21-Year-Old Digital Marketer An Pei Proves That Nobody Is Too Young to Succeed

Knowing about the rapid growth of the digital marketing sector and the rise of the many entrepreneurs and professionals employed in it still feels very unreal. They are the ones who put the innovation on the table and rise above others by doing the uncommon, for the better, disrupting the norms of their respective fields. Doing the same in the digital industry is An Pei, who today, through his tireless efforts and hard work, has created an exclusive program for others to benefit from. Pei is a young, well-known coach and digital marketer. He dropped out of school at 19, claiming that one doesn’t need a college degree to pursue a well-paid career. “You don’t need to get any degree or go to a 4-year school to get into a high-end career, me and countless students are living proof and have nothing to do with “luck companies want people with skills and not degrees.” He says. Pei is a self-taught entrepreneur who had mentors to get him to start his journey at an early age rather than wasting years seeking a job at the entry-level. Within 6 months of dropping out of college, by just learning career & digital skills, he successfully made past 6 figures at 21, without any degree or certificates.

While working at numerous large marketing companies and businesses, he learned to market, which helped him to manage his customers. Currently, he’s the founder of ‘The Digital Agent System Course’, also known as CareerDigitized.com. Which is a digital marketing course that was developed by Pei to teach people how to get a job in the digital marketing sector. He goes through several different marketing avenues in this course, including digital marketing fundamentals, how to get paid $10,000+ a month, how to bargain for a six-figure, digital marketing wage, advanced Facebook advertising, advanced SEO, advanced Email Marketing, Word Press, etc. Pei describes in thorough detail each of these and also talks about each marketing channel’s history, why they’re so in demand, if they’re going to be around in 10-20 years, and so much more.

 Furthermore, as he works in the industry, he frequently updates the course with new digital marketing strategies, the amount of value he provides in the curriculum helps students land 6 figure jobs and gives them every opportunity possible. He also guides individuals through the process of attracting customers on the client-side of things and records it on camera for their later use.

For young entrepreneurs thriving in the digital marketing sector, Pei’s advice is, “Learn from a mentor like me, who has done it already, I made a lot of mistakes that would’ve saved me tonnes of time and I want to now pass it down to new people who want to get started and find a well-paying career without being in debt.” As a Digital Marketing Specialist and Mentor, there’s no denying that Pei has made a name for himself in the industry. He has won many awards, boosting companies to pass 8 figures using his marketing strategy, proving that when it comes to making millions online, he knows what he’s doing.

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