4 Profitable Business Ideas For Teen Entrepreneurs

With more and more teenagers becoming engaged in the entrepreneurial world, one may be looking for a profitable business that they could run throughout high school.

Here are just a few business ventures that may be worth a shot:

Social Media Niche Page

Social media is growing faster than ever and there is tons of money to be made! Building a niche page around something you are passionate about can be both exhilarating and lucrative. Take for instance you are a soccer player, you can create a TikTok account showcasing your soccer skills along with reposting related viral content. Over time you will grow an audience that has similar interests as you and begin to monetize it through the creator fund along with brand integrations. 

Odd Jobs Business

People are getting paid to do what the payers don’t want to do. While some people don’t like getting their hands dirty, odd jobs can be an extremely lucrative business. You could make some good cash from this venture if you execute correctly! If you’re into this idea, definitely check out how I built, scaled and sold my odd jobs business while still in high school.

Digital Marketing Agency

Do you have a knack for online businesses? Do you love social media? This venture may be for you. Digital marketing has become one of the most profitable ventures for teens to jump into (especially because teenagers are on their phones all day anyway). With just your phone, you could be raking in the dough for helping influencers and businesses with their online marketing.


If you can pull the crowd with your good looks or a special talent, this one’s for you. Social media influencers are making waves in 2021. If you can create some cool content people can relate to, then you are on your way to growing a massive personal brand. Create quality content around something you love and you could make some serious money off brand integrations. 

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