5 Ways Brands can Tackle Covid-19 Woes With the Help of Social Media: Jeetesh Vaishya

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Sudden abruption by COVID-19 has pushed brands to rethink and redesign quickly to sustain and survive.

COVID-19 has a huge impact on the way business was done traditionally. The pandemic has literally stopped life and pushed to function from within the four walls of homes to a large extent. Social media has a huge increase in the number of users and hours of screen time.

The businesses also had to devise new strategies and methodologies to survive in this challenging situation. Jeetesh Vaishya, the founder & CEO of Buzzmore Media Private Limited and well-known digital marketing expert, explains how brands can tackle COVID-19 woes by leveraging social media. 

  • Change the way customers were kept informed:

Businesses were tracking the customer base and keeping them informed earlier too, but social media has changed the method and speed of information. Brands too have to change the way they were keeping their customers informed. They have to be very quick and keep the customers updated on a more frequent basis.

The flow of information has to be very effective to reach the right audience. “Whether you are changing the way you were performing business, offering new services, giving new offers anything that is relevant for the customers has to be informed real quick. The speed and timing of the information are extremely important. 

  • Quick response system

Irrespective of the kind of business, social media offers a whole new way to interact with the customer. Customers appreciate a quick and efficient response system in place. “Lack of effective and early response has more chances of customers drifting away from your brand,” says Jeetesh.

Many newer brands just win over because they have understood this essential part of marketing. “Whether it’s a query or a complaint, the quicker is your response the better it is,” he adds.

  • Grow target audience on social media

As there is a huge increase in the number of people spending more time on social media due to lockdowns, this is the best time to target the right audience on these platforms. “It is essential for brands to use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to advertise effectively. They should be able to craft the right image with the ads they are circulating on these platforms. Understanding Google AdWords and utilizing it effectively is also very important.” Informs Jeetesh. 

  • Maintain relevance in the market

“The time is as tough for the customers as it is for businesses. Apart from health-related risks, individuals are going through the same economic crisis and slowdowns as the businesses, so businesses must find newer and effective ways of staying relevant in such times. The marketing strategy has to be more customer-centric than ever before,” says the expert who is well-experienced in the field.

  • Be emphatic as a business

Being more compassionate and emphatic can be a winning step at this time. People are struggling with supplies of even basic goods and medical necessities.” Hard selling at this time can work adversely in the present situation.

Small gestures of help can go a long way. For example, we all appreciate turning empty office floors in COVID care centers or as small as providing free masks with the products ordered online. We all are sailing on the same boat, being helpful to each other will only make things better.” Sums up Jeetesh

Jeetesh is a well-known digital marketing expert with extensive experience in the field with over 500 clients, including many international clients. He has a long list of clientele which includes corporates, celebrities, politicians, influencers, etc. His venture Buzzmore Media has an efficient team of experts who counsels and helps the client develop a strong foundation for growth in the changed market situation.

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