6 Tips That Are Essential to Developing and Maintaining a Winning Team

Corporations and organizations spend ample amounts of money and time trying to get their employees and C-Suite executives to build a stronger relationship with each other to collaborate more efficiently and produce great results. This is where entrepreneur and game-changer, Tonya Roberston, comes in to give you six tips to develop and maintain a winning team.

Tonya Robertson, Founder and CEO of Training Focused Solutions, is committed to developing learning strategies, tools, and platforms designed to optimize employee performance in small businesses. Being able to analyze an organization and implement company-specific learning initiatives and strategies will increase team morale, revenue, and productivity.

Employee Training IS a Priority

Team training is the most essential part of developing and maintaining a successful team. It is important to make sure that the training is not one-size fits all. Not all employees learn the same and all the employees’ needs need to be advocated for. Employee training should nurture each employee’s technical expertise and further enhance the team’s skills. 

Always Embrace the Vision

When developing a winning team you always have to align your training, company initiatives, and goals with the vision and mission of the company. Employees need to know that the work they are producing for the company is going toward an overall vision that will better the company. People of any organization or company become motivated to produce great results when it is clear what the company’s vision is.

Understand the Job

A successful team that will work and collaborate effectively has to understand each other’s positions. Understanding the importance of base-level jobs all the way to the C-Suite executives allows employees to understand the duties of their team members. This makes it easier to create organizational change within the company.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Incorporating some of your daily tasks into automated systems makes it easier to connect with your employees and team members because those tasks are not consuming your time. Having systems in place will help shift your focus in other areas that can generate revenue, productivity, and collaboration. This will inevitably produce better results and stronger collaborations among team members.

Just Have Fun

Having team building days or exercises that can be completed weekly or monthly is a great way to enhance engagement and inclusivity among employees and their executives. Being able to create strong bonds and relationships with your team members is an essential part of creating and maintaining a successful team. 


Always celebrate each other’s wins. Whether it is personal or professional, big or small, celebrating your team’s wins and accomplishments will increase morale and excitement within your organization and team members.

Using these tips and implementing them into your organization or company will develop and maintain a winning team. 

About Tonya Robertson

Tonya Robertson is the Founder and CEO of Focused Training Solutions. Her organization is dedicated to bringing strategically developed learning strategies and platforms to small businesses. With more than 20 years of experience, Robertson continues to advocate for the proper learning and development needs of employees to optimize the workplace experience. For more information on creating a winning team, visit Focused Training Solution’s website: http://www.focusedtrainingsolutions.com/


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