon frame make this wallet an easy buy for the man on your list. Most men these days carry cards and small amounts of cash so this sleek and stylish wallet is an easy buy.

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4. Be safe no matter where you are driving.

Ever found yourself with a flat tire on the side of the road? The Roadside Safety Disc gives your loved ones the gift of preparation via ultra-bright safety discs that apply magnetically to your car’s bumper, hood, or doors. Great for literally every person on your list, because safety should be #1.

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5. Back up your pics without plugging in your phone.

This little device is legendary because it allows you to back up all those photos you and your friends are taking. This device is called “The PhotoStick Mobile” and it plugs into your phone’s charging port using a free app to automatically sync all of your photos and videos. The best part is that it works on Android and Apple devices like the iPhone and iPads.

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6. Traveling to a foreign country? This is what you need!

How many times have you found yourself in a foreign country not able to speak the native language? Well, that won’t happen any more thanks to the Pocket Translator. This gadget translates between 40 languages in real-time. Just speak into the device and get an audio translation a second later. This is a must-have gift for the globetrotter on your list.

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7. A great tool for that DIY’er on the list.

Do you happen to have some frayed chords laying around that aren’t usable? Bondic is a proprietary “liquid plastic” formula that bonds basically any material together. This formula can work on metal, ceramics glass, wood, plastic, and more.

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8. Give a boost to your computer’s performance.

Xtra-PC is a tiny USB drive once plugged into your computer that helps speeds it up. Waiting for those web pages or documents to load isn’t going to have to wait much longer with this new tool. By simply restarting your PC with the USB drive inserted, it bypasses your current system that is slow to use its lightning-fast Linux-based operating system. What else can it do? Xtra-PC can also help you recover files from your computer. 

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9. Time to verify what’s wrong with your car.

We drive our vehicles everywhere these days and there has to be a better way to know whats going on under the hood. That’s where FIXD comes in. All you have to do is just plug FIXD into your car’s OBD port to reveal what’s wrong on your smartphone through an app. Now you can actually start verifying if what the mechanic is telling you needs fixing actually needs to be fixed.

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10. A device that kills odor, mold, and allergens without chemicals.

Do you know someone on your list that suffers from seasonal allergies? This clever device called the Plug N Pure releases a stream of negatively charged ions that destroys pollutants. Think of it like an air purifier that you can use by plugging into the wall. It’s important that the air we all breathe each day is clean and clear of pollutants so this is a great stocking stuffer for that germ conscious person on your list.

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11. A flashlight built to withstand anything.

It’s usually in a situation when we need something like a flashlight that we tell ourselves why don’t we have one of these? This is the case with flashlights. So instead of hoping you had one or that your child or grandma has one in that time of need. This is easily one of the best flashlights on the market to get them this holiday season.

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12. Dealing with chronic pain? These socks will help.

A new revolutionary brand called DocSocks has designed a pair of socks that have different compression zones to disperse pressure and provide relief to a sore back, feet and knees. So during those times when you or your loved ones are complaining of chronic pain, the DocSocks are a great present to purchase.

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13. Locate your lost purse, keys, or anything really.

Losing anything is a nightmare. Now a new device allows us to find anything with only a few taps. XY Find It is a small tag that can be attached to your keychain or other possession to make it instantly trackable. Through an app, XY Find It shows you where your item is on a map. It can even ring your phone if it happens to be silent.

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14. Make any WiFi signal stronger.

Every house or business seems to have a spot where the WiFi signal is just slow. Sometimes changing routers isn’t the answer and its a constant headache to have a slow WiFi signal. The WiFi UltraBoost is a small device that plugs into an outlet and repeats your WiFi signal to the problem areas within your house or business. This is a great gift for those tech-heavy people on your list that can’t stand a slow internet connection.

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15. No more warm beer for the holidays.

The days of having your beer turn warm in 20 minutes are hopefully dwindling with this great invention. The 1Hydro Can surrounds a beer can or bottle with a double-walled powder-coated shell that is vacuumed sealed that can keep the can cold for hours. And it adds a stylish look to your can so no one knows what’s actually in the can you choose to drink. Tailgating anyone?

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