5 Essential Inputs For a PMP to Become A Digital Project Manager

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The sole difference between a project manager and a digital project manager is the setting they work with. A project manager is a person who carries out his roles in a physical setting, where he directly interacts with the team and the management under a physical infrastructure. A digital project manager is a person who carries out his roles virtually.

There is no change in the roles played by a digital project manager and a traditional project manager. However, the tasks performed by a digital project manager are focused on handling digital projects. Examples of digital projects include creating a website, mobile applications, planning and implementing social media campaigns, etc.

How is managing projects digitally different from traditional management?

In Digital Project Management, project managers have to deliver a virtual product. Although the project lifecycle remains the same for delivering a virtual product, the activities to be performed for a digital product are mandatorily performed behind a computer.

It differs from traditional projects because digital projects are more connected to the internet and technology. As a result, a digital project manager is constantly updated with the latest changes in technology. 

The terms Digital Project Management, IT Project Management, and Software Project Management sound similar. However, all three terms have a different meaning and different methodologies to be followed.

In simple terms, IT Project Management caters to projects involving large-scale budgets. Software Project Management caters to software and web projects. This involves a separate project cycle where engineers constantly need to indulge in testing activities.

What is a Digital Project Manager?

A digital project manager is a person who handles all the phases of a digital project by ensuring that all the tasks are completed as per the schedule.

Compared to a traditional project manager, a digital project manager is the chameleon of the team playing multiple roles at a time. A traditional digital project manager cannot be a digital manager. Vice-versa is possible, as a digital project manager wears many hats while working on a digital project.

Digital Project Management Skills

Skills acquired by a digital project manager are the same as any other Project Management Professional (PMP). A digital professional is said to apply a unique skill set to the digital world. A digital project manager has to be more tech-savvy while handling projects along with communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and organizational skills.

Tips for a PMP to become a digital project manager:

  • Gain experience: A PMP already has a certain amount of experience in managing projects. To manage a digital project professionals need to use his/her tech-savvy skills in handling projects digitally by using various tools and methods.
  • Enhance of Project Management knowledge: For a PMP it is impractical to stop learning and growing. To master the art of digital project management, a certified professional can connect with the community of professionals and refine his/her knowledge on managing projects digitally. There are so many good digital PMP Certification Training companies all over the country now, and they are always looking to help.
  • Ask for feedbacks: A Project Management Professional is relatively new to the industry. Hence, it is advisable to ask for feedback while working on a project. This helps the professional to adapt and make necessary changes if required.
  • Be driven by solutions: A traditional manager is constantly driven by solutions rather than problems. Likewise, a PMP in digital project management should be self-driven to find a solution rather than trying to loop in others for help. 
  • Understand your team: This strategy works well for a traditional project manager as well as a digital project manager. In digital project management, a project team works remotely. This necessitates a certified professional to make time for knowing the project team members better before allocating tasks.

Digital Project Management Certifications

While pursuing PMP Training, a Project Management Professional attains the necessary skills to manage a project in different types of project management. Although the activities performed by a project manager are identical, PMP Certification Training helps professionals to adapt to different environments of managing projects.

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