6 Reasons You Should Go Vegan

It’s no lie that, in recent years, more and more people are becoming vegan and living vegan lifestyles. There is a whole load of great reasons to become a vegan. Maybe you’re already a vegetarian and want to take that next step, or maybe you just want to dive right into veganism. Both are totally fine options! In this article, we’re gonna give you some pretty good reasons to switch to veganism. Keep on reading to find out more!

1. Saving Animals

It’s no surprise that as more and more people become vegan, the demand for animal products falls. Since animals won’t need to be killed for meat or leather, etc., the more that will be able to live pain-free lives grazing on fields or out in the wilderness where they belong. No more images of cows and pigs being slaughtered in horrible ways. 

2. Helps Lose Weight

If you want to cut down on your carbs and lose some calories, then veganism is perfect for you! Vegans, on average, weigh much less than non-vegans. Diets without meat and dairy mean that you’re very likely to actually keep weight off rather than put it back on compared to the fad diets you see all over the place usually. Vegan diets also keep you energized rather than tired from a calorie excess due to all the nutrients in what you’re going to be eating.

3. Getting Healthier

It has been shown that vegans are at a significantly lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure in comparison to those who are not vegan. This is due to the lack of cholesterol and added fats you’d be taking in from eating meat. In plant-based diets, you can get protein and minerals from various different fruits and vegetables. 

4. It’s Tasty

Contrary to popular belief, you can still enjoy most of what you enjoyed when you used to eat meat. Advancements in technology mean that you can still enjoy artificial burgers and ice cream, for example. As time goes on, more and more things you used to eat will become vegan based. This is a win-win situation as you still get the tastiness of meat while also protecting animals.

5. More Food for Everyone Else

You’d be surprised at just how much food and water it takes to feed animals so that they’re big enough to slaughter and make a profit. You could argue that this food could be better used to feed people directly rather than wasting it on killing animals. Vegan food isn’t hard to come across. More and more supermarkets and restaurants cater to vegans now. There are even special vegan meal delivery services that are sent straight to your doorstep!

6. Save the World!

Meat is not friendly for the planet. The process that kills animals for food produces heavy pollution and contributes to climate change. The more people move away from encouraging this process, the healthier the planet will be. Not only are you saving those cute animals, but you’re also saving the world itself! Pretty cool if you ask us.


Going vegan clearly has its advantages. You’ll be saving the animals, saving the world, losing weight, and living longer! We know that such a radical change is hard for anybody, but if you manage to push yourself through the struggle, you and the world will come out better on the other side of it all. With technological advancement, we may all end up vegan soon anyway!

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