4 Basic Steps for Success From Soccer Star Marcos Matthews

Sometimes, it seems as though success is only for the successful – those fortunate few who were born with opportunities – in the right place, at the right time. The truth, however, is that success can be achieved by anyone, no matter where you start. Marcos Matthews, a defensive player for Spanish soccer team CD Leganes, is no stranger to this story. It would be easy to look at his skill and think that it came easy. In reality, it was a determined effort to overcome obstacles to reach his goals, and a lot can be learned from the path he took. Marcos’ story is a perfect example of how, no matter who you are, you can achieve success by remembering these 4 simple things:

Hold Onto Your Dreams

It’s easy to give up when faced with rejection. Marcos Matthews didn’t. At a young age, he was diagnosed with dyslexia and had to work hard to beat the social and academic hurdles that came along with it. He also faced doubt from those around him about his ability to be a great player. A coach even once told him that he didn’t yet possess the skills necessary to play for the top teams. Instead of being discouraged and quitting, Marcos persevered and earned trial spots with a total of 3 different teams. By continuing to chase your dream, you can forge a path forward where it doesn’t seem to exist. 

Work Hard

Talent and success aren’t always things that come easy, but they can (and do!) come to those who put in the effort. Marcos Matthews’ journey into sports was anything but typical. When he was just a small boy, his parents went through a difficult divorce. Faced with big emotions, Marcos found himself reacting with anger to everyday situations. His dad’s solution: give him a ball. After dabbling with baseball and basketball, Marcos found himself enamored by soccer. But it didn’t come easy! He ran hills, trained with his team, and then continued to practice on his own. With hard work and dedication, any goal is possible. 

Stay Gritty

It is important to remember that initial success doesn’t necessarily predict future successes. Getting complacent can lead to missteps and failure down the road. By staying hungry and always wanting to better yourself, you create continuous opportunities to excel further. Marcos has kept this in mind throughout all of his training, believing that more important than talent is the hard work that you put in. Continue your pursuits with a clear focus and keep the passion alive towards your project. 

Never Give Up… No Matter What!

Life throws you curveballs. Sometimes, we are met with these challenges in the workplace, while often it is life itself that tests us to our core. There is an arguable level of success found simply by persevering and coming out stronger on the other end. This was especially true for Marcos, who not only faced the challenges of watching his parents’ struggles after their separation but also by his own tide of personal challenges throughout his life. It would easy to come up against these obstacles and give up in favor of an easier path, but true success can be found by pushing on when the path seems hardest. If you find yourself at a point where you don’t think you can go forward, do it anyway. It is in these moments that you often find out what your true strengths are.

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