18 Extraordinary Women You Need to Know Now

The world is full of extraordinary women. Personally, I meet them everywhere. Without fail, I am consistently inspired by their stories, tenacity and abilities to create. Here are a few of the women I’ve come across in my journey that you need to know.

1. Sabrina Dax is not just a Publicist. Sabrina is a masterful storyteller and relationship builder extraordinaire. Sabrina goes to great lengths to thoroughly understand her clients in order to craft their message, allowing their stories to be told both regionally and nationally. Sabrina’s masterful communication and passion for accelerating her clients’ public exposure makes her a woman you need to know.

2. Brittany Hoffman uses her brilliant mind to create unprecedented success and growth for entrepreneurs using digital media and personal branding. After working under Gary Vaynerchuk for several years, Brittany has ventured out on her own. Fed and fueled by helping entrepreneurs share their message in a bigger and more strategic way. Brittany’s expansive creativity coupled with her decisive strategy makes her a woman you need to know.

3. As a ‘soul-preneur,’ Jen Mavros’ mission is to love humanity forward, and you can feel it the second you get into her field. She is an astounding vessel of love. I had the opportunity to experience one of her meditations in October – it was pure and utter blissful heart opening. Jen is a woman you need to know because of her ability to stir your soul.

4. Vicki Saunders is fiercely determined to shift the funding situation for female-led startups. Currently, women only receive 2% of the available venture capital, despite owning 38% of the businesses and achieving greater success in business. To flip the script on this narrative, Vicki began a movement of Radical Generosity to gather women in developing a rolling fund to support female entrepreneurs. It is because of the #RadicalGenerosity sweeping the world that Vicki is a woman you need to know.

5. Cherie Aimée is a thriving survivor. From dying for 90 minutes, to living with a bionic heart for 5 years, to healing from a heart transplant, Cherie is a total powerhouse. She now uses her power to activate the power within others. Cherie is passionate about building and using one’s personal brand as a leadership platform, as well as creating inner resilience. It is her ability to turn her near-death tragedy into thriving impact that makes Cherie a woman you need to know.

6. Grief has been Laura Kelly’s way of life. From losing her dad at age 2, then her mom, then both of her breasts, Laura has spent her entire life grieving and healing. And yet, through all of this, she is incredibly positive and able to see the world around her happening for her instead of to her. Her compassionate ability to heal herself and support others through their grief process makes her a woman you need to know.

7. Jessica Geist is a student of psychology, mindset and hypnotherapy. She is committed to helping women uncover, reprogram and upgrade their brain from unworthiness into confidence, success and abundance. She is passionate about habit creation and uses the rules of the brain to support lasting change. It is her ability to bend people’s minds that makes her a woman you need to know.

8. Suzanne Strong is a master of visual medium. When she picks up a camera—still or film—and looks through the lens, she transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Her eye for beauty in the unusual, in the simple and in the everyday blows my mind. Her images are regularly featured by VSCO and I happen to have sat in front of her camera—scroll down to the bottom of the article to see. Suzanne’s vision and creativity is a force to be reckoned with and makes her a woman you need to know.

9. Erika De La Cruz, Red Carpet and Television Host, is by far the most incomprehensibly positive and optimistic person I have ever met. For Erika, every day is a beautiful adventure in life. And that’s not to say that she doesn’t experience suffering, loss and disappointment. She does—I know because I’ve been in it with her—and yet, she chooses to remain positive, see the light in everything and allow life to support her. Erika’s ability to create happiness and good juju despite the circumstances she’s facing is what makes her a woman you need to know.

10. Laurie Brucker is a stylist with the mostest, but it’s about so much more than that. Laurie has the deep heart combining style with empowerment—what she has dubbed ‘Stylepowerment’. Her style advice creates possibility and helps women embody the confidence that promotes personal growth and achievement. Laurie’s moto of “people first, style second” is what makes her a woman you need to know.

11. Jaclyn Mullen is one of those people who you can tell the wheels are always spinning in her mind. A brilliant marketing whiz, Jaclyn’s approach to marketing and entrepreneurship is very unique. She shies away from quick fix methods, builds marketing strategies to tap into feelings and places a heavy focus on connecting with people. Plus, she is utterly loyal. Jaclyn’s ability to creatively flow with marketing ideas on the fly makes her a woman you need to know.

12. Alex Wehrley is a Host, Writer and Producer. Her company, Empowerista, helps women advance through community and educational content. Alex is an advocate for female leaders and actively helps work toward equanimity. She tells the stories of impactful women to support women in rising together. Alex is a woman you need to know because of her selfless ability to showcase other women in the media and beyond.

13. Cheryl Sutherland is passionate about helping people live bolder and more authentic lives by using applicable and time-tested tools. She makes motivation and habit building fun with motivational sticky notes, a transformation inducing journal, vibration shifting water bottle labels and ass-kicking mirror decals. Cheryl’s ability to remind people who they really are is what makes her a woman you need to know.

14. Tawnya Faulkner is the proprietress of the French sparkling wine company, Le Grand Courtâge. She developed the brand to embody Joie de Vivre and celebrate life’s simple moments. Tawnya is a straight-up badass, negotiating ingenious ways for Le Grand Courtâge to make its way to the top of the marketplace. In 2016, Tawnya attempted a round of funding which resulted in successful raising $2-million for the expansion of Le Grand Courtâge. Tawnya’s entrepreneurial acumen and tenacity make her a woman you need to know.

15. Saren Stiegel is a worldly innovator and change maker. As founder of The Glow Effect, she has concurrently created both a business and a social enterprise. She provides training to empower women of the Western cultures, while also concurrently providing leadership training to women and girls in underprivileged women and girls in developing communities.  Saren has an ability to see and create new leadership structures for women in the world. Her commitment to empower herself while she empowers others is what makes Saren a woman you need to know.

16. Libby Crow has an ability to make seemingly complicated business operations feel incredibly simple and attainable. She takes all the ‘yuk’ out of planning and implementing business processes. Libby combines a little swagger with a lot of soul to live as the human sparkler that she is in the world. It’s this beautiful intersection and blend of structure and heart that makes Libby a woman you need to know.

17. Debbie Page is the most consistent and authentic supporter of women I have ever met. Debbie is passionate about creating deeper and more sustainable economic freedom for women. No matter the financial challenges you have faced in your business, she’s likely been there. Her commitment to guiding entrepreneurs into sustainable, profitable and scalable businesses is what makes Debbie a woman you need to know.

18. Kristin Keen’s mission is to renew hope, reignite dreams and release potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business. She began by building relationships with women on the street and making prison visits. After a few years, this transitioned into creating a safe, supportive work environment where women could learn new skills while experiencing continued healing through community. She recently launched a partnership with Southwest Airlines to repurpose the leather from the old airline seats for a line of leather jewelry and accessories. Kristin’s visionary advocacy is what makes her a woman you need to know.

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