7 Gifts for Men With Profound History and Meaning

It’s coming on Christmas, they’re cutting down trees, they’re putting up reindeer and singing songs of joy and peace… and while all this merriness is occurring, you’ve found yourself hunched over your computer frantically searching the web for the perfect gift for the man in your life who deserves far more than the customary sweater he’s been pretending to enjoy year after year. The key to your conquest is not a cashmere sweater as opposed to an Italian wool one, but rather, a gift that recognizes the value of the receiver. 

This year let’s revamp our entire approach to gift-giving for men. This year, a spotlight is being shone on men’s jewelry and we think it’s about time. 

The tradition of jewelry dates back well over a century and has signified a plethora of different meanings. In very early societies, it was worn to protect and defend against bad luck and illness, this later turned into a symbolism of connection and commitment, and eventually, it became an expression of rank and wealth. Today, jewelry has come to represent all these historical beliefs to a degree, while also becoming a statement of personal identity. 

We’ve come to the conclusion that jewelry and the significance it holds creates a far more meaningful gift than a sweater ever could, sharing with the receiver a story about how their identity is positively perceived. Through the use of symbolism, gemstones, materials, and engravings, jewelry can paint a picture of an individual’s character in a way that words rarely can. 

And let’s face it, 2020 has been nothing shy of extraordinary. Extraordinarily challenging, extraordinarily powerful, and extraordinarily impactful. Let’s symbolize overcoming this year with a gift that is equally as extraordinary, sharing with loved ones that their resiliency is recognized. 

We’ve put together a list of 7 gifts for men that hold profound history and meaning to help you complete your gift search and enjoy the holiday season, knowing you have knocked it out of the park with your selection this year. Ponder below to view the powerful pieces we’ve picked: 


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Marcus Aurelius Necklace
Alexander Drake, Shop Now
$1,195 – $3,995 

“For those whose minds echo with the deepest wisdom of the past, let Marcus Aurelius guide you.” – Alexander Drake 

Available in three styles, the Marcus Aurelius necklace by Alexander Drake is the perfect gift for the stoic gentleman who leads a life of benevolence, discipline, and humility. Known as “The Philosopher”, Marcus Aurelius was the intellectual emperor of Rome whose embodiment of Stoic virtues led the empire to a point of unrivaled prosperity. 

The significance of Alexander Drake jewelry is found in the rarity and meaning of each piece. Crafted from 100% authentic ancient artifacts, the ‘Emperor Collection’ consists of one-of-a-kind pieces made from coins as old as 330BC. Started as a tribute to the founders’ WWII veteran grandfather, Alexander Drake combines art, design, and history to create iconic works of wearable art. By forging 2000-year-old artifacts into timeless designs, infused with their mission to honor their family legacy, they’ve created heirlooms that will last generations. For this reason, we believe this Alexander Drake piece is one of the most profound gifts you can give this season and shows the receiver that their intellect, virtue, and Stoic traits are both recognized and valued, a complement that goes beyond words. 


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Wisdom Necklace
Caps Brothers, Shop Now

“The order within a code reflects our instinct to create organization in our lives, and unlocking a code’s secret exemplifies our feeling of reward from unearthing deeper forms of knowledge.” – Caps Brothers 

The Wisdom Necklace, featuring six synonyms of Wisdom inscribed on a hexagonal pendant, is the selection of choice for the man in your life who embodies intelligence, insight, and perception. With the inscriptions translating to Acuity, Bandwidth, Conversance, Deliberation, Erudition, and Foresight, the Wisdom Necklace serves as both a reminder and a reflection of what it means to be truly wise. Featuring a custom swivel, the pendant freely rotates during wear, representing that true wisdom is an equal combination of the six inscribed synonyms. 

Crafted by Caps Brothers, the Wisdom Necklace employs binary code to capture attention, enticing humanity’s innate curiosity about the undiscovered. This gift will satisfy the craving for discovery that burns within the wise and will be a profound piece to unbox this holiday season. 


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Petrvs Lion Signet Ring
David Yurman, Shop Now

David Yurman Petrvs Collection marries nostalgia and elegance in creating pieces that will make the gift-shopping process a joy as opposed to a chore. Through converging the past and present, the collection showcases pieces that combine the artistry of David Yurman with the history of centuries past. The Petrvs Collection, inspired by ancient artifacts, consists of modern pieces that remind adorners of a time when a signature was sealed with a personalized symbol engraved into jewelry.

The Lion Signet Ring, composed of 18K Yellow Gold and Bloodstone, is the perfect gift for the man in your life who values the significance of forgotten gestures. We believe this gift choice will create sensations of nostalgia upon receiving, a timeless item for the recipient to enjoy for life. 


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Owl of Athena Coin Necklace
Eli Halili, Shop Now

The Ancient Greek Pendant Necklace by Eli Halili features the Owl of Athena, a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity, and erudition. Crafted from 22K gold and silver tetradrachm, the ancient greek relic dates back to 440-420 BC. and features the Head of Athena on the opposite side. For a man capable of combining his wisdom and power in reaching his goals, this necklace pays homage to his accomplishments. 

Founded and based out of New York City, Eli Halili’s work is inspired by the significance of archeology and artifacts, many of which are often used in his pieces. The Owl of Athena necklace aligns with Eli Halili’s passion for rediscovering objects from ages past, discovering the journey they’ve made to the present, and associating new meaning to them going forward. This gift serves to both draw on the historic moments and lessons of the past while inspiring the beholder to pave a path of meaning into the future. 


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Vitruvian Square Ring
Buck Palmer, Shop Now

Buck Palmer’s Vitruvian Square Ring features Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, a depiction of both art and mathematics and is the ideal gift for the academic in your life. Made from the highest quality of metals, Buck Palmer’s pieces are created to showcase the individuality and style of adventurous spirits. Each piece within the brand tells a specific story of exploration, cultural experiences, connectivity, and spontaneity. 

With the Vitruvian man representing the relationship between man and nature, this piece serves to remind us that we make up the microcosm of the universe, and in this, we are all linked as one. This piece makes an amazing and unique gift for the man who is passionately pursuing the undiscovered. 


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Monete Cufflinks
Bvlgari, Shop Now
Price available upon request

How do you tell the man in your life that he’s one of a kind? Presenting him with a one of a kind gift option can often do the trick. Crafted from 2000-year-old Roman coins, these Bvlgari cufflinks combine a bold, contemporary design with the eternal spirit of Rome to create a timeless and sophisticated gift 

Having emigrated to Rome from Greece in the 1880s, Bulgari officially opened its doors to the Italian people in 1884. His jewelry combined Greek and Roman craftsmanship to become the iconic brand it is today. What these cufflinks share is the story of perseverance, passion, and heritage. This gift symbolizes to a loved one that their fight for greatness is both recognized and valued, which is why we believe it to be a symbol of immense impact this holiday season. 


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Naga Station Bracelet with Diamonds
John Hardy, Shop Now

Crafted from Sterling Silver and White Diamonds, the Nega Station Bracelet by John Hardy is an iconic gift to show the man in your life how much he is valued. Modeled after the mythical Balinese figures, the Naga Bracelet is part of John Hardy’s Legends Collection, which boldly represents each creature’s most recognized attributes. 

As a representation of protection and love, the Naga dragon guards the precious pearls found at the depths of the sea from his perch atop the Balinese mountain. When worn with the Naga head facing outwards, the bracelet symbolizes protection, and when the Naga head faces inwards, the bracelet symbolizes a token of love. In gifting this, the message is shared with loved ones that even the most powerful deserve protection and love. 


Alas, we have presented the options, now we task you with making the selection. Whatever the selection may, we can rest assured it won’t be wrong. Happy shopping and happy holidays to all! 


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