27 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers In 2021

buy instagram followers

Are you using Instagram to sell your services or products? Or merely using the social media tool to build a brand? No matter what, a little help in your numbers can always be motivating and provide better financial benefits. The higher your following on Instagram, the more people notice your page, the more you reach, and the better you sell. These factors are interconnected and must be kept in check if you wish to scale your page. Some users opt to buy followers to improve the page rating; others find it necessary to unlock features like “swipe-up” on the story along with other things. Having a higher following also helps to build credibility and push the boundaries of your brand.

Here are some of the best services you can use to buy Instagram followers. They are not in any particle order, but they all come with their unique advantages.

Feel free to explore them all and pick the one that fits your goals, budget and user-experience.

Here is the list of Best Site to Buy Followers on Instagram:


Viralyft - Buy Instagram Likes

The first and most talked-about option is this platform called Viralyft. They have a good structures system that helps you buy Instagram followers who will add the most value to your profile. They are known to give real-time followers free of spammers.

Virallyft is also a highly safe network as at no point do they ask for your password or any other login information. The simple work on your goals is based and gives you results for every budget. Also known in the market for the superior money-back promise to the clients. If you fail to see the result; you will lose nothing in the process.

However, the platform’s efficiency has helped thousands of users, and you will not have to opt for the money-back. Additionally, they can also help boost your social media with video views, auto-likes and much more.

Viralyft is a safe platform, with a whole lot to offer.


GetViral - buy instagram followers

GetViral is a service provider that prides themself on the years of satisfied consumers. They are known for their ability to grow your Instagram around and thus become the go-to source to buy Insta followers.

They provide speedy delivery of results and provide only the most premium following. The page is grown based on genuine followers, and not spammers or robots. This process also indirectly helps you gain more likes and reel views.

Apart from this, the service can also help you grow your Twitter. The Instagram services range from as small as 500 followers, all the way to 50,000. All of these at a reasonable price.

Social Packages

SocialPackages - buy instagram followers

Social Package is one such company that has been around for many years and learned to adapt and grow with the times, and needs for social media. They are not just a brand that can help you buy Instagram followers, but also groom your online presence.

They are known to launch some of the best social media promotions that can boost your business, and indirectly help you grow a social media following. They work on very crisp timeless and provide a price that is hard to negotiate.

With a very simple and easy-to-use website– as a user you will find yourself making decisions very fast with all the pros and cons of each booking listed right there.


ViewsExpert - buy instagram followers

Content creators around the world know views expert as a way to help boost their following. They are a great way to get that initial nudge and motivate you to keep on creating more.

They have straightforward plans that start at seven dollars and can give you as high as five-hundred followers. They ensure high-quality leads and do not take your password and assure on-time delivery of results.


Farmups has found a way to build a loyal and trustworthy fanbase for themself over their many years in the market. They are once such a company that has more than a thousand pages to back their work.

One can easily trust them to give you the best quality result if you are looking to buy Instagram followers. As their name suggests — they have some of the best deals in the form of packages.

The flawless management also gives you impeccable customer support and has a twenty-four-seven reply system on their website.


Famoid is the destination you must be at if you are looking to go famous, or viral on social media. Most of the deals they own aim to bring more people to your doorstep and make your brand popular.

They are an easy to use platform with a vast array of prices to pick from. They do not just focus on Instagram growth, but can also help with Youtube, Twitter etc. The upside to this platform is that they remain backed by many consumer testimonials that are authentic and positive.

The packages they provide are very diverse, and this is their biggest USP. They also offer round-the-clock consumer support and so if you are sure they are a message away from you do not see the results you want when buying Instagram followers.


If you are looking for a service provider whose prices are out of this world, then you have to give Follow Packages a show. The service aims to provide the most for a user, at the least of the costs. They are known for their ethical practices and snappy results when it comes to buying Instagram followers.

They also provide a very high quality of followers, those who would bring value to your page, and not just help show better numbers. They have many customer testimonials to back their claims and a flawless support network.

If you are a content creator, they can also help you gain better views on your Instagram, Youtube, and Soundcloud. They are driven to provide more eyeballs to those who need them.


If you are looking to gain more from social media itself, and the need to buy Instagram followers is just the first step, you can opt for SocialViral. They are almost the industry experiments when it comes to scaling your social pages.

They help you to buy followers, add likes, find the right audiences, and much more. They aim to find the right kind of followers who will stick along and consume your content for a long time.

The most significant advantage of using the service of SocialViral is that they give more than just one benefit. This versatility makes them a one-stop-shop for all your needs. They also have a very secure payment gateway and a reassuring website to someone new to this process.

The only downside to this is that service costs are more premium to others in the market.


LIkes.io gained its popularity in buying Instagram followers for the quality of traffic they bring to your page. They are known to strategically position your profile so that only the most genuine followers come to the profile.

The advantage of this kind of a system is that you will be able to sustain this kind of a surge in the followers for a long time since they are more interested in the content you post. The thing that further makes them excellent service is the ability to pick as low, or as high a count as possible.

This website makes you feel like you are getting your movies worth for their work in gaining followers on Instagram. But this also comes at a premium price, which is fully justified to the service.


Stomlikes is one more such company that aims to grow your Instagram as a whole and not merely buy the audience you need. They help you buy Instagram followers, generate likes, video views and much more.

The most popularly known for consumer support. StomLikes has a friendly and easy to talk to support network that will help you realise goals and tailor-make the packages for you. You can reach out to them and explain your plans and roadblock, and they will help you find the right route.

They also have a very secure website, chatbox and effective timelines. Stromlikes is often the most talked-about way company when it comes to scaling your social media presence.


GetRealBoost is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers and as a first choice, this site is perfect for you. It is not just a site where you can buy real Instagram followers but the site is also well-established in this industry and you will be able to feel confident when you are using this site and it will also give you the feeling of a winner.

The site claims that they are the best option from where you can buy Instagram followers. The drawback of this site is the price of the plans because they are very much expensive but it is worth it because you will be able to buy real Instagram followers. The site has a good way to get you the right number of followers at the right moment so that you can get the fame that you have dreamt of in the social media.

You can connect with the site and share your social profile. You can just give them a call and the rest will be handled by them. You will get to see your popularity grow in just a few minutes and they do powerful work in increasing your social growth through well-known social networking sites.

You will start to get active Instagram followers and also you will be able to purchase Instagram likes from this site. The price of the plans at this site starts at $4 where you can get 100 followers and you can buy Instagram followers up to 50000 priced at $450. Overall, this is one of the best site to buy followers on Instagram.


Right from the first minute you visit their website, you will know these guys are all about servicing the consumers. They are one of the only services out there who let you pick how fast you want your page to grow, and what your intentions are.

They provide a user with two options: instant followers, and the other gives them a gradual rise. The instant response can happen as fast as sixty seconds and can help meet short-term needs.

They help your page by enhancing the interactions with your content. The moment you upload something new, you will notice their magic come into the play.


If you aim to spike your number up in a short time, this company promises just that. They provided all forms of Instagram that help you buy Instagram followers, increase likes, get more views and much more.

If you are a brand or user who is highly focused on Instagram, then iDigic can give you multiple services — all with a few clicks. They have a very simple and straightforward website that makes it easy to book and process your demands.


This company has thought it all, and that’s the impression you get the moment you land on their website. They have a classy looking interface with all the options available right in front of your eyes. You can pick your brand of social media from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Their diversity in service shows that they can manage more for you than a dedicated platform can. Once you create an account with them, you can add and remove services as you like; giving you the room to make changes as per your needs.

A unique feature of Venium is that they allow users to pay in Bitcoins. Apart from that, you can also make secure payments via PayPal — making them a trusted service.

Social Growth

If you are looking to grow your account in a wholesome way, but gaining followers and improving the performances of your post — then this is the tool for you. Social Growth is a veteran in the field, and they claim to use the most organic ways to build a fanbase.

This method is beneficial in the long-run as they can help you hold on to the new followers, and then sell to them if you use Instagram for marketing. Their website is flooded with a variety of reviews all in their favour from some very recognisable clients.

Social Growth feels like the official deal for your Instagram needs.

Insta Mama

After going by a whole list of options, what makes the one any different from the others? Well, InstaMama is a nothing but a pure-business website. They will give you the qualities of the followers you need, and one of the best costs online.

They have very quick delivery dates and have managed to build a very hefty client-base in the many years. They are known not just to buy followers for Instagram, but also to improve likes, and views.


The best thing about Buzzoid is that it has served around one million clients to date and is now named as one of the top competitors because of which it is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. There are services of other companies as well, but when you serve around one million clients, then it is a good sign of work. The site works specifically with Instagram accounts, and this means that they specialize in best practices for that social network.

On the other hand, the pricing of plans at this site is a bit expensive than other sites, and they usually promote two kinds of followers. Regular users have been promised to be the best of the best. Engaged followers are those people who are interested in your account and wish to follow you. The site has an automatic program that adds followers whenever customers upload a new image or video. The site’s customer service has an outstanding reputation and is essential while considering working with any service. So, it can be said that you should definitely consider Buzzoid at least one time if you want to buy real Instagram followers.


CheapIGFollowers is one of the very well-known sites to buy real Instagram followers. The site has a very attractive interface and that makes it a best site to choose from a long list of the sites to buy Instagram followers. The site has a very fast checkout system and you don’t have to even register or create an account. The process takes only around five minutes and then it takes just an hour to buy Instagram followers and reflect the same in your social media account.

The site also offers round the clock support to their clients and the site has been positively reviewed by many users who have a habit to buy real Instagram followers. The site altogether also offers a range of custom services and the best thing you can do is get in touch with them to talk and explain about what type of followers you want for your Instagram account.

The site brings an improvement to the number of followers, likes and views you have on your Instagram account and the posts you publish and they also offer exclusive social signals effective for business as well as individuals. You can choose between instant or normal delivery, profiles of real users or the cheap ones, small starters or heavyweight packs that can have an impressive impact. The site has everything that is required by you to make your Instagram account public and attract more people towards it. Overall, it is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.


If you are trying to find a safe and working company to buy Instagram followers, then FriendlyLikes can be one of the best site to buy followers on Instagram. The site is one of those that can help you in order to buy Instagram followers, likes and views and they can get everything covered if this is all needed by you.

The site promises high quality followers and you can buy real Instagram followers from this site. If you want to build a popular image on Instagram, then this site is definitely one of the best picks for you. When you buy Instagram followers, eventually, the number of likes also increases on the posts you publish.

The working process of this site is also very simple and easy. You can choose any one of their services in terms of the number of followers you want for your Instagram account and after choosing your preferred package, you can follow to the related page of their website. After you fill in the order form, you just have to provide your username and then pick any one post you want to improve. The site never asks for passwords or other personal and private information and the process will not take so long to complete.

When you will receive a receipt of your payment, your order will be processed and then you will get new followers. The services of this site are very fast and easy.


Krootez is more than an average site to buy real Instagram followers. The team behind the features of their site consists of social media experts who work together to try and help their clients make an actual difference with their profile growth. The site says that they have been in the Instagram growth process from a very long time.

The site can help you to buy Instagram followers and they can also help you in terms of likes, comments and views on your Instagram posts. The site also has a customer support that can help you with your queries and they have a money-back guarantee if you are not so much satisfied with their services after you make the payment.

The site has various followers from different places and all of them are provided in one place and you can get in touch with the site to get all the options required to buy Instagram followers. The site provides boosts on ranking that comes from accounts of premium quality and microblogs made by real posts who act with new posts, stories and mentioning other people along with liking and commenting on the posts.

The site provides a refill advantage during one month from the date of purchase and an auto-refill for many days which is actually not provided by many websites. The working process is also very simple. You have to choose a package and if you are not sure about the product and the number of followers needed by you, you can contact their customer support. In this case, they will provide you a trial package.

You can then proceed to make the payment by filling up the delivery form and no registration is needed at this site. The procedure has been designed in a very easy way and after the payment, it will take a few moments for the changes to get reflected at your account. Overall, it is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Media Mister

Media Mister is a must try for you if you are looking for the best site to buy followers on Instagram. Media Mister has been in this field from a very long time and so they know a lot about how to grow your Instagram account when you buy real Instagram followers.

The site can help you to increase your appearance in other social media platforms and there is an experienced team of experts in this site that can help you to achieve your goals and they have a lot of quality followers that you can purchase from them.

One more good thing about this site is that the site does not charge much for its features. The site is good to start with if you have a very little budget. The site claims that it always takes care of your safety and also has a money-back guarantee so that you don’t lose anything if you are not satisfied with their services. The delivery of this site takes some time and you can also pay through Bitcoin or PayPal at their site. The site understands your goal of getting more popularity on Instagram. So, it can be clearly said that it is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Mr. Insta

If you are searching for another site to buy real Instagram followers, you can choose Mr. Insta. Mr. Insta is an original Instagram growth service at the market. The platform has been working since 2013 and has offered services to around one million people. The site can also be used to grow your Instagram account when you buy Instagram followers, likes, views, IGTV likes, and comments. The site also supports automatic followers, likes and offers package deals to provide you the best bang for your buck.

Along with Instagram, the site is useful to grow your Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, and SoundCloud accounts. There are many options to buy real Instagram followers on this site. A few of the plans are – 250 followers for $10, 500 followers for $25, 1,000 followers for $40, and 2,000 followers for $60. Every bulk followers package includes guaranteed delivery, quality followers, and around-the-clock support.

If you have more interest in automatic followers, you will pay something more for these services’ convenience. The best part is that you can run the site for 24 hours for free to get ten followers. For that, you have to complete the survey. The site also has daily followers packages. It provides 15 followers for $10, 100 followers for $60, and 300 followers for $240. If your choice is a massive amount of daily followers, you can purchase 1,000 followers for $420.

The best thing about this site is that it always provides more followers, likes, views, and comments than what is ordered by the user. So, it is the best site to buy followers on Instagram.


BlastUp is one of the sites that allows you to buy real Instagram followers for your Instagram account. It is one of the best choice to buy Instagram followers. You can also select an automatic system for a flat monthly rate. The site is famous in terms of social media marketing because it delivers results quickly and efficiently.

The site is simple to use and delivers quick results. You can buy Instagram followers, likes and the combination of both. The site sends them out instantly as requested by you, or sometimes, there can be some delay to fit the things according to your style. The site has two good features that are helpful for customers. The site can be used to download videos and pictures and post the same to your Instagram account.

If you want everyday updates regarding the follower count without opening Instagram, you can type your username on the site and immediately get the count. The site also has customer support, which is available for 24 hours in a day. The site provides a free trial to make sure that you like the service. The site has affordable plans so that you can stick to your budget. A flat rate can be paid every month and buy Instagram followers without visiting the website.

You don’t have to enter your Instagram password and don’t have to worry about someone else interfering with your information or content. The site offers real Instagram followers. This site doesn’t offer transparency on who likes and follows your account. It’s hard to know whether they are bots or real people. The site does not indicate how many likes you would get for the monthly flat rate. There is no way to know if it is worth the deal or not. If the negative parts are ignored, it is one of the best site to buy followers on Instagram.


InstaPalace can be termed as one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. The site can help to boost your Instagram followers, likes, and views. After you place your order, the likes and followers are delivered to you within a few minutes. Each order is delivered with an InstaPalace guarantee. The InstaPalace guarantee means that the purchased likes and followers will not drop at any moment, and the site has a good customer service.

You can reach new heights in the world of Instagram if you use InstaPalace. The name of the site denotes state-of-the-art technology which has high-quality Instagram accounts and personal in-class support. The confidential service of the site provides you the ability to place a trackable order from any device. When you submit your order after purchase, automated systems of the sites immediately deliver the order. The site believes in price transparency and ensures a low and affordable price for its customers.

The support team of this site works around the clock to make sure that their customers always get the best shopping experience. They also have the option for a full and hassle-free refund if you don’t like their service. You need to choose the product you want to purchase, enter your Instagram username you want to promote, and then place the order. The site’s system will notify you when the order is complete. Overall, it is one of the best site to buy followers on Instagram.


LeoBoost is considered as one of the best site to buy followers on Instagram and if you wish to buy real Instagram followers. You can expand your visibility, enhance your exposure, and grow your social media platforms in a faster pace and in a smooth manner with the use of this site. With the help of the site’s one-time and secure payments that never ask for your login information, you can increase your social media growth in a very short notice.

The site has a very unique type of shopping experience for its customers because they understand that time matters a lot. Customers at first need to choose the service they are looking for, click the desired amount, type the username, and choose the selected posts. The site will also never ask for your sensitive information, which means that password and login information is not required to buy Instagram followers from this site. You need to type your email so that they can send you the invoice. The payments of this site are secure, discreet, and not sketchy.

After you pick your services and pay for them, you can sit back, relax, and watch the engagement visibility coming to your account. The site provides you with immediate results to get your social media where you want it, which means you don’t have to wait for the results. If you don’t get all the services in exchange for the amount you paid within the delivery time, the site will provide you a full refund. So, LeoBoost is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.


Another best site to buy followers on Instagram is InstaMama. The site knows a lot about how the industry works and you can be sure that the site will take good care of you. InstaMama is one of the best sites to Instagram followers. The company knows many things on how the industry works, and you can bet that the site will take good care of you. The site claims that they can take your brand to the next level with their best service, and they are well aware about fake engagement and they also stay away from the same.

The site says that Instagram followers sent to their clients are above board, high quality, and real people. They want to make sure that the clients have a good retention rate, and they care about the quality of their engagement and so that you don’t have to worry about it. They can help you with normal delivery if that is the preferred method to buy real Instagram followers, and the site also has 24/7 support.

This website is a bit more expensive in comparison to other sites, but they are worth it, and you should definitely check them out. You must remember that in this platform, you get on the basis of what you pay for.


InstaPromote is one of the best site to buy followers on Instagram. The site also allows you to customize the people you want to follow your account. The site offers three normal packages –

The first plan provides 100 followers, the second one offers 500 followers, and the third offers 1000 followers. When you are set and running, you will get to see the results instantly on your posts and followers. The customer can use the data later to customize the content and engagement strategy for increasing the number of followers organically.

Instagram Followers Guides:

How to buy followers on Instagram?

There are many ways to buy real Instagram followers. Many cheap services allows you to purchase 1,000 followers for a price as low as USD 10. It is not a black hat marketing technique if you think it is. It can provide you the traction you need to kickstart the growth in your number of followers. The main part is to buy real Instagram followers from a reliable site, which guarantees high-quality profiles and will not blowback at your reputation.

The safest way to buy Instagram followers is in packages of 100 or if your account is more significant in packages of 1,000. You must create some quality content after the purchase. If you have very low number of posts with zero engagement but hundreds of thousands of followers, it’s very normal for the followers to question the authenticity over there. You must assure that you get an audience of high-quality followers and not profiles with a jumble of letters and numbers for names or questionable follower versus following ratios.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

There are different ways to get more followers on Instagram. The first and most essential step is to optimize your account altogether. Your username should be easy to search and this means that you should try to stick close to the real brand name. It is fine if you do not add numbers or special characters to the username and keep it the same with other social media handles where you have your accounts.

It is a good habit to keep to a regular posting schedule. Brands should not post more than a few times a day if they want to avoid spam, but it should also be consistent at the same time. A recent study showed that that around 200 million Instagram users log in every day and so, if you want to make your net wider, you should try to publish a few times throughout the day.

The algorithm of Instagram has changed for showing users the content they prefer to see. So, posting at the correct time can provide more visibility to your posts and increase the total engagement they receive. It is important to know the value of your audience. It will be good if you try to sponsor user-generated content to get your brand in the customer’s feeds. Another step you must follow is to assure that your Instagram account is listed with your website and other networks. Creating visibility and awareness is the best way to get discovered, and so, you should let people know where to find you.

You must know what type of content your followers love to see. You will get to see that a few content platforms are much better than others. So, testing is always important. Filters, captions, content types or post times can also make a difference. The best way to make users aware of your presence on Instagram is through conversation. You should try to respond to as many questions and comments as possible because it can mean the difference between getting a new customer, follower or improve your relationship with the audience.

How to get verified on Instagram?

To get verified on Instagram means the process which proves that your Instagram account is a real and genuine presence of a famous public figure, celebrity or global brand. The verification process of Instagram is very simple and easy and it is as follows –

  1. Go to your Profile and select the hamburger icon at the top right corner.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Account.
  4. Select Request Verification.
  5. Fill the application form.

(i) Your legal name

(ii) Your working name

(iii) Select the category or industry (like blogger/influencer, sports, news/media, business/brand/organization, etc.)

(iv) Upload a photo from your official government ID. In the case of individuals, it could be a driver’s license or passport. In terms of business, a utility bill, articles of incorporation or tax filings will work.

  • Tap the ‘Send’ option

The Instagram team will review the application, and you will see a response at the notifications tab. Because of previous and ongoing problems with scammers, Instagram has already stated earlier that they will not email you, ask for any payment or reach out in some other way. Within a few days or one week, you will receive a direct yes or no, and they will not provide any feedback or explanation.


While most of these services might seem magical to your social media pages, they are only as good as the efforts you apply to keep them afloat. What this means is that you must also keep your page active and fresh with content.

All of these services provide work by pushing your content to more people and getting engagements to your profile. This will indirectly help to propel your page to more people. Which means, a dead Instagram-profile will only attract low-quality leads — while better content will ensure your money’s worth. For the best results, give Viralyft a shot. There can be your trustee partner in all things social media related.

Before you sign up for any of these services ensure you know your goals and invest your money in small increments.  As you see results; you can always boost your investment.

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