25 Reasons Entrepreneurship is Freakin Amazing

entrepreneurship is amazing

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. The media loves to focus on the billion dollar acquisitions and the success stories, but anyone knee-deep in entrepreneurship knows that it’s a very bumpy and stressful ride.

It takes drive, determination and persistence to win at this game. I failed more times than I can count before I went on to launch my first marketing agency. If I quit the first, second, or even fifth time I got knocked down, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I spent years failing, but each failure taught me something that I took with me to the next attempt.

Fast forward to today and that original agency I founded has evolved into a successful performance-based operation. We launched a stand-alone influencer marketing agency and have several consumer brands rolling out this year, with the first already hitting the market—a teeth whitening product line.

I work more than 60 hours a week so I don’t have to work 40 hours.

Insane? Maybe.

Would I change it? Not a chance.

Being an entrepreneur is amazing for several reasons, starting with these twenty-five.

1. No Ceilings or Limitations

There is nothing standing in your way. This allows you to envision, create and disrupt as you desire. Some of the most innovative and successful startups began as a crazy idea—and had a founder crazy enough to go for it.

2. Your Passion Becomes a Source of Income

You must earn a living somehow, so why not do something you absolutely love. There isn’t a better feeling than knowing you can make a living doing something you truly love. I can promise you that not many entrepreneurs are posting, “Ughh I hate Mondays” on social media like the majority of the 9-to-5 crowd.

3. Your Effort Dictates Your Reward

If you want it bad enough, you need to be willing to work harder than anyone else. There will be competitors that will have more money or deeper connections, but there is one thing nobody can beat you in—effort.

4. Constant Education

We are always learning a lesson, and sometimes it’s the hard way. Whether positive or negative, they are priceless lessons you won’t learn anywhere else.

5. Freedom to Pivot

When you are in control, you have the ability to pivot. Consumer needs change—smart businesses pivot and adjust in order to continue to thrive.

6. Make a Difference in Your Community

Being an entrepreneur gives us the ability to directly impact your community or industry by introducing a service or product that people use and enjoy.

7. You Get to Work Alongside Intelligent Minds

Throughout your journey, you will meet extremely intelligent people from every corner of the world. Some of these business relationships will develop in person, and some will develop virtually through email.

8. Personal Growth

Being an entrepreneur forces you to grow in several areas. It tests everything from your mental toughness to your personal relationships. There is a degree of satisfaction when you look back and see how far you have come as an individual.

9. Leave the Suit and Tie in the Closet

I hate dressing up. I donated all of my suits and ties to an organization that helps individuals get back out in the working world.

10. You Control Your Own Destiny

You don’t have to worry about someone else making decisions that can jeopardize your job. You steer the ship, and you make the calls that impact the success or failure of the business.

11. No Educational Barriers

You don’t need a fancy piece of paper to start a business. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs were dropouts—high school and college. A classroom can’t teach what you need to be as an entrepreneur. You either have it inside you or you don’t.

12. Giving Back

Through your business, you have the ability to support local organizations, donate to charities close to your heart or simply donate your time and knowledge. Knowing you are helping make a difference, no matter in what capacity, is a great feeling.

13. Ability to Work from Anywhere

Thanks to technology, you can operate a business from any corner of the world. You can build an amazing team without an office and manage a large operation from a laptop while traveling the world. There are no limitations.

14. Age Is Just a Number

You are never too young or too old to start a business and experience success. From high school students to those nearing retirement age, being an entrepreneur is within reach.

15. It’s the Biggest Challenge You Will Ever Encounter

Growing a business and knowing that the livelihood of those working for you is a massive weight on your shoulders and a challenge that will undoubtedly present you with many obstacles along the way.

16. You Get to Be a Dreamer

When you are an entrepreneur, those dreams you have are no longer crazy. The biggest goals and wildest dreams are all within reach.

17. You Join a Close-knit Family

Business is competitive, but the entrepreneurial community is like a big family. I’ve found there are several communities and organizations that are full of like-minded individuals willing to offer advice and a support system to fellow entrepreneurs.

18. You Will Never Have a Boring Day

My to-do list is always full, and there is never a day where I am struggling to find something to do. Aside from busy work, entrepreneurs are constantly presented with new opportunities and exciting endeavors. We get to experience things that most do not.

19. You Become a Role Model

Not everyone has it in them to be an entrepreneur—or at least that’s what they think. You get to inspire and motivate those that look up to you. Just think, you could be responsible for inspiring someone to go on and create something that changes the world we live in.

20. Non-Stop Adrenaline

When you set lofty goals and then reach or exceed them, there is no greater rush. Entrepreneurs feed off the rush, and it makes us want to constantly set the bar higher and higher.

21. You Have the Ability to Create a Legacy

Brands like Apple and Google are iconic. Their founders have created a legacy that they will be remembered. The idea of leaving behind a legacy serves as motivation—sometimes more so than financial gains.

22. Luck Isn’t Part of the Success Equation

You can be successful without being lucky. Those that blame luck on their success are just searching for an excuse. Many people confuse hard work with luck.

23. Nobody to Report To

If you want to make a change that you believe will help your business, then go ahead. There is nobody to stop you. No approval is needed. While it can be very stressful, it can also be very satisfying.

24. The Satisfaction of Knowing You Built Something from Scratch

“This is mine. I built this.” While being an entrepreneur is far from an easy path, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to say those words.

25. It Feeds Our Competitive Nature

Entrepreneurs are a competitive species. We thrive on self-improvement and growth, whether it’s closing more sales than yesterday or scaling revenue month-after-month.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty more reasons why entrepreneurship is amazing . Drop yours in the comments section below or reach out to me via social media and let me know why you love being an entrepreneur.

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