5 Ways to Deal with Modern-Day Pressures 

ways to deal with stress

Pressure in its purest form is neither negative nor positive. Depending on who or where it comes from, and how a person reacts to it, pressure can turn into tension or motivation. Pressure can also be felt in any setting. 

Bosses pressure us every day at work, while family is the source of constant pressure for us to deliver on our obligations, whatever it may be. The pressure or outside influence to do something happens at school, dining tables, bowling alleys, and playgrounds.

Recognizing different forms of pressure

People deliver pressure in different ways. Some people do it in a very authoritative manner, while others even reach a threatening manner. Others have the ability to do it pleasantly and a knack for placing urgency in their instructions, so that we place their needs first. 

In any case, the pressure will find a way to make us act. This isn’t negotiable. What we can control is how we deal with pressure coming from others. There are several ways to manage pressure better so as not to take them negatively.

Make constant preparations

It does not hurt to continually strive to improve our performance holistically. At work, we may list down all the outputs and processes we are responsible for. Among those, we might identify our strengths and weaknesses. 

We may find solutions that are available within the community or online. The point is that we should be prepared for more and more demands from those around us. 

By becoming technically proficient, tasks tend to become mundane processes for us, so positivity needs to be regularly maintained.

Being physically fit

Stress cannot be escaped and may visit us from time to time. The most important thing is to be ready to handle it physically, or psychologically at the very least. 

Nothing beats stress better than exercise. Exercise has been clinically proven to increase positive emotions and lower stress levels. We ought to devote a few minutes to exercise daily.

Using a unique philosophical guide

Another way to cope with stress is to adopt a different perspective. For example, Takanta is an ancient philosophy which allows us to examine how the Universe interacts with everyone and everything in the form of numbers. 

Some call these angel numbers and they contain messages that come from the Creator. Using these messages will help one to appreciate life in general.

Life path numbers

The idea of the angel numbers is that there are 11 common paths for all people. These paths are assigned with a number of 0 to 9 with 11, 22, and 555. These numbers are computed from the birthdays of each person by getting the whole number sum. Let’s try a person whose birthday is on Jan 14, 1981, for example.

Month: January = 1

Date:    14, (1+4) = 5

Year: 1981, (1+9+8+1) = 19, (1+9) = 10, (1+0) = 1

Month+Date+Year = 1+5+1 = 7

Constant analysis 

People with life path number 7 tend to be thinkers. They tend to favor being alone rather than always seek company. Usually, they are committed to a quest for truth or any underlying answer to unexplained situations. Number 7 is a spiritual number and people with this life path tend to be spiritual as well. Originality and focus are their strong points and would rather give up a life of stress in favor of a peaceful life of solitude.

By using life path numbers, you can also analyze the strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies of the people around you who give you pressure. This can be a very useful guide to improve your interpersonal relationship with them and take the pressure positively most of the time.

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