26 Year Old Businessman Derrick Coleman Shares his Secrets for Leaving a Paycheck to Paycheck Lifestyle Behind to Prosper in Entrepreneurship

Derrick Coleman

A paycheck to paycheck lifestyle is common amongst American households, where traditions are set and often followed without consideration for alternatives due to a busy lifestyle that leaves little opportunity to venture off the beaten path.

For the 26-year-old entrepreneur and business coach Derrick Coleman, making his own rules and earning his income on his own terms was essential to the lifestyle he envisioned for his future. After achieving those goals for himself, Derrick is now helping others achieve it too. Here’s how!

Born in Louisiana and raised in Alabama, Derrick’s first employment was working at Chuck E Cheese during his junior year of high school. After his secondary education, Derrick enlisted in the US Army where he served for 3 and a half years.

During his time in the army, Derrick completed Emergency Medical Technician training to become an EMT. With a breadth of skills under his belt, upon leaving the army Derrick was unsure about how best to proceed to apply his knowledge.

To get started he decided to stay in North Carolina, working at a vape shop until the opportunity of network marketing was presented to him in 2019.

Always an independent, business-minded leader who excels in communication, Derrick knew he could use this platform to create the opportunity to become his own boss while making an impact on people who are looking for new and unconventional ways to earn income.

Derrick has created his own organization called Saig Investments focused on utilizing education to empower individuals to forge their own paths, instead of getting stuck in the situation of completing their education, struggling with debt, and working in a field outside of what they studied for.

When discussing the concept behind Saig Investments, Derrick says:

“As a whole, we’re here to inform and educate people on the untraditional idea that you don’t have to just work a nine to five. There are other options. We all have the same 24 hours, but it’s how you’re utilizing those hours that differentiates us.

The ultimate goal is to take these new income-generating skills that are being taught, and apply them to start your own business or organization, or master the skill of trading, and eventually have the freedom to live life as you choose, and not be confined to a nine to five employment that restricts when you can travel, or the amount of time you have in the day to do the things you love”.

To date, Derrick’s business is spread across the globe, with business partners in the US and Canada and as far as Jordan and Australia. In addition to managing and growing his team, Derrick hosts training calls via zoom consisting of over 1000 people where he shares his market analysis and does live trading in the financial markets.

A huge part of Derrick’s mission in building his business is creating an inclusive culture, where although people are in different parts of the world, they still have a feeling of connection through a shared experience. Having a learning disability himself, Derrick understands that everyone processes information differently, at different speeds, and requires different levels of guidance and mentorship to succeed.

A major goal for Derrick is to ensure that he is there for his team, giving them the one-on-one attention they need to fully grasp the information presented to utilize it to its full potential.

In addition to helping his team achieve their financial goals, a family dynamic where help is always given when needed is what Derrick strives to create within his organization. Mentorship to achieve personal goals is equally as important to Derrick and he personally takes it upon himself to fill in the gaps where his team may be having difficulty in order to ensure retention and positive results are seen across the board.

When discussing how he sets himself apart from other mentors by his willingness to go above and beyond for his team, Derrick says:

“When I started this business I really stopped thinking about myself and started focusing on the other people who I’m working with. You have to recognize and remember that people do have a life outside of this business, so not everybody can always tap in the way that they want to because of other obligations.

So if I’m being the best leader I can possibly be, that means I’m taking responsibility to ensure that they’re getting the education they need. For example, if they miss a call then I’m responsible to give them the information that they missed.

A lot of people forget that we do have a responsibility to the people who we bring into our business, we almost have their future success in our hands, they’re trusting us with that, and to keep people wanting to continue to do business with you, you need to make sure that you are making the experience the best possible for them”.

Derrick’s success starts with a structured daily routine, waking up at 3 in the morning to start his trading day, analyzing the markets and looking for possible trade setups, and doing his live trading calls through zoom.

Derrick places a big focus in his day on calling his team, asking each person “what do you need from me to become a better leader to assist you in the goals that you want to be achieved”? On Saturday evenings, Derrick has a meeting with his team to encourage family-style culture and connectedness with people in different parts of the world.

As Saig Investments continues to grow, Derrick is prospering both financially and personally, showing the masses that the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck can be broken, and bringing his team with him on his journey to the top. His best advice for the aspiring entrepreneur? Keep going!

“Keep your why at the forefront of everything that you do. Your why should make you cry – it’s what will keep you going. And when others criticize you or tell you that you can’t accomplish what you set out to do, don’t let that deter you from your goals. You can prove them wrong, but also you can prove yourself right.”

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