5 Prompts That Show Off DALLE-3’s Strengths

DALLE-3 is an advanced artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI and specializes in generating images from textual descriptions. DALLE-3 is built on the transformer architecture, widely used in natural language processing tasks. This AI model utilizes a ‘zero-shot’ learning approach, meaning it can generate an image it has never seen before by understanding the text description provided.

For example, you can ask DALLE-3 to create an image of “a two-story pink house surrounded by sunflowers” and it would produce an image matching that description, even if it has never seen such an image before. DALLE-3 is a significant leap forward in the world of AI, bridging the gap between textual data and visual representation, and opening new possibilities for creative industries.

For purposes of this article, and since I am a cheap son-of-a-gun, I will be using DALLE-3 for free through the Bing (Microsoft) search engine linked here. There is a cap of 25 free prompts per day, and you might have to create a Microsoft account if you don’t already have one.

Okay, let’s get into it.

Billboards With Text

A fun challenge for DALLE-3 is recreating the iconic Hollywood sign, but with a twist. This should demonstrate DALLE-3’s ability to generate a unique yet recognizable image based on a popular landmark, and also the ability to incorporate specific text.

Prompt: A photorealistic billboard that mimics the Hollywood sign with the text “Stars Arena”


Movie Posters With Text 

Creating unique movie posters is a fantastic way to showcase DALLE-3’s capabilities. Just like a traditional graphic designer, DALLE-3 can create visually stunning and conceptually intriguing movie posters based on your text prompts. Whether you’re looking for a poster for a romantic comedy set in Paris or a dystopian sci-fi thriller on Mars, DALLE-3 can visualize it.

Prompt: Design a movie poster for a surfing documentary, include the text “Surf Planet” at the bottom of the poster



You can ask DALLE-3 to create a logo for a hypothetical company, and it will generate a distinct and visually appealing logo. This capability isn’t just limited to business logos; you can experiment with DALLE-3 to create logos for sports teams, events, or even personal brands.

Prompt: Design a 3d style logo of a Gladiator helmet, a marketing services firm. The logo should have a black background and orange, black, and grey color. Add the text “Gladiator Marketing” below the helmet logo.


Exploded Views

Exploded views are a form of illustration, commonly used in technical drawings, that shows all parts of an assembly spread out in some organized manner. It’s like a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle picture, providing a clear perspective of how all the components fit together. DALLE-3 is excellent at generating these views because of its remarkable ability to interpret and visualize complex schematic descriptions. It can comprehend a prompt detailing all parts of a mechanical structure and generate a detailed exploded view.

Prompt: Create an engineering diagram showing an exploded view of an electric drill with all its components separated and labeled. Labels include ‘motor’, and ‘torque converter.’ The illustration is detailed and technical.


Life Cycle Images

DALLE-3 shows a surprising aptitude for generating life cycle images. This capability comes in handy particularly when you need to illustrate the different stages in the life cycle of a living organism or the progression of a certain process. DALLE-3’s ability to parse complex sequential information and translate that into a visual format is genuinely exciting. It opens up possibilities for educators to create tailored visuals that can enhance learning and make complex life cycle concepts easier to grasp.

Prompt: Four images side by side illustrating the life cycle of a rose, from bud to full bloom, left to right.



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