6 Emerging Trends in the Chiropractic Industry

In the last five years, especially, progress now gears towards patient-centered access to medical care. Additionally, the incorporation of technology is an excellent boost towards personal care and better treatment.

Unlike in the past, the chiropractic industry is gradually gaining popularity on the global scope. More doctors now recommend chiropractic care to their patients. Chiropractic care goes a long way in preventing opioid addiction. Moreover, this practice provides an efficient alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Below are significant emerging trends in the chiropractic industry.

1. Medical Marijuana

The use of medical marijuana is a new trend that doesn’t seem to go down soon. The past few years experienced a significant rise in the number of patients shifting to medical marijuana. Despite being somewhat controversial, more patients continue to explore this treatment option.

Medical marijuana is exemplarily therapeutic. It holds the capacity to ease pain without resulting in any detrimental psychological impact. More states continue to legalize this treatment option. Some chiropractors have embraced the use of CBD as an alternative to medical marijuana. With CBD, the results are similar to using medical marijuana.

2. Patient Tech Trends

Most patients are investing in smart wearables. Essentially, wearable medical technology enables patients to understand their health better. Patients are now proactive in matters of tracking their health progress and wellness. Smart wearables include fitness watches, heart rate monitors, and sleep trackers.

Upcoming mobile apps also allow patients to keep an eye on their health data. Using these apps, patients can assess their blood sugar, nutrition habits, and blood pressure. Consequently, patients can shift to better health choices and practices. Patient data provides a much-needed insight to promote holistic treatment.

3. Social Media Marketing

The chiropractic industry has seen massive growth and popularity in mainstream medicine. However, most young people remain unaware of this life-changing practice. They are yet to realize the unmatched benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Social media is an excellent channel to reach the younger target audience. Being a modern chiropractor, creating your website isn’t just enough. Get active on social media and engage your target market. In the current age, useful social media sites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Social media marketing is pocket-friendly. You could run sponsored ads and campaigns at a minimal fee. As a chiropractor, health articles, pictures, and videos visually enhance your practice’s personalization.

4. Marketing Beyond Just the Neck and Back

As chiropractic care continues to advance, chiropractors are now expanding beyond treating the neck and back. In the past, chiropractic care solely dealt with spine-related problems. Currently, neck pains account for a third of chiropractic visits. On the other hand, back pains account for two-thirds of these visits.

Modern chiropractic care addresses various health conditions, some of which don’t relate to neck and back pains. Such issues include insomnia, infertility, migraines, cerebral palsy, anxiety, PTSD, and depression. However, most people are yet to know the advantages of chiropractic care, more than the neck and back treatment. It would be of fundamental importance if modern chiropractors equally marketed these alternative services.

5. Outcome Assessment Tools

Typically, optimal assessment tools come in handy to provide optimal patient-centric care. These tools allow for the evaluation of a patient’s medical progress and pain.

Outcome assessment tools enable practitioners to come up with a better diagnosis, treatment, and exercise therapies. Even better, most insurance companies encourage the utilization of these assessment tools. Therefore, they are easily accessible and affordable to practicing chiropractors and patients.

6. Cloud-Based Recording Systems

Initially, the chiropractic industry used online systems to record and store patients’ information. Current Electronic Health Records (EHRs) entail advanced cloud-based technology. EHR systems boast of unmatched interoperability. Thus, they provide seamless communication with other programs. Additionally, EHRs are more user-friendly.

Cloud-based EHR systems have unrivaled information security. You don’t have to worry about data loss and data breaches. Advanced EHR systems come with algorithms that assess a patient’s data. A chiropractor can evaluate demographic trends, billing statistics, and customer complaints. From this data, the chiropractor is in the best position to meet the patient’s needs effectively.

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