3 Steps to Doing Business in a More Feminine Way

In a world where hustle and achievement are generally glorified and encouraged at whatever cost, it is common to believe that the only way to achieve success is by working relentlessly, and compromising many of the things that matter to us, in order to achieve success.

Many women are realizing that this way of working and doing business does not necessarily support us or the things we want in life, aside from business.

It is helpful to remember that it wasn’t that long ago that women started being able to work and vote in most countries.

The world and culture of business as we most commonly know it, was created by men for men, at a time where women weren’t in roles of public leadership, entrepreneurship and business.

Things have now changed and the number of women in such positions increases every year. However, the culture that is most commonly shared around these environments, still isn’t reflective of this.

Many women are finding that the “hustle culture” isn’t supportive of our nervous-systems and overall health. It isn’t supportive of motherhood, and many other things women may want to nourish or pursue in their lives, outside of their careers.

But, what can we female entrepreneurs do about this?

Over the years I have coached hundreds of female entrepreneurs, finding themselves at that point of realizing that the “hustle and burnout” way was no longer working for them, and it was time to do business differently.

Although the importance of this has become clear for most women by the time they seek
my support as a Master Coach, they too tend to experience a great deal of fear around losing the success they have created, if they shift their approach to their businesses.

This is normal and understandable, since we haven’t had many role models of how women can create great professional and financial success, while doing so in a more feminine, nourishing and aligned way.

I am here to tell you it is not only possible, but a lot more effective to do it this way.

I have experienced this first hand, by 3x my organization’s income and amplifying significantly the amount of successful projects and opportunities we attracted since I made this shift. And I have also witnessed this being true for every woman I have coached on the subject.

Here are the three first steps I encourage you to consider if you are feeling ready to approach business in a more feminine way:

1. Make Rest, Play and Pleasure a Priority

Even though we have learnt otherwise, studies show that rest, play and pleasure actually increase our l
evels of productivity and focus.
I could tell you about all the studies that speak about the importance of rest, sleep and time away from work, but that might be obvious to you.

Life gets busy and the list of responsibilities can seem to never end when you are an entrepreneur, however recognizing the true importance and countless benefits of prioritizing rest, play and pleasure can have on your life and business, is truly a game-changing thing to do.

2. Sync your Business with your Cycle

Studies show tha
t we go through four different hormone phases within each of our cycles. The hormones our brain produces change significantly about 4 times each month (roughly, for women with regular menstruation cycles).

While we are capable of doing anything in either phase, during each of the four phases of our cycle there are things and tasks that we naturally feel more eager, capable and ready to do and others we don’t as much, depending on the hormones that are predominant in us at the time.

Understanding this, helps us see why syncing our businesses with our cycle, instead of ignoring our cycle all together, is a much more honoring, effective and productive thing to do.

I strongly recommend menstruating women to learn about how they can make the most out of each of the phases of their cycle (check the link at the end of this article to download my Free Guide on how to do this!).

3. Open to more Support

Most ambitious, driven women have a tendency to overreach and are oftentimes not very comfortable with delegating and receiving support, both in business and their personal lives.

In order to live and lead in a more feminine way, we get to master the art of receivership.

I am not only talking about hiring people to do the jobs you don’t know how to or don’t like, or an assistant to take admin tasks off your plate. While these can be amazing, truly supportive things there is another level of support that women desiring to do business in a more feminine way, get to receive.

That is the support you allow in your everyday life from your friends or partner, family members and people in your community. And of course, from mentors and coaches that can support you and hold you, when you are used to holding so much.

There is a lot more depth to the work I do with my clients(women ready to live and lead from deep freedom, wealth, embodiment and pleasure).
But I know that if you take these three steps I shared on this article and really apply these things to your life, you will be off to a good start on your journey of living and leading in a more feminine way.

If you wish to download my Free Guide on how to start syncing your business with your cycle, head to: www.sigridtasies.com

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