3 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Are Useless

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I wrote here, but that’s ok; I’d rather write sparingly with key-takeaways than waste your precious time.

In these last six months or so, I was busy making a real impact.

I took a partner and decided that there are times when you just tell yourself, “look, there’s so much you can do by yourself” and go for it.

And you know what? Best decision I’ve made since I founded Appenue 3 years ago.

Why? Because I found a partner that compliments me and is not my mirror image, that’s why.

How It All Began

It all started at the end of June of this year, a couple of weeks after I’d returned from Antwerp, where I met Josh Fechter, Sujan Patel, Savvas Zortikis, and others in person.

I was full of anxiety when I left but very content when I came back.

Guillaume, who runs his own web and app development company, contacted me to inquire about possible projects that we could collaborate on.

I told him I was passionate about helping indie developers (as I was consulting an indie development house at that time) grow to their fullest potential, and since he knew the struggle these people had, he felt super-obliged to help, and we ran our first webinar (a shtick he’s been doing for a while now) together and then a follow-up one.

I immediately knew that we should partner on other projects and empower startups (and larger firms) that need a “fresh set of eyes on the prize”, as we like to call it.

What Is the Point of All This?

Every year, we tell ourselves that this year would be different.

It would be different because:

  1. We got a new job
  2. We were able to save money for that renovation
  3. We didn’t exceed our marketing budget
  4. We quit smoking/drinking

But, is there really a difference here? Are we running in circles, or are we going somewhere with this?

How do we know that the choices we make and the resolutions we take on would become fruitful and not a waste of breath?

#1Your Resolution Makes No Impact

One main reason that NY’s resolutions are useless is the fact that they have no action items attached to them.

It’s easy to promise stuff, it’s even easier talking about it, but what exactly are you gaining from this NY resolution?

Some gain a spiritual gain, which is fine – but how does that further your cause? How does that help your business?

If it furthers no cause (a disruptive one, naturally) – then just don’t make it in the first place.

#2Your Resolution Is Not Sustainable

Unlike vows and promises kids make, NY’s resolutions should survive the test of time.

If it’s something you’d quit doing 6 months, 9 months, and even 12 months in, just don’t do it, because if it is impactful for your business, it would seriously hurt it too.

Always take on something for the long-haul, and not near-sighted, short-run strategic decisions that would make you steer away from danger once the tiniest of icebergs come ahead.

#3If It Doesn’t Suit the Culture and DNA of the FirmIt’s No Good

If it isn’t something everyone’s on board with and would be too hard to be implemented or needs a lengthy explanation, then it’s no good.

Employees need a leader; not someone who changes his/her mind every 3-6 months and growth hacks when a growth-hack is not needed.

Don’t forget: there may be other stakeholders who may be affected by such a resolution (as well as clients).

All Fun and Gamesbut What About You?

So, what is my NY’s resolution?

Well, since I’ve taken a partner, we had made even more impact in 4 months than a similar impact in 24: we are creating a boutique incubator to help startups that haven’t validated their ideas, their business models, have not made significant progress to reach Point B from Point A, and cannot get accelerators and investors interested in what they’re doing just yet.

The impact is so great that we will be sponsoring a major event in The Netherlands in June, a plan I really didn’t think would unfurl so quickly (and swiftly).

So, 2019 is all about daring, with 2020, 2021 and 2022 following suit.


What about your New Year’s resolution?

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