5 Boxes You Have To Tick to Succeed With Digital Marketing

Increase your online traffic by following these simple steps.

These days we spend most of our time online. We check the weather, read the news, and Google stuff when we wonder about or need something.

This is exactly the reason that the possibilities of digital marketing have exploded during the last few years. In order to reach out to as many potential clients as possible, traditional marketing is no longer enough.

When you start using ads and online marketing, it doesn’t have to be as hard or time-consuming as it may appear. Below, I will give you 5 simple steps to effective digital marketing. 

1. Switch to Inbound Marketing

As digitalization has sky-rocketed, we have also begun using the Internet in a new way. Today we want the Internet to make our lives easier – it’s important to take this with you in digital marketing. 

It should be as simple signing up as signing off a newsletter. It should be easy to navigate a website on your own, and at the same time, help should be easily available. 

Do you know your customers? It’s important to understand your customers’ wishes and needs when selling a product or service. Inbound marketing is about the customer, and putting their needs first.

2. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In short, SEO is about ranking high in search engines like Google or Bing when someone searches for products or services. 

SEO isn’t as complicated as it sounds like, and it’s not that expensive. However, it’s long term work which demands continual follow-up, reports, and adjustments. 

One of Norway’s leading SEO experts, André Mikalsen, agrees. A key strategy he uses at to help his clients increase traffic online, is to invest a lot of time in developing the SEO of their websites, and not to skip any of the steps that have to be followed in order to succeed with it. It’s not without reason he has one of the most thorough guides when it comes to search engine optimization (called søkemotoroptimalisering in Norwegian). 

3. Content

Content is connected with SEO. In order for a search engine to regard your website as relevant to the words the customer has used in search, you need content that Google can gather information from. 

This way, the customer can get the result which is most relevant to their search. When you start producing content, you should focus on the search terms that are most relevant to the services and products that are offered. Start with what’s most important, and then expand from there. 

4. Goal-Directed Marketing

Spending lots of money on marketing which isn’t directed towards a specific target audience, is not very profitable. You can end up marketing towards people who are in no way interested in the product or service you’re selling. With the available tools and possibilities we have today, this is a waste of money.

By using tools like Google Analytics, you can adjust the way you do marketing, by seeing the age and interests of your best customers. This way, you avoid spending time and resources on something that doesn’t bring you sales. 

5. Social Media

Social media is no longer just about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It’s also about TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and much more. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of social media. It’s actually a great way to reach out to a lot of people, while also focusing on just a few target audiences. 

As of 2021, there are over 1 billion active Instagram users per month – which is an even bigger reason to use it. When marketing on social media, it doesn’t have to be through ads alone, it can also be through sharing content and letting it spread organically. 

By setting up a profile, you get closer to your customers, and you can generate interest by regularly posting pictures of the products and services you offer. This way, you aren’t forgotten by your followers. You also create positivity around your brand.

Now you’re armed with 5 important steps to succeeding with digital marketing. Go out there and crush it!  


Written by Geir Kristiansen

My name is Geir Kristiansen. I have the last 20 years worked in Norways biggest newspapers writing content and creating interview pieces. Writing about pretty much anything that readers find interesting. Now I work freelance! Looking forward to joining Influencive and contributing with high quality content.

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