5 Ways to Monetize a Website

COVID-19 has made 2020 a tough year. Millions of people have lost their businesses, jobs or had to accept a reduced income. Due to the pandemic, it is now common to find people searching the internet for ways they can make money online during these challenging times.

You may be among those looking for a way to earn online not only now but hope to find a money-making venture that makes you more prepared should a new pandemic happen in the future.

This is why website monetization has once again become a widely searched topic.

Although it has been tried, tested, and proven to be a great way to earn money online, many people have feared trying it out. This is mainly because creating a website that will generate an income for you requires patience, which many people lack.

Many individuals have started websites but given up along the way because of the challenges in sustaining and consistently creating content.

But if you want to start a website or want to revive your site, now is a perfect time. With lockdowns happening all over the world due to COVID-19, more people are spending their time online.

So if you’re able to create a good website, offer an excellent product or service, and successfully market your site, you should have loads of web traffic. It is this website traffic you can use to earn from your website. Here are the top ways you can monetize your site.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate means to connect. When you do affiliate marketing, you connect with other businesses and earn a commission from selling their products or service to your website visitors.

Amazon has one of the most popular affiliate programs you can join. When you sign-up for their program, you will be given a link to include in the content you write to recommend various Amazon products on your website.

When people click on the link and purchase the product, you earn a percentage from the sale.

There are many affiliate programs out there. So do your research and look for the ones that suit your website’s niche.

Be sure to disclose to your audience that you’re using affiliate links for transparency.

2. Sell a Product or Service

Here you may need to rack your brain a little. With so many products and services available nowadays, it can be a bit difficult to stand out. But it is possible.

Look at what you’re passionate about and then find a problem within it. The simpler the problem, the better.

Once you found it, create a solution by way of a product or a service.

The good thing about selling your product or service is that you get 100% of the sale amount, unlike affiliate marketing, where you only get a commission.

3. Resell Your Website Traffic

Once you get thousands of visitors on your website, you can join platforms like Google Ads, Ezoic, or Mediavine to place advertisements on your website. When your website traffic sees or clicks on these ads, you get paid for it.

Alternatively, you can reach out to advertisers yourself and charge them to advertise on your website.

If your website numbers are still low, you can pay for a traffic service like ultimatewebtraffic. This web traffic seller can provide your website with 100% human and highly targeted website traffic.

4. Charge for Membership

This is a sure way to get paid with your website. For example, you could create exclusive content, then ask your website traffic to pay you a fee to access this content.

The content you provide has to be of the highest quality and not readily available to make your visitors see the need to pay for it.

Content on a membership website can include research, webinars, or podcasts.

5. Sponsored Posts

With a big website audience, you can reach out to companies within your niches that would be interested in your website traffic.

When you reach out, you can offer to publish an authoritative blog or video about their product or service and link to them. Include them in your regular newsletter, or place their ads on your site.

This can be done regularly. Only, be cautious of some brands because if you seem to be a bit biased toward their competitor, you may be seen as a threat to them.

Just make sure you know what you are doing and let them know your goal with your review or sponsorship deal.


While staying at home due to Covid-19 is not exciting, you could make the best of it and start a website that could earn you a regular income long after being done with this pandemic.

Monetizing a website is not a walk in the park, though, so here’s a quick checklist to see if you have what it takes to take on the task.

  • Attitude

As the age-old saying goes: your attitude determines your altitude. There is much truth behind that kernel of wisdom.

Monetizing a website is a long-term investment and may need time before you see dividends. You should have the right amount of patience, perseverance, and motivation to push through.

  • Goals

Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T., which stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely.

  • Skills

Creating a good website will need some set of skills. You will need to plan, write, design, and even code a little.

Don’t worry if this seems like plenty of tasks to do. If you have good team management skills, you can hire people to reduce your workload.

You should also have a thorough understanding of how to buy website traffic. If you don’t, the best way to get immediate traffic is to work with a traffic service like web traffic experts. This web traffic provider can drive thousands of visitors to your websites within hours of paying for their service.

I wish you all the best in your website monetization efforts!

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