5 Trending Pose Ideas for Wedding Photography

The Typography prop perfect moment

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Posing in wedding photography isn’t just a science; it’s an art. There is so much judgment and interpretation that goes into the inspiration for the next shot, and if you get the lighting and the scenery right, your last checkbox is the pose your couple is in.

Wedding photography poses have to be the right ones. Otherwise, you can make a loving and happy couple look awkward and uncomfortable – not what you want from stunning wedding photographs!

On the other hand, the right pose, the right angles, and the right inspiration can make your wedding photos look fantastic.

Let’s take a look at some of the poses that could provide you with some inspiration for your next wedding photography.

1. The Kiss

We’ll kick it off with the best shot of the day: the groom tenderly kissing his bride. Get them laughing together and keep it relaxed. For a more intimate moment, place the veil over the couple, so they are ensconced in their little world.


2. The Typography Prop

There are a lot of props that you can use when you photograph newlyweds, but the most popular is the typography prop. This is a board with a phrase written on to it that one or both of the couple hold. Have fun with angles and the sentence on the board while you shoot!

The Typography prop perfect moment

3. Shadow Shots

On the topic of props, angling the lighting so that it shines through an accessory like an umbrella can create an artistic shot, creating a shadow of the couple through the umbrella panels. This is rather a memorable, artistic shot that could be as moving as anything else.

Wedding Shadow pose shot by perfect moment

4. The Walking Pose

Static shots are often obviously posed. Adding movement to an image with a moving walk down the beach or on vintage-looking cobbled streets can really be a fantastic candid. You’re setting up the shot, but the walking, talking, and laughing of the newlyweds is what captures a moment in time. 

The walking pose, when it is done correctly, can be magical. And, it’s even better if it’s inspired by nature. Here is an example of a wonderful wedding photo shoot from the beautiful nature of Sydney, a magical walking pose surrounded by the autumn leaves.

The walking pose by perfect moment wedding photography

5. The First Looks

It’s a shot that brings tears to the eyes of all who view it – the first time the groom sees his bride is a magical moment. You could make it even more unique and ask if they would like the shot done in private before the ceremony so that it’s just their moment to share.

The first look is a funny moment filled with joyful memories. It’s a reminder of the first sight of your loved one, a moment when your heart almost skipped a beat.

The first look pose wedding photo

If you are a photographer and you are shooting specific wedding photography poses, make suggestions to the couple. If you think an angle from the ground up that puts you in a puddle will look good, dive on down! It’s all in the results, and you can make them classy and memorable all at once.

For couples who are planning their wedding, make use of every moment. It’s fun and joyful memories where all imaginations turn into reality, captured forever by your photographer.

If you like those 5 poses and are hungry for more, check out some of those cool poses from Perfect Moment Photography. 

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