3 Ways Nutrition can Impact Entrepreneurial Performance

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Nutrition vastly impacts our physical health, but does it also make a difference on our mental health? As it turns out, yes. Getting the proper nutrition may not only improve your mental health, but finally allow you to fulfill your business ambitions.

On the Making Bank Podcast, where successful entrepreneurs discuss their life habits and personal techniques to reach business success, Barton Scott talks about the ways that improving his nutrition affected his performance. As a biochemist, founder and process developer behind Upgraded Formulas, Scott knows a thing or two about the ways nutrition can influence our daily lives and decision making. Read on to learn how with the right nutrients, you too can optimize your mindset and make bank.

Poor Nutrition and Poor Energy

When suffering from poor nutrition, one of the first things to go is your energy. On Season 6 Episode 24 of the Making Bank Podcast, Barton Scott explains that you can’t expect to flourish financially if your body is lacking energy. Consistency is one of the main factors necessary to succeed in any facet of life. In order to continue producing and maintaining productivity in business, you need to uphold consistency in your actions.

Unfortunately, without energy derived from proper nutrients, consistency in your actions becomes more difficult. Without the energy to consistently act in a beneficial way for your business model, you are less likely to maintain productivity and reach your goals. Therefore, without proper nutrition, you won’t have the energy to become a successful entrepreneur.

Deficiencies and Deep Sleep

In order to make smart decisions during the day, we need to be able to rest our minds during sleep. Scott provided the example of a friend whose deep sleep improved dramatically after choosing to prioritize her health and nutrition. As a result of better deep sleep, she had easier experiences waking up in the morning, and felt better mentally overall.

According to Scott, improving your deep sleep with proper nutrition can lead to numerous mental health benefits in our daily lives. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can rob us of deep sleep, which in turn can affect our levels of clarity in the morning, and negatively influence our decision making skills. By gaining appropriate nutrition and getting the right amount of sleep, you can feel more able to seize the day and perform the tasks necessary to being a successful entrepreneur.

Brain Fog and Stress

Brain fog and stress can get in the way of our work processes, and can cause serious issues. Scott describes his experience with brain fog and stress as debilitating, and one of the reasons he sought relief through nutrition. He explains that his goal in starting his company was to help individuals improve their mental health issues like chronic stress and brain fog, so that they can regain control over their lives.

While nutrition can impact our physical form, it can also largely affect our mood. According to Scott, feeling lethargic could be a sign that your nutrition is suffering. Other signs include normalized anxiety, which can lead to increased brain fog or feeling “run down” mentally. If you experience these kinds of mental health struggles, choosing to reevaluate your nutrition may solve your problems.

Making Changes to Optimize Your Mental Health

In order to achieve success in our entrepreneurial goals, we need to be able to maintain productivity and make smart decisions. Symptoms like low energy, poor sleep, and mood issues can get in the way of reaching our goals. Luckily, there are options that we can explore to solve these issues and facilitate peak performance in our entrepreneurial endeavors.

Scott cites nutrient absorption as being a large issue. When minerals are not being absorbed, this can cause deficiencies and mental health struggles. After noticing his own experiences with health issues due to poor mineral absorption, Scott decided to seek out an answer. On this path to discovery, he realized that he can manage the levels of nutrients in his body intelligently through testing, to discover what was wrong and what he needed to do to fix it.

Scott explains that he knew that he wouldn’t be able to succeed in his goals unless he discovered what was wrong and made a change. He now accredits his enjoyment in life and his successful company to the positive changes he made on his mindset through proper nutrition.

Through biohacking and the use of specialized nutrient tests like hair strand testing, people can have a clear view of what nutrients they are lacking. With that new knowledge, they can make positive changes in their lives and ultimately, their businesses.

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