7 Common Mistakes That you Must Avoid During Email Marketing

If you know who your target audiences are, and how to reach them then email marketing is the most suitable and powerful marketing tool for you. Email marketing is a direct marketing tool and is used to target mass people. You can use email marketing for increasing sales, improving brand loyalty, retaining customers, and delivering important information.

If your email campaigns are poorly designed then it will do no good other than just damaging your reputations and ending up your emails in the spam folder. So, to get more people to open your email messages and take action that will result in increased revenue generation it is important to avoid the common mistakes of email marketing.

If you want to know the 7 common mistakes then I would suggest you continue your reading.

  • Lack of Strategy

One thing that you should always keep in mind before clicking the send button is that you have to give maximum impact to your campaign by considering the wider approach.

You should plan other media like telemarketing, social media, and direct mail to accompany the email and must have a plan of follow-up messaging. You need to define your individual audiences within your existing list.

  • Lack of Segmentation

To create maximum appeal after defining your individual audiences, you need to segment the data and send separate emails to each group.

  • Poor Subject Lines

As suggested by E Database Marketing, subject lines are the one that persuades your audiences. Subject lines are one of the most critical components of email marketing campaigns. People receive lots of emails every day, before deleting the unwanted sales email; they just simply read the subject of the email.

Don’t neglect the subject lines, make them creative and to the point, so that people find them appealing and open your emails.

  • Lack of Personalization

You can personalize your emails to your audiences with the help of email personalizing software. Instead of simply using ‘dear customer’, use statements like ‘Hi John’; it will be more impactful. But as stated by Forbes, personalizing doesn’t mean only using the first name of the recipient. You should provide offers to your audiences based on their past behavior.

  • Not Letting the Readers to Reply

If you are asking a question to your readers in your emails but not letting them reply then no one will look forward to such emails. So, you must allow your users to reply so that they can get in touch with you.

Create a hyperlinked caption ‘Contact Us’ that will direct the readers to a well-designed page where they can post their queries or request any information if needed.

  • Using the Wrong Language

It sounds obvious but we often receive emails that are written in the wrong languages. People will simply not read any emails that are written in languages unknown to them. It is essential to segment your emails according to the language field.

  • Inadequate Consumer Behavior Consideration

Another major mistake is not considering the consumer behavior based on technology prospect and this may lead to the loss of a significant amount of audience. Most of your users will be using mobile phones.

You must ensure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices so that your audiences can read your emails on mobile phones.


These are the 6 common mistakes that must be avoided during email marketing. Keep these mistakes in mind and become successful in your email marketing campaigns.


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