5 Viable Businesses You Can Start Using Trees

The entrepreneurship bug has bitten many people in this modern age, and it may seem as though every business idea has already been grabbed. However, as an entrepreneur, you need to find a niche for your services or products. Why not try to venture into trees?

Entrepreneurship is all about re-inventing the wheel. In this article, we shall look at five fantastic business ideas centered around trees that you can start.


Tree Removal


Ever heard of tree removal experts? There are now various companies offering tree removal services. They offer expert services in removing trees that are either damaged, in a dangerous location like near power lines, or trees that are just too big. Tree removal services are usually required by both homeowners as well as commercial property owners. Experts like www.treeremovalplano.com offer full tree removal services, which should give you an idea of what it means to be a tree removal expert.


Furniture Making


Most furniture, both for home use and commercial use, is made using timber. This is quite a lucrative business if you get it right. Different states have their regulations about how and where to harvest trees for timber. Furniture tastes are as varied as the kinds of timber out there. To be successful in such a business, you should do your research well before embarking on making custom furniture. You may need to take a carpentry course to enable you to be successful in this business. An easier option would be to take on a trained carpenter to do the actual furniture-making.


Tree Nurseries


This business does not require much in terms of experience. You can learn on the job. All you may need is some land and a variety of tree seedlings. A tree nursery should have a variety of trees suited to the climate in which you are located. Some trees are ornamental, while others are grown for their timber, or for fruit and shade. Find out what kind of trees are needed in your location and begin by growing these first. Be sure to begin with high-value trees as these will have a good ROI.


Wood Fuel


Growing trees to use as wood fuel is another great business idea focused around trees. You need to find out how much land you would need to carry out this venture. It is also good to note that not all trees make good wood fuel; find out the best variety. These should be fast-growing varieties that do not smoke too much. Some wood fuel is used to smoke meats. Such wood is aromatic and is chosen based on the kind of meats that are going to be cured. Do your research and begin with the most profitable variety first.


Timber Production


Growing trees for timber is another viable business idea centered around trees. Timber-yielding trees are fast-growing varieties. It is important to find out the most popular varieties used by carpenters around you. Research a location that is ideal for growing, and consider factors such as land costs, transportation costs, and soil conditions, among others. Also research your market well.

These are just a few of the ideas that are available if you are looking to begin a business centered around trees.

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