4 Things You Do That May Be Clogging Your Toilet

Toilets in our homes are fixtures that come into usage extensively, yet they are deeply under-appreciated. How many of us genuinely pay attention to the functioning of your toilets until it stops working? Clogged toilets are a common problem faced by most households, leading to endless frustration and often unpleasant cleanups. There are many reasons why toilets clog – some of them being careless mistakes we commit – but understanding them can help you prevent this issue in the future. Here are some of them:

  1. Flushing non-flushable items

Toilets aren’t dust bins. So, you shouldn’t treat them like one. You shouldn’t try to flush non-flushable items down the toilet, such as feminine products, baby diapers, paper towels, wipes, hair, and so on. These items do not get dissolved in the water and end up clogging the pipes. You must be incredibly attentive when small children use toilets because they do not understand that it is not right to throw their toys in there.

  1. Using a low-flush toilet

Low-flush toilets are the one that helps us to save water. While they are a great way to conserve water, they often lack the necessary pressure to clear the toilet trap and drain. That is true more in the case of first-generation low-flush toilets. You don’t need to replace your toilet entirely, but you can try to be extra careful about other things like flushing toilet paper and so on.

  1. Throwing in too much toilet paper

While you can flush toilet paper because it dissolves quickly, sometimes it can end up clogging the toilet. There are numerous reasons for this. For example, maybe the toilet paper you use does not dissolve well, or someone uses a little too much of it. Nevertheless, you can remove the clog with a plunger, but cleanup can become complicated if it combines with other debris.

  1. Hard water

You are not exactly responsible for this reason, but it is still a common cause of toilet clogs. Hard water calcifies and forms a build-up of minerals on the toilet, restricting the flow of water and waste. An easy way to eliminate this issue that is if your house gets hard water is to install a water softener that will treat the water before it enters the toilet. It is the most common problem that every house owner faces, and it requires experts to get rid of that. You must resolve this issue if you do not want to spend extra cash on pipe replacement or repairing.

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