5 Signs Every Struggling Entrepreneur Should Watch For

1. It’s Taking Time.

The journey as an entrepreneur is one of creating a space in the material world for a tangible product or service that brings happiness by virtue of the value it gives to the buyer.

From thought to materialization, you must pay your dues. This means making the right connections and creating the right amount of content at the right time; always analyzing what the market wants. You are slowly but surely imprinting your brand in the minds of your audience as the go to person in your industry.

Even though you may be entering a space that already exists, your creating your own image with a goal of winning hearts and minds through offline human to human interactions at in-person events

A baby takes 9 months to come into this world, you cannot force early delivery; similarly, the results happen in due course and every struggling entrepreneur must realize and be aware that this period of struggle to the top is what’s going to make you ready for the road ahead.

2. Don’t count 100% on the premise of the promise.

Many entrepreneurial ventures have failed to leave entrepreneurs complaining because it was started on the premise of a promise made by an investor, friend, or colleague who promised to be a part of the business and later backed out for some reason.

Know fully well that these setbacks will happen but you need to keep marching forward regardless of whatever happens. You shouldn’t be basing your entire business on somebody else’s plan as that may not be the best strategy. If you are, you may want to re think this.

The world is a beautiful place and people can be helpful but the timing sometimes does not match. Know that your timing may never be perfect and you may have to go at it yourself. Go ahead with this purpose, it will help you and not shake you when things shake and shatter due to somebody’s unkept promise.

3. If you are feeling clueless and lost, it’s normal.

Every step of the way the only thing you need to do is to keep marching forward.

After meeting some crazy successful entrepreneurs around the planet, I have realised that few know what exactly to do. What they have is a crazy vision and enthusiasm and they keep chipping away one day at a time. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they get it wrong. As long as they keep doing and analyzing their work, they are able to reach the pinnacles of success.

It’s about consistent marching. Don’t worry about figuring out everything beforehand. Life and business change so fast that you will never know what will happen in 5 minutes from now or 5 years. If you feel lost, don’t be scared because it is a normal feeling that all entrepreneurs have gotten before.

4. I did it and failed. Now what?

The end result of any failed endeavor is a beautiful building that was left undone, half crafted resulting in the architect giving up and walking back home.

If you feel that despite your effort things are not happening, think again; Yes you may want to redirect your energy in a different direction but working out every day is having its effect on your muscles just like working on your business is taking you somewhere.

You need to continue working through your failures and hardships and learn from it. This will make you a better person and entrepreneur.

5. There is no such thing as balance. 

Every time I find people beating themselves up trying to find the balance in their lives, it’s crazy to see. I feel bad for you, balance is an elusive word and it’s lost as soon as it’s found.

Like a skateboard if you are on the move, you are balancing yourself; if you stop you tend to slip – my family life, my work, and my health act like this. When you are building something it might take days, weeks, or years of your life and a lot of time, resulting in other things taking a back seat. After the crazy week goes away, you then tend to the unattended and give it all you have. Trying to manage work within the typical 9-to-5 and build a healthy body and family and tend to everything is not the right strategy.

Take a long-term approach to the situation and view it in a 24-hour window, focus on one task till it is done then go to the other that needs your attention. Giving time to health, wealth, and family is important but not necessarily within the framework of a tight timetabled approach.

You may be one of those who cannot follow a regiment but as long as you get to all aspects of life that are important, you are winning.

So if you feel you are not able to be successful because you don’t have balance don’t worry, hardly anyone has it. It’s something to strive for and as long as you are striving to find balance, that’s what counts. Trying to do justice to all quarters of your life when you can, is a sign you are doing fine.

If you are struggling, first realize it’s normal. If it’s bringing with it some stress, remember your muscles being worked and stress is a byproduct.

We are all going through our own journey and there is no rush to “figure it out right away”. Keep on marching forward.

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