4 Reasons Why You Don’t Have All the Success You Want

Here’s why it may not be happening for you right now at the level you hope and what you need to change—and yes, you already know what you need to change.

1. Doubt

Something in you simply doesn’t quite believe it yet. You want to, but until the evidence starts to pour in that you’re winning, you won’t know you can make it. That can be a major limiter and can cause you to not be quite as emboldened as you could be. Stop engaging with the emotion so much and focus on the action. It’s essential to create results—results remove doubts.

2. Consistency

You’ve got to be ‘all in’ to really earn the level of success you’re after. The thing is, you already know that, but if you have nobody checking up on you, it’s often tempting to not entirely push it consistently to get those gains. So get into the habit of little and often. Consistency isn’t in someone’s DNA, but it’s a habit you can build. Get used to the routines and rituals that will mold you over time. Without them, you will see peaks and troughs, and that’s not a sustainable route to success.

3. Mentors

So you’re talented? You have the gift—and it is a gift—of being self-aware enough to know what you’re good at? Great. But look, unless you get over your ego and employ the necessary humility that makes you reach out and ask for help, you’ll find it a long road ahead on your own. Getting the help of someone that is several levels above you is actually empowering, not embarrassing. It gives you new levels of belief that you “can do it” as you’ll have the path ahead of you being lit. Place the importance of your goals ahead of the momentary emotion of feeling weak.

4. Priorities

It may well be that you’re doing everything right, but just not in the right order, or in the right quantities. For many starting a business, one common mistake is placing customer acquisition and sales too far down their list of priorities. It’s ‘safer’, more comfortable and free of the risk of rejection to spend more of your precious time making sure you have a well laid out business plan, that your social media is on point or that you’re hitting some vast quota of motivational YouTube videos each day. As I always tell myself: your business is no business without new business. It comes first, it’s the blood in the veins of your company, and nothing beats it in importance.

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