4 Best Custom Essay Writing Services: Reviews & Rankings

Custom essay writing services became increasingly popular among students in recent years. They offer high-quality and affordable support in writing essays and other papers to provide examples and help manage time efficiently. Today people can find a custom essay writing service and order a unique essay as easy as ordering a pizza.

However, the question of finding a trustworthy and reliable service when there are hundreds of them on the market remains open. This review will give exhaustive answers to the above questions about essay writing services and help to evaluate the best essay writing service for one’s specific needs. The core of this article is the review of the 4 best essay writing services based on the up-to-date experts’ and students’ rankings:

99Papers – probably the most affordable essay service on the market, with no compromise on quality;
EssayBox – a highly versatile writing service offering essays and other papers in a variety of academic disciplines;
BookwormLab – is positioning themselves as the most trustworthy and reliable partner for thousands since 2008;
EssayFactory – UK-based essay writing service specializing in serving students from the top British colleges.


Many essay writing services out there are claiming to offer cheap essays, however, at the same time, only a few can guarantee no compromise on the quality. 99Papers.com is an example of a balanced service that does not sacrifice quality in exchange for affordability. Isn’t it an ideal option for people, who cannot afford to spend much. So, it’s safe to say that a demanding, but price-concerned student seems to be a primary customer of 99Papers.com.

Besides a focus on cheap services, these guys also emphasize simplicity in all aspects of their work – from taking a customer’s order and all the way up to the delivery of a refined product. The latter is carried out based on the client’s preference: either to a direct email address, or safely delivered to the in-house customer account page.

Speaking of their website, the first thing that immediately comes to mind when seeing it – even a newcomer who has never used a custom essay service before, will easily find their way around the website pages. Basically, all the key information is available on the front page and orders can be conveniently placed without ever leaving it.  

Why Students Choose 99Papers.com


Some of the most affordable essays on the market – an ideal choice for a price-concerned customer.
No compromise on the quality – in combination with cheap prices, this feature is hard to find in other essay services.
Simple and fast order and intuitive site navigation – if a customer is not only tight on budget, but also short of time, this place would be the best option hands down.


Not too much detailed information on the website, which is the flip side of simplicity and order process clarity. Those who “absolutely need  to research extensively” before they buy, may probably want to talk to their customer support specialists.


College essay writing can be really challenging. Besides various advanced essay types, such as compare and contrast essays, argumentative essays, expository and persuasive essays, a college student may get an assignment to write an essay in a great variety of graduate and post-graduate disciplines. For example, an essay in philosophy, essay in Darwinian studies, history of arts, foreign policy analysis, etc. Where can one find a good expert in all those disciplines?

The answer is, most likely, EssayBox.org. This service is known for its extensive pool of professional writers. The first thing worth knowing is how thoroughly they select their experts: implementing some of the most rigorous selection processes where only 4% of the applicants get hired.

However, writers constantly have to prove their qualifications by going through regular evaluation processes followed by training and development activities. Such an investment pays off by customer loyalty and high rankings in a variety of national and international expert reviews.

Besides covering a huge range of academic disciplines, EssayBox.org also maintains affordable basic essay prices and offers some appealing discounts for the new customers. On a permanent basis, one can enjoy many free-of-charge extras, such as a title page and bibliography page, as well as, virtually unlimited number of revisions.

Why Students Choose EssayBox.org


A wide range of academic disciplines covered – everyone is sure to find an expert writer even in such exotic subjects as philosophy or Darwinian studies.
A very strong team of experienced writers most of whom hold Master’s and even Ph.D. Degrees and are active in their academic environments. Frequent writer assessment and reviews are conducted by the administration.
Many free of charge extras, including an unlimited number of revisions (subject to their terms of use).  


Be ready to pay about an extra 10-15% for an essay in advanced discipline done within short notice. To note, all such companies increase prices with the difficulty and rush delivery, however, EssayBox.org does it openly and the increase in the cost is modest.


A winner in the category of the most trustworthy and reliable essay writing service is BookwormLab.com. They have delivered their first order in 2008 and ever since have become the symbol of reliability for thousands of students in the US and worldwide. It takes years to build a  strong reputation, so it is not likely they are going to jeopardize it by underperforming or failing to deliver according to the highest customer expectations.

Quality is what they always put first. This includes the way they handle all interactions with their customers and the quality of the final product. BookwormLab.com provides a money-back guarantee and ensures utmost security of customers’ personal information and transactions.

Demanding customers can enjoy a double-expert order handling system when an important essay gets reviewed and refined by a proofreader  only for a modest increase from the basic cost.

BookwormLab.com offers a gratis online database of essay samples, where some of the finest essays written by the company’s writers are conveniently sorted by discipline. One can also use this option to find the best writer for his particular academic paper task.

Why Students Choose BookwormLab.com


A reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy custom essay service provider for thousands of customers worldwide.
Quality in everything: handling customer’s order, academic papers, additional features such as a comprehensive database of the best essay samples.
Two-experts option for those who demand the maximum return on their budget.


The prices are not steep, however not the lowest out there. Seems like quality comes at a higher price.


This company in our list stands out in terms of geography – they cater to the UK audience. Why does it have to be a unique feature in our age of globalization and transparent borders? The answer is simple – EssayFactory.uk specializes in custom essay writing services on the UK market, providing services for students of British colleges and universities.

It’s well known that many top-ranking colleges are based in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics and Political Science, etc. However, it’s also known that British English, which colleges use in the UK, has subtle, yet distinctive linguistic differences from American English, including spelling, vocabulary and grammar.

Whether you are just an applicant to one of the British colleges or already a student there, you must possess a professional mastery of British English.

EssayFactory.uk has hired academic writers and offers exemplary essay writing services with, what they claim, a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Apart from geography, this is overall a very good quality custom essay writing service. They offer a wide range of academic disciplines and provide editing and proofreading services in addition.

Their customer support works 24/7 and they are ready to take orders and answer any questions. After a typical order is placed, one is given an option to chat with the writer directly to provide feedback and clarify any points if needed.  

Why Students Choose EssayFactory.uk


A unique British English custom essay service – with spelling, vocabulary, grammar, numerical and other distinctive features.
Good experience and understanding of the UK colleges and universities requirements.
Excellent 24/7 customer support service.


The custom essay prices may seem a bit on the expensive side compared to what one would get on the American market.

Frequently asked questions about essay writing services.

Are College Essay Writing Services Legal?

There are many college essay writing services readily available online with no legal prohibitions to using them whatsoever. Students under no circumstances can be penalized for using any of the custom essay writing services either, when the goal is to better their skills and knowledge. The companies mentioned in our review have all been operating legally for years. They have a lot of loyal customers and  employ hundreds of professional academic writers who in parallel are highly active in their educational institutions. Hence, you can say, one can use custom essay writing services without any fear of being accused of doing something wrong.

Are Essay Writing Services Ethical?

The question of ethics in custom essay writing services is not a simple one. Some have a certain bias towards using essay services, while others consider it to be perfectly OK to be using such services, even on a regular basis.

Modern reality is quickly changing the attitude of the biased audience though. Our lives have become increasingly fast and dynamic, we are now all surrounded by interactive communications and new IT technologies are transforming the way we do business, play, and learn new knowledge, however, the conservative system of education still resembles a mammoth. It is slow and passive, saturated with written take-home assignments with deadlines common for all, irrespective of the individual circumstances. Ethics of using custom essay writing services under these conditions is more of a question of diversity of options available for an individual during their educational journey.    

Are Essay Writing Services Reliable?

All the four custom essay writing services reviewed in this article are proven to be reliable. They have been tested by thousands of people and academic experts worldwide, confirming that they are legit and trustworthy. Be advised, though, that not every essay writing company is like that – a lot of online services may only appear reliable “on the surface”, on their front pages and even (usually false) user reviews.

However, in reality, they underperform and do not live up to what they promise. Unfortunately, services like that undermine the whole approach to essay writing services as such. It is advised that one should look for services that worked on the essay market for at least 5 years and are well known amongst the community.

Are There Any Legit Essay Writing Services?

The question of the legit essay writing services is similar to the one with the legal and reliable services. Not every service we come across online is legit, despite them actively proclaiming legitimacy and reliability. It takes a lot of experience, sometimes even trials and errors to find a truly legit essay writing service. On top of that, legitimacy is often a subjective matter, when the same service is viewed as legit and not by different students. The four custom essay writing services mentioned in this article are proven to be legit though.

Can I Hire Someone to Write My College Essay?

No one has to struggle with the essay alone. There are plenty of opportunities to hire a professional essay writer, editor or a proofreader online to have the work done in the best way. One may try and go ahead with the four custom essay writing services mentioned in this review, asd these are the services, which students like to trust for their quality, reliability and delivery speed, while the cost is not overly high at all.

Are Essay Writing Services Worth it?

Custom essay writing services help to save students’ time and nerves while helping them gain new knowledge and skills. It’s quite clear that not everyone has a talent for writing, but even those who do may often find themselves in the situation of multiple overlapping deadlines of take-home assignments in various subjects. Are sleepless nights and bad health consequences worth it? Professors rarely care about students’ other duties and responsibilities, their physical (and objective) inability to deliver some results of their studies on time. Alas.  


Some may say that finding a reliable essay writing service can be costly, time-consuming and even risky. The bad experience of a few unsuccessful attempts to hire an unscrupulous service may scare away from such services in general and lead to biased conclusions.

It looks like the best-case scenario is when there is someone with an authoritative point of view who can advise on a trustworthy service, based on their experience. In all other instances, it is worth studying user reviews and getting expert opinions. They take into account multiple objective parameters and personal experiences when making a conclusion on a particular service.

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