22-year-old Influencer M.Bala Bhargavi Sets the Internet on Fire With her Excellent Content

Social media has indeed changed the life of many people. In this modern era, being an internet star is not only a profitable career but also a profession which boosts popularity like no other profession. M.Bala Bhargavi, a 22-year old girl has made a successful career as a social media influencer. The internet personality besides having more than 950 thousand followers on Instagram has had a family of 10 million followers on TikTok. Started TikTok in 2018, she grabbed everyone’s attention with a trending video called ‘Ranu Ranu’.

M.Bala Bhargavi since a very early age loved acting and dancing and social media has been the ultimate platform for her to showcase these skills. Known for her funny behaviour and easy to go personality, Bhanu in a time of two years has smashed the internet with having garnered millions of followers.

Enthralling everyone with her dance videos and funny concept-based videos, the content creator has also been a popular name on YouTube. Bhanu has got more than 120K subscribers on YouTube which is going strong. However, she aims to become a successful businesswoman.

The influencer reveals that she shot to fame because of her unique content on social media. Along with her career as a content creator, she is interested to start a business of her own. Speaking about her incredible career so far, she said, “Blessings are what I count when I look back at my journey. I believe anything can happen in life and its all about trusting the timing of life. The internet which has given me fans have always motivated me to create content which is not only entertaining but also has a relevant message for society.”

She further stated that social media is a very powerful platform with a huge audience. Every influencer is trying their best to entertain the audience. “I believe people have a strenuous work schedule and my goal is to entertain them with some out of the box yet informative videos”, added M.Bala Bhargavi.

Apart from this, the influencer has also been creating different videos of beauty, travel, fashion and much more for her audience. All we would want to say is that Bhanu in less than 2 years has inspired many young minds with her creativity and she continues to dominate the internet with her innovative content across different social media platforms.

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